The Quasi-Object of the-World

The-Self (the-ego/the I/the me) is more of a global illusion of the-World(s) than anything else:  An illusion, not in the sense that it doesn’t exist, but in the sense that The-Self itself may not be what it seems to be.  In any form, however, this illusion still exerts behavior and understanding: nevertheless, an illusion can only beget illusions.  The-Self is not a biological program—it is not inborn:  There’s no such a thing as an ingrained cerebral neuron of the “I” (ego); at least, not innately.  it is only learnt from external sources, originating from external collective social consciousness, that develops one’s own psychosomatic mental fusion in that very phrenic disposition, that’s only learned through upbringing (involuntarily, that is—so that The-Self itself is not entirely self-made).  Without this upbringing of The-Self, for any other person that’s already an adult but doesn’t know anything about The-Self, he/she cannot learn and become it, because the “I” is solely a nurturing knowledge that a child must be grown into it, before the “I” itself becomes evidently personal (mentally rooted and fixated)—a work in progress—a psychosomatic ipseity evolution that involuntarily begins from a phrenic amorphous fusion, that’s gradually developed by the parents—in this way then, the “I” does become a neuron nervous cell activity after all, but not entirely as a cerebral activity, more like a majorly mental activity, that’s autonomous—that’s in total contrast to the automaton senses of the soma (body), as one becomes gradually independent from one’s own involuntary mental bedrock.



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