‘The-Uncreature’ (the Uncreated)

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Uncreature, the (Ŭn – crēē – chŭr, noun)

  • An unearthly being that exists without first being created.
  • An unearthly being, or a person, that was never created.
  • A being, or a person, who is not of any origins of any kind.
  • A living mindful energy that is not of creation origin.
  • A celestial living person or being that is not of the lineage of creation, or of any lineage at all.
  • A living person/being without origin: without lineages.
  • An existing being without a beginning, without an end, without an origin, without a progenitor, without roots, without lineages, without birth, without wellsprings and without ancestry.
  • The Creator of all things.

Related forms

un-crea-ture-ly, adjective

un-crea-ture-li-ness, noun


Heptaspace, Docercycle 9, 5 R.M. L.E.C. (Solar South): ENG uncreature.

Word Origin & File


5 R.M. L.E.C.: from Modern ENG, Uncreature: from ‘un’ (L. prefix “un” meaning “not; no; without”) + ‘creature’ (O. Fr. creature).  Uncreature entails a living sentient being, a person of some sort, whose origin is not of creation, and who is not of any origin at all:  A being who is absent of lineages:  A person not of formation origin.  The Uncreature is a person, or a being, that exists without first being created (thus the known phrase that such a being is without a beginning, and without an ending).  This indicates that the “Uncreature” cannot and will not be of earth’s origin, for everything that is within and of the earth has a beginning (an origin).  Being created entails that you have a beginning; the Uncreature is a person, or a being, that is utterly without origin of any kind, or of any manner.  This kind of an “uncreated status” usually only pertains to the biblical God, YAHOWAH [ה ו ה י], and no other non-biblical gods, for every other gods, in accordance to their accompanying myths, all had a beginning of some sort.  Simply better put, the-Uncreature is utterly an actual immortal—a self-sustaining person.  The Uncreature is not even an origin from the race of spirits (e.g., spirits of angels, cherubim, and seraphim; archangels): this is safely rationed on account that spirits themselves were “created,” unlike the Uncreature that never was created; hence, spirits too are creatures, and not “uncreatures”—the Uncreature is then just that, the Uncreature—an unknown encompassed uncreated force and existence like no other, with enormous and unmatched contained power/force.  The word “creature” is a derivation of the word create; hence, anything “created” as an animating flesh is then a creature: therefore, since the-Creator was never createdthe-Creator is then no “creature” but the Uncreature.  To then suggest in any manner of belief/faith that the “Uncreature” can make Itself manifest in the flesh, would then simply indicate that the “Uncreature” has been made itself into a creature; which is impossible for you cannot give a beginning to something that is without a beginning to begin with: and you definitely cannot give a  being without an origin an origin.  The “Uncreature” cannot be turned into a creature: not even the-Creator itself has the power to make itself a beginning.  Therefore, the “Uncreature” cannot manifest into flesh (e.g., the Christ Jesus if indeed the-Uncreature is referred to as the “Holy Trinity”), for everything that is made of the animating flesh is a creature.  Everything of the flesh then has a beginning; therefore, the Holy Trinity doctrine cannot and will not uphold/support the “uncreated status” of the Uncreature (hence, there is an indefinite unresolved flaw in the Holy Trinity criteria).


[This word was constructed in Heptaspace, Docercycle 9, 5 R.M. L.E.C. (Solar South).  Meaning of the word is superimposed/expanded by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

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[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

[Aspati/Space: Trispace, Docercycle 5, 7 R.M. E.C. (Solar South)]

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[Revised: Pentaspace, Vigercycle 13, 9 R.M. E.C. (Solar West).  Gregorian: Thursday, April 2, 2015]

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