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The most popular integral-realm description (finite or infinite) that most people use to describe all the celestial bodies there in, is called the universe: a description that most adopted since the 1580’s, to sort of encompass all variable cosmos into an integrated system (embodying the cosmos into a “whole world:” pretty much like our whole world in the Earth).  This analysis reflects the very nature of The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”); the same as the whole integrated structure of “individualism.”  But what if what’s out there is not so universal (whole) after all?  Or, on the contrary, if what is out there is universal, what exactly then is the nature or thing that is universal?

It was easy to adopt the concept of the word universe, simply because the concept of the word “cosmos” (which indicates many, but as quantitatively indeterminate) indicate the idea as in preparing to dispose; in other words, “to organize.”  The etymology of the word cosmos stem from the Latinized form of Greek, kosmos (which means, to order and arrange), which indeed could be a quasi-definition.  Concepts that are connoted to words like cosmos and universe (e.g., world, order, whole, organization, harmony, etc.) can confuse, not so much whether things are whole or ordered, but the very nature and thing of what exactly is arranged, is what should concern us (even it means to look outside of the language and fashion of The-Self); in other words, outside of your-self.

We can see with our own eyes that the cosmos are somehow arranged; there’s no argument against that.  And we see many radiating luminaries (stars), various explorers (planets) – along with their neighboring satellites (moons); as well as the asteroids, comets, various belts, galaxies, nebulae, cosmic-debris, and a “host” (army) of other cosmological manifestations.  And when one, who is mentally actuated with the concept of individuality, suggests a scheme description for the cosmos (and is not careful to look outside of one-self), one can start to self-reflect with it in the same like manner and scheme of “individualism” (as an integral system that’s harmonized and congruent as a, “whole”), and thus entitle the whole realm of the various arranged cosmos as the, “universe.”  The matter of the fact is that when one looks at the cosmos from outside of one-self, one can start to see that the cosmos themselves are not so universal at all; in other words, they’re not whole, harmonized and congruent.

Some people look at the universe as an amicable force:  Even more so, as a figurative loving entity that is somehow consciously disembodied as a wholethroughout the entire universe.  But the “Universe” is more than harmonized:  In contrast to our existences in the planet earth, the universe is actually somewhat chaotic, dangerous, mixed-up, and full of forces that would immediately destroy us in less than a blink of an eye; or even worse, destroy us in the speed of light; and nothing is faster than the speed of light.  We have celestial bodies like Jovian planets (e.g., Jupiter, Saturn, etc.) that if our planets were to even get close to them, even from a very large distance from them, we would be destroyed immediately, and our planet would be become desolate like the moons of Jupiter.

Every moon, planet, meteor, solar system, galaxy and nebulae (other than our own planet) seem destructive, unable to harness and inhabit life as we are and see it.  If anything, surrendering ourselves to the mercy of the universe would be utterly merciless.  But here we are, in this itty-bitty little tiny spec of space in the enormity of the merciless universe, and we still go on existing.  To make matters even worse, our planet earth demands to be stationed in an entire solar system in order for it to exist itself: and it just happens to be that our entire solar system is just right to sustain our itty-bitty little planet of ours with life (from the center of the sun to the very edge of the outer asteroid-belt; and every single thing in between, is of the utmost essential and exact specifics for our existence).  But wait!  As if that’s not enough!  Our entire solar system must be stationed in a specific area of an entire galaxy, in order for it itself to exist; because if we were not at all stationed at an exact area of the Milky Way, our entire solar system would either go way too far outside of the galaxy if stationed to close to the edge, and ceases to exist:  Or go way too in where stars are enormously variable and clustered, and the amount of their collective radiation is so immense that our solar system will cease to exist.  So now, we’re this itty-bitty little tiny spec of space (that’s barely visible in the entire universe), that demands the entire Milk-Way Galaxy to sustain our existence.  That’s a lot of enormous and gargantuan resources and power to ask for, in order to just sustain an itty-bitty little tiny spec of dust to keep us alive in it; and yet, that is what must be done, or we won’t exist at all.

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Universe (the Pseudo-God)

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In reality, the cosmos are indeed organized; but, they’re actually chaotically organized, set at bay within their own various encompassed constructs (contained and restrained within their own pressurized and gravitational pulls; in this way, order is established between the, spaces); and therefore, unable to harness any sort of life.  And yet we…We are this tiny spec of dust disturbing the perfect chaotic harmonious-scheme of the cosmos: and we dare to dub them all as, “the universe:”  A definite misnomer.  We are actually the anomaly of the cosmos (the abnormality that’s disturbing the normality of the cosmos’ tumult harmony):  And we yet dare to demand this Gargantuan Pandemonium band to give us its colossal extensive power and resources, in ‘order’ to just sustain our existence in a barely seen spec of dust.

If the universe was actually a conscious disembodied entity (as many believe it is), IT would look at us, and say instead, “How dare they disturb my beautiful and perfect discordant symphony!…They’re asking far too much of my resources for something I can barely see!…Destroy them!!…(Oh what world; what world!”).

Surely, it is definitely not the cosmos’ band that’s responsible for us to be alive.  If it were, we wouldn’t even be here to begin with.  With this in mind, do you now dare hear what the-Universe has to say?  Would you dare now trust that the-Universe will guide you, and protect you, and help you out with all of your dilemmas; and with your fate as well?  If you are one of the many that believes that the-Universe is harmonious and loving, you are then fully disarray.  Surely, all that which is above, is not the same as all that which is below:  And all that which is below, is not the same as all that which is above:  If you know these names, you would now know that Crowley, Regardie and Levi, along with the Baphomet, had all erroneously mistaken the-Universe as the “Golden Dawn.”

Hence, symbolically speaking, the microcosm is not one in the same with the macrocosm; it is actually the tiny anomaly of the great conformity.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

[Writing & Concept by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

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