What Is The ‘Extroverold’

extroverold (ĕx-trō-vĕ-rolled, adjective)


  • An autonomous mental activity force, not captured by the captive thought(s) of man.
  • Phrenic formations, not originated from the external human collective consciousness.
  • An inverse psychical awareness and thought, in contrast to somatic sameness.
  • Inverse mental activity developments, with no somatic identification.
  • Mental fundamentals, that’s involuntarily devoid of A.I.O. (Associative Identity Order).
  • A non-captivating and non-collective (worldless) inverse psychical entity.
  • An alienable soma (e.g., a soul, illegally stripped of its body’s person and identity).
  • A consciousness not in assimilation, but in transposition.


Related forms


ex-tro-ve-rold-ly, adverb

ex-tro-ve-rold-ness, noun




Hexaspace, Docercycle 1, 5 R.M. E.E. (Solar South): ENG extroverold.


Word Origin & File:



5 R.M. E.E.:  From Modern ENG, extroverold—from extro (L prefix extro-, meaning outside of, beyond) + verold (O.N. suffix, meaning “world,” or, “world of man”) = extroverold.  An extroverold mental activity state, entails that its infused psychosomatic hybrid fusion (e.g., its invisible, biological, mental active force/soul fusion) has no association with somatic sameness (identical/identity) whatsoever.  “Extroverold,” mostly entails that the involuntarily phrenic roots of the mental activity force (autonomous thought) are chiefly developed by a psychical inversion process, and scarcely with somatic personified and identified sameness.  The extroverold entity is a mental psychosomatic hybrid force fusion, that exists outside/beyond of the-World(s), that originates from the collective captive thoughts of man—or any other possible collective captive thoughts (consciousness):  In other words, worldless.  It is utterly impossible for an extroverold alien to be made as a person by others; simply because, the external concept and application of “personification” is solely by external facilitation, in the aid of A.I.O.  The body, that the extroverold alien embodies, is involuntarily and illegally stripped off of its person and identity, by means of external sources and influences.  An extroverold alien does not possess a consciousness in assimilation; but instead, a consciousness in transposition (to substitute the psychical inversion process, in thought).


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