What Is The ‘Extroverold’

extroverold (ĕx-trō-vĕ-rolled, adjective)


  • Psychosomatic awareness, that’s beyond outside the-World’s collective consciousness.
  • psychosomatic social alien that is not of the-World’s collective social coagulum.
  • Not originating from outermost (external) social collective thoughts and beliefs.
  • Outside of mutual human (of man) spherical thoughts and awareness.
  • Psychosomatically independent from external cumulative social dependencies.
  • A mental active being, originating majorly of psycho-roots—from and by the-Mind itself.
  • An infused, psychosoma, mental active – hybrid being, that’s majorly of psycho-origin; and that’s utterly autonomous of soma sameness (identical/identities).
  • A hybrid humanoid species.


Related forms


ex-tro-ve-rold-ly, adverb




Hexaspace, Docercycle 1, 5 R.M. E.E. (Solar South): ENG extroverold.


Word Origin & File:



5 R.M. E.E.:  From Modern ENG, extroverold—from extro (L prefix extro-, meaning outside of, beyond) + verold (O.N. suffix, meaning “world”) = extroverold.  Being in an extroveroldly mental state, entails that the infused psychosoma (e.g., the invisible, biological, mental active force/soul fusion) has never thoroughly originated from the social collective consciousness of the earth’s world(s).  The extroverold persona is a mental psychosomatic-alien that exists outside/beyond of the-World’s social collective consciousness.  An extroverold, mental active status, also becomes utterly autonomous against the sameness (identities) of the outermost soma.  It is utterly impossible for an extroverold alien to be personified by others, simply because, for the psychosomatic fact that such an alien’s infused mental construct is not of man formation (human); and therefore, remains as an actual mental hybrid pattern, that’s not overlay by the concept and idea of the integrated identity (e.g., the-Self; the ‘I‘; the ego; ipseity; individualism; amalgamated identity; etc.).  In all actuality, an extroverold alien is a hybrid humanoid species.


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