What Is The ‘Extroverold’

extroverold (ĕx-trō-vĕ-rolled, adjective)


  • Psychologically originating beyond outside the-World’s collective consciousness of the earth.
  • terrestrial alien that is not of the earth’s collective social coagulum of the-World.
  • Psychologically existing outside the earth’s collective consciousness.
  • Not originating from collective thoughts and beliefs.
  • Originating outside from the collective cynreality of the world.
  • Outside of mutual human spherical illusions.
  • Psychologically independent from external cumulative social root.
  • A sole psychological being, solely originating from and by the-Mind itself.
  • A psyche-being that’s solely of psyche-origin, autonomous of integral physical identities.


Related forms


ex-tro-ve-rold-ly, adverb




Hexaspace, Docercycle 1, 5 R.M. E.E. (Solar South): ENG extroverold.


Word Origin & File:



5 R.M. E.E., from Modern ENG, extroverold; from extro (L prefix extro- meaning outside of, beyond) + verold (O.N. suffix, meaning “world”).  Being in an extroveroldly mental state, entails that the psyche (the mind) has never originated from the social collective consciousness of the earth’s world(s).  The extroverold person is a terrestrial psyche-alien that exists outside of the-World’s social collective consciousness.  Although physically the terrestrial psych-alien have been legally physically born in the earth, IT has not been legally psychologically born in the earth’s cognizant-coagulum.  Once the psyche is mentally estranged from its blank-slate (Tabula-rasa), away from the collective social world, the person is than naturally the extroverold alien.  As the extroverold alien, its earthly legal ties can only verify that the psyche-alien’s soul (the literal animating physical body) is born physically in the legal-earth, but it cannot verify that the psyche-alien is born of the legal world.  The extroverold alien is one that has its own autonomous internal psyche-world: its own autonomous internal psyche-being: and its own autonomous internal psyche-understanding, as oppose to the outer collective-understanding of the world:  That from its mental “clean-slate,” a psyche-being begins to be psychologically formed and be understood by itself, autonomously, apart of the external world—from, and by the-Mind itself:  As opposed to an individual who is mentally formed by external social collective sources (e.g., being mentally formed from the social influences and collective understanding of the world).  The extroverold alien is impervious to collective social subjectives.  The concept of the word “extroverold” also entails that the terrestrial psyche-alien solely lives by objective realities, as opposed to subjective postulating perceptions—the extroverold alien is also not in possession of any connotative collective sensibilities.  To the extroverold alien, it is solely the psyche, and not the physical, that determines the person in spite of what the legal and social composite world may say.  The extroverold alien will always be a terrestrial psyche-alien even if IT is given its own legal identity documentation.  The internal psyche-world of the extroverold alien (not by choice) is always estranged from that of the external social collective-world; and therefore, it would be reasonable that the extroverold alien must legally exist as a, “legal extroverold alien resident,” even though its physical soul originates from a specific social construct of the earth (but, if the psyche-being determines to become a citizen instead of a legal psyche-alien resident, the documents must legally be issued as, “legal extroverold alien citizen”):  Any physical legal connatural documentation (e.g., birth certificate, social security number, etc.) is only proof that the psyche-alien is born physically of the earth, but not psychologically correlated.  If the extroverold alien is expected to then become legally active in the world by the Law itself, that psyche-alien must then receive its own legal documentation, independently from that of the previous legal documentation that IT itself is currently in possession of:  In other words, the previous legal identity documentation(s) must be legally recognized as deceased before the psyche-alien then receives its own legal documentation; of course, with the aid of psychoanalytical and psychiatric professional observations before a judge of the Law: and of course, with the help of a willing lawyer who would be able to take the case as a “Test Case,” if it’s done on a first time basis, that is.  But if a psyche-alien psychologically still originated from the world, but then later in life determines to become an extroverold alien by choice, then the legal procedure of obtaining legal documentation, that would connote congruent with the determined psyche-being, would solely entail a “change” of name and identity instead.  One can become an extroverold alien by choice even though he/she may have psychologically originated from the external social collective-consciousness, and chose not to be a part of it any longer, psychologically.  But one cannot and will not become the extroverold alien that’s fully chaste to the social collective-consciousness of the-World(s) from scratch: that only happens by chance, and not by choice.  When it’s not by choice, the psyche-alien is “the” extroverold alien: but by choice, the psyche-alien is “an” extroverold alien.


[This word was constructed in Hexaspace, Docercycle 1, 5 R.M. E.E. (Solar South)]

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