What Is The ‘Extroverold’

extroverold (ĕx-trō-vĕ-rolled, adjective)


  • An autonomous mental activity thought that’s not captive to any captivating thought(s).
  • Mental activity not originating from outermost (external) social collective thoughts and beliefs.
  • Outside of mutual human (of man) spherical thoughts and awareness.
  • Psychosomatically independent from external cumulative social dependencies.
  • Mental developments, majorly of involuntary psychical inversion, and with little somatic sameness.
  • The mental developments that hardly have no association(s) with somatic sameness.
  • A mental humanoid species: a psychosomatic hybrid mental fusion, not held by captive thoughts of man.
  • A mental active entity force, not captive to external personified somatic sameness.
  • A mental entity, in absence of external somatic person, identity and human.


Related forms


ex-tro-ve-rold-ly, adverb




Hexaspace, Docercycle 1, 5 R.M. E.E. (Solar South): ENG extroverold.


Word Origin & File:



5 R.M. E.E.:  From Modern ENG, extroverold—from extro (L prefix extro-, meaning outside of, beyond) + verold (O.N. suffix, meaning “world,” or, “world of man”) = extroverold.  Being in an extroveroldly mental activity state, entails that its infused psychosoma (i.e., the invisible, biological, mental active force/soul fusion) has very little association with somatic sameness (identical/identity).  “Extroverold” mostly entails that the involuntarily phrenic roots of the mental activity force (autonomous thought), are chiefly developed by a psychical inversion process, and scarcely with somatic personified sameness.  The extroverold entity is a mental psychosomatic-alien fusion that exists outside/beyond of the-World’s reality captivity, that originates from the captive thoughts of man.  It is utterly impossible for an extroverold alien to be made as a person by others, simply because, the external concept and application of “personification” is of mental presence man species (human); and therefore, remains as an actual mental absence man species (humanoid).


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