To Sin, Or To Be Sin, Is The Question


In an ancient civilized span in space, when Egypt’s mythical hybridized deities were considered a true reality, there lived a people with great imagination in conjuring magnificent fear inspiring deities: worshiping and sacrificing to them within huge designated temples and shrines; and at homes.  This was a span of great promises and of overpowers (as well as overthrows) that was definitely assured by the earth-gods (pharaohs/kings) of that existence; in whereas, even the magical practicing priests gave a sense of public awe with the mutated appearances, majesty and the glory of their legendary gods:  And yet, all along, sin did not exist to them within their blissful ignorance; and there was no collective consciousness of any evil god (e.g., Satan the Devil, and its’ hordes of demons): not even within their very own deity, Seth (who was known as the god of chaos/change, deserts, storms, and foreigners).  How did the Egyptians not see evil with this kind of chaotic entity? Someone may ask.  Although Seth was known to be a force of chaos, storms and deserts, those attributes were still considered constructive, to balance nature and all that exitsbetween life and deathlight and darksun and moonlove and hatefriend and enemy (all the necessary aspects that balances nature with life).  It was believed that after one’s death, one of the deities of the underworld (possibly Osiris, who was known to have been the god of hereafter) would come and take all of your essences, aspects, memories and experiences, and incorporate them into a new spirit body; in which, thereafter, you would be challenged by many tests, including the ones that would be assigned by Seth itself; the chance to then prove your endurance and worthiness in remaining as a god (become deified):  It was believed, that one had to prove of maintaining balanced stamina, in order to keep the new spirit body that Osiris made for one, as a god; to then become and remain like the gods themselvesthere were no such a thing as the belief in the immortality of the soul (e.g., the metaphorical soul that automatically departs after one’s own death): that dogma was not ascertained until the Grecian philosopher, Plato, made public references to such suggestion (and that was possibly inspired by his teacher, Socrates).  It was a different world then for the Egyptians; until one particular instance, an intended divine intervention allowed the dreamer of dreams (the biblical Joseph—Genesis, chapters 37 to 50) to manifest into their innocent unleavened span (possibly between 2000 to 1786 B Cduring the middle kingdom): and from there on, nothing was going to stop the leavening of the knowledge and awareness of sin.  To the Egyptians, the dreamer of dreams became like a Pandora’s box.  Trouble then began, in Egypt’s paradise.

During Joseph’s leavening span of Hebrew worship, the knowledge of sin’s origin began to infiltrate Egypt, and the Hebrew population began to become many in that land of Goshen (the land that was given by Joseph himself, when he was assigned as a ruler over the entire land of Egypt; of course, under the ruling throne of the nameless pharaoh in that particular span).  Long there after, a nameless “pharaoh of the oppression” began to fear the great numbers of the Hebrew population (in fear that they would collectively ally against him): he and his magical practicing priests began to then fear the God of Hebrews, making their own gods inferior in contrast to the Hebrew’s God.  The “pharaoh of the oppression” then began to make a decree to kill every first-born Hebrew male, and to enslave the Hebrews under brutal taskmasters.  This paved the way for a hero to be born, and to deliver the enslaved Hebrews out of Egyptian bondage.  In the possible interval span of 1393-1273 B.C.E., the prophesied hero was finally born, named Moses.  Much later, as a full advanced adult, Moses finally takes action with the aid of his Hebraic God (Jehovah/Yahowah/Yahweh), and with his brother, Aaron:  And the war of the gods was finally initiated; and Egyptian’s innocence in paradise has finally began its initial end.

At the beginning of the war of the gods, during the ruling span of the nameless “pharaoh of the exodus,” when the first two plagues were initiated by the God of Hebrews (in which was, 1st turning the waters and the Nile River into blood: and 2nd, causing a great infestation of frogs throughout the entire land of Egypt), they were indeed genuinely replicated and multiplied by their influenced demoniac Egyptian gods (by Hapi, the god of the Nile:  And by Heket, the frog goddess of life); furthermore, the magical practicing priests invoked that those two gods made sure their current pandemic also infiltrated in the land of Goshen, where the Hebrews resided: and they did just so, successfully:  It may have gone something like this, concerning one of the two gods, when a priest in charge was invoking the goddess Heket for justice, “Oh Heket, breather and giver of life, in your name, bring forth frogs, and plague the Hebrews as well!” And Heket did just so, by replicating and multiplying the frogs, and causing them to plague where the Hebrews also resided.  On the third plague (in which was, causing the great infestation of gadflies throughout the entire land of Egypt), the magical practicing priests called upon their god Thoth (the wise and scribe god of magic) to reproduce and multiple the plague; however, with this particular epidemic, and all the others that are imminent, it/they could not be emulated any longer:  Nevertheless, the god Thoth was able to still control God’s infestation, by also directing the plague in the land of Goshen:  And it may have gone something like this, when a priest in charge may have gone to the nameless “pharaoh of the exodus,” complaining, “Oh Great Pharaoh, we’ve asked Thoth to replicate and multiply the gadflies, but we were unable to succeed, for it seems that such a curse is only possible by the finger of God!” “Surely there must be something you can do,” the “pharaoh of the exodus” replied with great concern and urgency. The priest in charge then responded, “Yes my King, we can still do something: watch, and be amazed.” At this point, the priest in charge invoked Thoth before his king, and said, “Oh Great and Mighty Thoth, god of magic, we implore you to take in-master the gadflies, and direct them to also curse the land in where the Hebrews reside!” And Thoth did just so, by mastering over God’s curse, and redirecting the gadflies toward the land of Hebrews, successfully.  It was at this particular span, that the God of Hebrews then became infuriated at the demoniac Thoth, and promised to Himself that from here and on, that any other imminent plagues that plague Egypt will no longer be permitted to also plague the land of His people:  So God itself set a demarcation between the land of Egypt, and the land of Goshen, that no other plagues will also plague Goshen any longer:  And God did just so, successfully.  Any other plagues, thereafter, that could no longer be recreated and multiplied, and be redirected, has then proven that the God of Hebrews is ascertained a winner in the war of the gods!  And thereafter, the Hebrews were then emancipated, and continued to permeate the knowledge of sin’s origin as they freely wonder in the wilderness for many years; defeating other nations with their patron gods, one by one.  And to make a very long story short, by the span that the last messianic lineage prophecy was fulfilled (in which was, the promised coming of the Messianic King, Jesus Christ; and thereafter, his death and resurrection), the knowledge of sin’s origin has become fully established globally:  Even the modern atheists and agnostics, and almost everyone in the-World(s) today, use and apply the language of sin, subconsciously.  Sin is now everywhere, and in everyplace and everyone.  The knowledge of sin, is here to stay.

In the abortion of all the ancient gods’ fame and glory, their collapse were prematurely: thanks to one of their earthly innovators (the nameless “pharaoh of the exodus”), the remaining aborted gods are in complete enmity with all mankind, never to deal with us through the genuine practice of direct sorcery, as they did once with the Egyptian magical practicing priests (i.e., when contacts with influenced demoniac gods were done face-to-face, mouth-to-mouth, and person-to-person).  And now, within our modern span, these demoniac gods are gnashing in their loathsomeness against all mankind.  All that the gods now do is go halfway with those still seeking them for favors; giving those seekers only quasi-promises, pseudo-purposes, empty hopes and short-termed blessings.  Always in remembrances of when their image and reputation became a fiasco, they will never forget what that nameless “pharaoh of the exodus” did when they eventually exhorted and admonished him to let Moses and his people go, probably warned toward the last three plagues of the ten.  It may have gone something like this, when a priest in charge implored the “pharaoh of the exodus” to heed the goddess of life’s admonishment, “Oh my Great King of Egypt, the goddess Heket is offended by this, Moses; and, exhorts you to let him and his people go!” “I will not let Moses and his people go, for am I not a god also!!?” the “pharaoh of the exodus” responded in great anger, anguish and frustration.  The “pharaoh of the exodus” instead became in defiant of his own gods’ commands; and for that reason, antipathy eventually began as a permanent result between man and the ancient gods; especially, that during the 40 years desert migration of the emancipated Hebrews, they continued to make other ancient gods an embarrassment as they defeated their nations along the way, with the aid of the God of Hebrews (e.g., the defeat of BaalInanna; and Asherah—in whom was erroneously included in the worship of God, as His consort; and were paid for it by death for those responsible:  Also, the defeat of all the Babylonian godslike Marduk; Ishtar; and the one with the many phases of Tammuz; that eventually lead to the defeats of all the Medo-Persian godslike Asher; and Spenta Mainyu, known to be the “Holy Spirit”).  You can now see why they are not as forgiving as the biblical God is; and as to why they will only inimically go halfway for mankind.

The ancient gods are collectively obstinate in their stance and position against all humans.  Ever since after the successful eradication of Babylon, the practice of direct visioned and audio sorcery and spells finally came to an end; remaining now as an envisioned tease of the modern magic, that will never become directly visioned:  Only to then partially help their seekers in need, want, desire and hope: just as they began fashioning them-selves in the remaining years of Medo-Persia, after Babylon’s annihilation.  Even from the gods of Greece, Rome and until now, the privilege of an immediate personal contact (face-to-face: mouth-to-mouth) with them has never returned, but only through indirect means of their seekers and believers (and through indirect medium itemssuch as tarot cards, crystals, tobacco smokes, Ouija boards, hallucinating drugs; dream and epiphany  interpretations as predictions, divining items, etc.): therefore, taking advantage of their followers’ egos; knowing that those seeking them, are going to reflect all the way when all they have to do is go even less than halfway.  They prance and prey on human’s emotional capacities, with the elation of the emptiness they leave for their followers in the end.  And one most important thing to keep in mind, let’s not forget that they are also, blood-thirsty; voraciously, and insatiably.

Although the ancient gods still exist in our modern lifespan, and that they’re still manufactured, marketed, purchased and worshiped (not only as in their ancient appearances and names, but also under gussied and disguised religious and Christian appearances and names), their final end is very imminent; but on this turn of finale, however, it will be done straight by ‘the finger of God.’  In the ancient lifespans, when ancient nations were overcome and defeated by the God of Hebrews, the conquered captives and scattered escapees still took with them their patron gods, spread them throughout the surface of the earth, and as such, continued keeping them ‘alive.’  But in this finale of the gods that is soon imminent, they will not survive any longer, not even by their remaining surviving worshipers; for they will be eradicated from their roots up: not through men by divine guidance, as it were then; but, straight from God Himself.  Like a thief in the night, in a global instance, the gods will be no more.  At first, people will still be seeking them, but they will not be found.  And their government won’t be interested in resurrecting them either, not even for profits.  Those who put faith in those gods that are soon to be destroyed, if they don’t abandon them before their divine destruction is finally manifest, they them-selves will also be plagued within their destruction (Revelation, 18:4, 8, 21).


The Inception of Sin

Satan 002e2a

Accordingly to the collective social consciousness of the-World(s), there are various alphas that explain the beginning and purpose of life and humans.  Scientists and physics (Evolutionists) explain our alpha as a result of randomized incidents (purely circumstantial and coincidentally), in total absence of sentient intentional intervention, and contingencies.  Creationists, on the other hand, is quite the opposite, for they believe that God (or, a Creator) created life and the Earth in just a matter of literal six days: each day exacting as literal 24 hours even though the word “day” in the Bible is referred to a considerable length of time (Genesis 2:4; Psalm 90:4).  In the book of 2nd Peter, Chapter 3, verse 8, it indicates that a day of God is but a thousand years to mankind; so each first creative “six days” in the book of Genesis could be actually referred to “six thousand years” instead; that is, since man still did not exist yet during the first stages of our creation: this then would explain the creating process from trial to perfection (without errors); hence, the reason that per each end of a thousand years, God had to see that what was created was good (when you really think about it rationally, six thousand years of trial creations would explain the alpha and omega of prehistoric species no longer to return; e.g., dinosaurs).  Creationists also believe that they age of the earth is just a few thousand years old.  However, according to the Bible, the earth and the universe existed before the six days (or, the six thousand years) of our creation (Genesis 1:1):  When the bible reads that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (a separation of the two), He did it when after He first found the earth formless and void; hence, it is obvious that the Earth is then much older before God separated the expanse from the waters, to have then separated the waters from the earth: He didn’t just created the heavens and the earth in one shot.  So the explanation of the inception of sin, in this article, will not be based by Creationists (on Creationism) as biblical literalist interpreters, and not even according to religious theologians either, but only in accordance to biblical accounts.  A rational and logical biblical Christian should have no objection to findings of credible scientific researches; especially, factual research that indicates that the earth may be billions of years old.  Now that we have this clear, let us begin in understanding.

The etymology of the word ‘sin’ stems from the Old English noun, synn; and it indicates a moral wrong doing, offense and crime in enmity against the God of the bible:  In other words, simply put, sin is a divine offense; and, depending upon the gravity of the disobedience, ‘sin’ is also a divine crime, and a divine felony: hence, varying from a scale of a simple immoral thought (impure desire) to physically committing, not just a crime (e.g., theft), but also in committing a grave felony against the biblical God (e.g., fornication):  But what escapes most, is that lies too have variable degrees of crime; especially, when one intentionally (or even, unintentionally) testifies that the God of the bible is a liar (e.g., through false worship no matter how sincere and heartfelt the worship and religion is, or may be).  After all, everything sinful began with a, what?  A lie.  And what was that lie that paved the way of sin’s inception?

Most people are familiar with the biblical book account of Genesis, in reference to the creation that eventually led to the first creation of the first man, Adam; and then secondly, to the creation of the first woman, Eve.  In the book of Genesis, it indicates that the man was created in God’s image, both man and woman:  In God’s image, God created them (of course, this God’s image is more of a capacity resemblance of divine capacities, and not so literal; e.g., the capacity of sentience, to be wise, to love, to be just and fair, and to have in power the agility to create, cultivate, manifest, etc.):  That the first man was created from the dust of the earth, and that eventually, God blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and as the result of such breath, the man then became a living person (a living soul).  It seems that this breath of life was not given to any other species except for the one that was created in God’s image, and that’ll solely be the human species.

In their blissful nakedness, God has instructed the man and the woman to be fruitful, and become many in the earth, and to take in domination of the earth, and all the other species: and God also instructed Adam, to then have him instructed his wife, that of every fruits and vegetables in the garden, they both can eat to their hearts desire; however, the fruits of both the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, and the tree of everlasting life, that are in the middle of the Garden of Eden, they both must not eat from it: for in the “day” that they do eat from that which they were told not to eat from, on that “day, they shall surely die.  The matter of the fact is, they eventually wind up eating of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad; nevertheless, they still did not die on that “day” that they ate from it.  Why did they not die on that “day” they ate from the forbidden tree when God Himself told them, that on that “day” they both eat from the forbidden fruit, they will positively die?

forbidden trees

That “day” was actually a “day” that was in sync with God’s day and for how long the human soul (animating physical body) can last without eating from the tree of everlasting life.  Remember that inspired inscription of 2nd Peter, 3:8, that indicates a day of God is but a thousand years to man?  That “day” that God was referring to Adam’s death sentenced, was referring to God’s day instead, and not of Adam’s day:  Hence, the reason Adam only lived up to 930 years old (just 70 years short from one “day” of God).  Surely then, Adam did die on that “day” God had warned and promised him that he would:  Yes indeed, God has kept its words true when both, Adam and Eve, did died on that “day” they disobeyed and rebelled.  If you recall that after Adam and Eve both disobeyed, God had them thrown out of the Garden of Eden before they would had determined to eat of the other forbidden tree, which was the tree of everlasting life.  Had they eaten from that other forbidden tree, God’s words would not be true, for they would then not have died on that “day” they were promised to have died in.  After Adam and Eve were exiled and banished outside from the Garden of Eden, God had posted at the east of the garden the cherubim, and the flaming blade of a sword that was turning continuously, to guard the way to the tree of everlasting life: this assured that God was in control in keeping His words alive and true.  So when Adam was created from the dust of the earth, in that very fresh created condition, Adam’s soul/body was only good to last for almost a “day” of God, naturally, but with everlasting life in view; hence, the divine death-sentence perfectly synced with the natural duration of Adam’s flesh:  That means that when Adam was created perfectly in God’s image, he wasn’t still automatically created to live forever.  The full story can be read at Genesis, chapters 1 through 3.

Both of the forbidden trees (the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, and the tree of everlasting life) eventually were meant for Adam’s and Eve’s consumption, but only when God instructed to have had them eat from it at His right time, not of Adam’s and Eve’s.  Ultimately, when the biblical God found them to be ready to eat from the forbidden trees, God would’ve first probably had them both eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad:  And after a long contingent interim of how they both would’ve handled and behaved with such knowledge in God’s one day, and if deserving, God would’ve secondly probably had them both eat from the tree of everlasting life.  In other words, everlasting life is then solely deserving.  No one, absolutely no one, is automatically created with everlasting life:  It must be deserved (terrestrial or celestial).  Therefore, even Adam and Eve were not conditionally created to live forever:  Eventually, they had to prove that they were deserving of such everlasting existence.  So in everything that God creates, in which He creates perfectly, that doesn’t mean that perfections equate with everlasting continuations.  If Adam and Eve were to have been created with everlasting life from scratch, and had they disobeyed a divine direct order, the death-sentenced would’ve instead been immediately.  For the God of the bible would not give you everlasting life, to then take it away from you, and let you die gradually:  Once such a God gives you everlasting life, it is to be permanent.  So a person (above or below: spirit or man) with everlasting life, who would then directly violate a divine law against the biblical God, would not be punished by having his/her everlasting life condition become unconditioned (taken away), to then have one emaciated gradually in death; instead, death would absolutely be immediate.  Trust my being when IT tells you, that a person with everlasting continuance, who boldly commits a felony against the God of the bible, the death-sentence would then be almost instantly; unless, you had to be allowed to live in order for God to prove a point true before everyone, as witnesses, in both the heavens and the earth (e.g., allowing Satan the Devil to remain in order to prove him a liar).  Now we know the reason, as to how and why Adam and Eve were still able to continue to live, even after they disobeyed a direct divine order on that very “day” they were promised to have died.  So every creation that God creates is not automatically created with everlasting continuation (as many may believe/feel, or just even think).  Everlasting life is only achieved deservedly; it is not innately: never was; never is.

Shadowed 02

The First Sin


As told in the biblical account of Genesis:  “Now the serpent [manipulated by the cherub, Satan the devil] was the most cautious of all the wild animals of the field that God had made.  So it said to the woman: “Did God really say that you must not eat from every tree of the garden?”  At this the woman said to the serpent: “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden. But God has said about the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden: ‘You must not eat from it, no, you must not touch it; otherwise you will die.’”  At this the serpent said to the woman: “You certainly will not die.” (Genesis, 3:1-4; Revelation, 20:2).  And there you have it, the very first sin!  The very statement that paved the way to resist and slander the biblical God as false (in other words, Satan indirectly told Eve, “God is a liar!”); something that our modern society give very little attention to.

Above all crimes against God, is the felony of accusing the God of the bible to be a liar, or using God’s name under false pretense (this is one sin that you want to make sure that you’re not committing: intentionally, or unintentionally, just to be safe).  If anyone is still suggesting that eventually, when everyone has finally learned their lessons to accept God’s will instead of our own; that afterwards in the end, God will then still resurrect Adam and Eve back to life, is one that is still spreading Satan’s lie, when it was uttered to Eve, “You positively will not die.”  If God were to resurrect Adam and Eve, that instead would definitely prove Satan as the one in truth, and God as the one whose a liar.  The question that Satan keeps arousing in our confusing modern lifespan, is this:  Is the God of the bible a liar, or not?  Which is it?

Well, eventually Adam did die in that “day” at the age of 930 years old: and although it is unknown about the age of his wife’s death, Eve too must have died on that “day” since she was first the fleshly innovator who started the whole resistance and rebellion against God.  It is then to no surprise that Satan the Devil is the one who is the Father of all lies.  Therefore, in order for Satan to remain as a liar, in contrast to God’s truth, Adam and Eve are to never return for all eternity.  In other words, the very current death status of Adam’s and Eve’s determines whether God is a liar, or not: and that, my reader, is the question.

So, is God a liar?  In other words, will Adam and Eve remain dead?  If not, are they currently alive in the spirit realm as many believe; therefore, only proving that the God of the bible is then a liar?  With all this in mind, is it then reasonable to even think that the God of the bible will ever resurrect Adam and Eve back to life?  If you even believe it to be so, it will be Satan instead proven to be true, after all.

Shadowed 02

The Birthright to Sin


As inspired in the biblical book of Romans, 5:12, it indicates, “…just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned..,” we are all then born in sin, as an inheritance from the satanic father that Adam and Eve has sold us under; and that father is the father of all lies (Satan the Devilthe oppressor and slanderer):  And because of that, “there is no man righteous in the earth that keeps doing good and does not sin” (Ecclesiastes: 7:20).  Realistically then, we can come to reason that “there is no man that does not sin” (1 Kings 8:46).  A sinful state is a state that separates us from the glory of God: hence, we are all separately born from the glory of God, and into the glory of satanic connection (in Satan’s resistance and rebellion against God, that separates us from God itself).  So being born in sin is our inheritance; and therefore, our birthright to live in accordance to sin:  However, that doesn’t mean that because of such birthrights, God will no longer continue to do its will as He had intended to do before Adam’s and Eve’s outright disobedience.  Sin may be our birthright, but that birthright comes with a price: and that price is death: simply because, such inheritance cannot supersede the will of the God of the bible.  Our inheritable freedom, away and separated from God (to do as we will), is only transient because the satanic paternity that Adam and Eve sold us under cannot grant us everlasting life.  And even within the state of our inherited independent transient freedom, we’re not doing such a pretty good job in sustaining and balancing our earthly conditions either.  Even with our foods, in comparison to many thousand years ago, we don’t live as much as our ancestors use to, into the hundreds of years because of our own gradual decline in diet consumption and grave environmental pollution.  So even though we may have our birthright freedom to do as we will (even if it’s against the will of the biblical God), nevertheless, we can’t seem to do it successfully without harming the conditions of our natural atmosphere; without manifesting serious pollution; without controlling crimes, violence, murder, poverty, theft, hatred, prejudice and presumptuousness:  And also, without maintaining monogamous sexual encounters in order to prevent the spread of sexual diseases; without controlling destructive addictions; and without sustaining an economy that’s freed of greed.  All in all, the crucial conditions that sustains us throughout the generations and on, are being threatened to become unconditioned, and therefore, our freedom to keep on existing continuously, will be no more.

If the survival of our species is solely based on biblical knowledge and its prophetic trust, then it is to no surprise that based on biblical accounts, if God doesn’t come soon to rescue our earth from going under, eventually, the birthright to our sinful freedom will destroy us to oblivion, and this is proven by God’s words from the book of Jeremiah, 10.23, in where it indicates that a “man’s way does not belong to him…It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.”  With this in mind, “who can produce someone clean out of someone unclean [to save us]?’  ‘There is not one'” (Job 14:4).  But according to biblical accounts, as promised and prophesied, that through the lineage of Adam’s son, Seth, and all the way through the lineage ending to Mary (Jesus’ Mother), there came to the earth the very man who can save mankind from our transient birthright sinful freedom, and into an adopted conditional everlasting freedom: and that prophesied man who can deliver the faithful ones, is no other than Jesus the Messiah; the very promised Messianic King, that will soon deliver the obedient ones into the everlasting life and love of the biblical God (Matthew 1:18-25; and Luke 1:26-38: John 11: 25, 26).

Accordingly to biblical accounts, obtaining freedom that is everlasting in life, requires one to be reborn again (to get baptized in the adoptive fatherhood of Jesus Christ), away from the fatherhood of Satan that Adam sold us under; and in this way, eventually one is brought back from the separation of God, and finally, soon into the glory of God once again; as it was once with God, Adam and Eve before their resistance and rebellion against God itself (John 3:3; Matthew 3:13-17).


Conception VS Perception of Sin


In accordance to the popular global debate, many religious people argue that even though sin is innate, some sins, however, are idealistic (a state of mind); e.g., the practice of human homosexuality (not referring to animal homosexuality) is argued that such a behavior is philosophical (an acquired extrinsic fad) that one is disposed of by conviction of choice, and not connatural.  Hence the existence of reparative therapy (conversion therapy) comes into focus as a lifesaver for some religious believers; that through proper divine and biblical remedial treatments, a man who practices homosexuality can be cured into practicing heterosexuality: treating the innate sexual practice as a sexual-orientation instead; thus, saving the homosexual man from his so-called, sexual-disorientation.  Many people, defending the act of homosexuality as an innate capacity, will use the connatural practice of animal homosexuality as an analogy, to validate their affirmations:  That, however, is not really necessary, because this great religious human homosexuality debate will never solve, or prove a point; at least, from religious perspectives, that is.

The biblical King David once uttered, “…my mother conceived me in sin” (51:5):  And as indicated above already, according to Romans 5:12, it reads, “That is why, just as through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because they had all sinned,” is a strong biblical fact that sin (all sin) is in fact a conception (an insemination through Adam’s sin, as an innate), and not as a perception.  Hence, according to biblical accounts, in contrast to religious doctrinal accounts, we are born in sin; and as a result, any sinful act that we then act out on, is innate (a connatural birthright).  That doesn’t mean that just because we are born as sinners, we then have the right to outwardly and straightforwardly practice sin unrestrained, and to cause destructive havoc and murder:  There are no excuses for taking anyone’s life away; nor are there any excuses to cause natural living conditions as unconditional (unlivable; polluted).  Our birthrights to sin (separated from the origin of God) doesn’t excuse us to infringe upon other people’s birthrights to sin as well.

The conception of sin is not a mysterious reality; it’s not some grand and deep curse coursing through our blood, nor some great dark and ominous power:  Sin, simply put, means a separation from the biblical God; in other words, when one says that we are born as sinners, that simply means that we are born separated from God: it’s as simple as that.  That means that since we’re born separated from God, we are then going to innately be and perform acts that are separated from God itself.  For any religious member, leader or ruler to then suggest that homosexuality is not inborn, in all fairness and logic, that would then mean that homosexuality is not a sin, after all.  Since we are born in sin and as sinners, and since the act of homosexuality itself is biblically regarded as a sin, that then means that such a sin is innate.  If not acknowledged as so, the only thing that religious debates (against homosexuality) will paradoxically prove, is that even though homosexuality is a sin, it is nevertheless, a sin not inborn even though we are all born in sina highly illogical conclusion.  With this in mind, once anyone stipulates that a certain sin is not inborn, this then invalidates any other sin being inborn as well.  Either sin is inborn, or isn’t.  You can’t disqualify or qualify which sin we are born-in, when any sin is still a sin, regardless.  Therefore, if a sin is then disputed as not inborn, that then suggests that the sin in question may not be a sin after all; or that all sins are then not inborn, but just a state of mind; in which either arguments, will only prove that the biblical God is a liar.

Sin is then not a perception; it is a conception, as it is inspired and stated clearly in the bible.

Please keep in mind that the analogy of homosexuality used in this article is not to debate whether either the practice of homosexuality is a sin, or not; but rather, to point out that the religious debates against the nature and act of homosexuality really has no meaning or bearing whatsoever; and that such like doctrinal religious debates, are not in congruent with biblical positions in regards to any practices that are biblically separated from the biblical God itself: that is, in contrast to what is religiously separated.

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To Be, Or  Commit Sin

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Although we are born in sin, or born as sinners, is hard to then comprehend how is it that we can still commit sin against God when we are, indeed, sin itself?  Or are we?

According to the famous global phrase, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck,” implies in this article, that if a person looks like a sinner, walks like a sinner, and talks like a sinner, then he/she probably is a sinner; therefore, by observing the creature’s habitual (or automaton) characteristics, he/she can be identified by one’s own form of nature.  According to biblical accounts, our origin of nature is sin; therefore, biblically indicating that we are innately and connaturally a “sin-creature;” and as such, we’re going to, not so much commit, but be sin itself.  Just like the duck that’s innately a duck, and therefore, will be a duck, cannot commit (or violate) to duck if it is a duck itself.  Likewise, we cannot simply commit a sin (commit a separation) when in fact, we are sin itself (we are the separation itself).  In this enlightenment of sin itself, people are misconstrued about the differences of what is to be sin, and what is to commit sin.  Perhaps, the wording in the bible could have been lost when people started to astray from objectively translating the bible, into subjectively interpreting the bible instead.  For example, the interpreted bible will indicate when someone commits a sin against God; but before the application of interpreting the bible came into play, in its original translation, that same ‘someone’ could have instead committed the crime itself (i.e., the original translation would’ve/could’ve indicated that same ‘someone’ committed theft, when in the new interpreted version, theft was replaced with sin).  A God that biblically says we are born as sinners, but then punishes us because we’re being what we’re born as, would be an unjust God.  We simply cannot commit sin, because we are sin itself.  If we were free of sin, like Jesus Christ was when he was alive in the earth, and we committed a crime against God, we would then actually commit a sin against God.  Instead, the bible could be actually teaching its faithful readers and listeners that even though we are sin in itself, that does not excuse us to commit a crime in itself against God.  Hence, even though the separation from the biblical God may be our birthright, that doesn’t mean, however, that we can commit crimes without any judgement:  Sin or sinless, there’s no excuse to commit any crime (e.g., sin does not equate with crime: sin only equates with a status against God, because you don’t have to be born in sin in order to commit a crime).  Nevertheless, an innately sin-creature cannot commit sin like an innately sinless creature can commit sin.  Hence, in our sin state connatural capacity, we are then perfect in sin, for we have not ever possessed a sinless state; therefore, never knowing exactly what it is to be and experience sinlessness.  We then have no choice but to trust in the biblical God in telling us what sinless actually is, since we never were sinless, in our natural state to begin with:  We can only imagine what a sinless creature may be like.

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Only a sinless creature can commit sin:  But both a sinless creature and a sin creature can commit crimes.

Only an innate connected person can commit separation, because one who is innately born in separation, cannot commit separation.


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