What Is A ‘Spatian’


spatian (spay-shee-an/spa-tee-anadjectivenoun)


  • A mental activity, that’s not patterned in phrenic chronological formations.
  • A mental activity that’s devoid of time continuum existence and experiences.
  • A mental formation, devoid of three dimensional time tenses (e.g., past, present and future).
  • A mental active force, that’s not patterned to sense time—regardless of its timeless phrenic activity, being encompassed and surrounded in a chronological world.
  • A mental active force (soul) that’s neurologically formed to live in spatial (constant) pattern, as opposed to living in time (continuum) pattern.
  • A mental persona who is spatial, as opposed to being chronological.
  • A mental activity devoid of anamnesis, and time-velocity existence and experiences.
  • Time as solely conceptual (cynreality), and space as solely absolute (reality).
  • A mental active force, patterned to experience its activity in perpetual space, whilst devoid of transient time.


Related forms


spa-ti-en, adjectivenoun (made of mental active space and not mental active time).

spa-ti-al, noun (existing or occurring in space).

spa-ti-al-ly, adverb

spa-ti-a-li-ty, noun

spa-ci-al, noun

spa-ci-al-ly, adverb

spa-ci-a-li-ty, noun




Heptaspace, Excyclus 1, 5 R.M. E.E. (Solar West): ENG spatian.


Word Origin & File



5 R.M. E.E., from Modern ENG, spatian:  From spati (prefix spati- meaning space, empty of time) + an (L suffix –an meaning “one who is”) = (“one who is empty of time:” or, “one who is without time:” or, “one who is space“).  “Spatian,” or, “Spatien,” entails a mental active force (soul) that is devoid of time.  A spatian only experiences existing within constant space (devoid of experiencing continuum transient time)—also, a spatian is spatial itself, as well as living in space.  For a spatian, the anamnesis experiences of a past is non-existent; but only constant, expanding mental remembrances, are experienced from cognitive memories.  For a spatian, premonitions, fortune-telling, destinies, fates and divination do not exist as an absolute reality; however, a spatian does recognizes the concept of prophecies (because a prophecy is recognized, not as predetermined by time itself, but by some divine intervention—controlling human events by divine will and intent).  A spatian does not experience variable velocities by space itself—but by the persons, occurrences and happenings in themselves, that are moving within space, is what determine variable velocities in space.  For a spatian, time is solely a state of mental activity.



[This word was originally constructed in Heptaspace, Excyclus 1, 5 R.M. E.E. (Solar West):  Created by: Sabiazoth]

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