The Moth to the Light


To be “open-minded” does not mean to be indiscriminate with all things that a person comes into contact with; it is not a sign of weakness either.  A person must ascertain a certain degree of “one-sided” distinction without being totally available, suitable and vacant with every subjective and objective criteria that one encounters with.  To be “open-minded” means to be established with a certain extent of discrimination (distinction) along with reasoning with what is being externally observed and scrutinized, to then possibly make alterations where need be, within logic and coherence that is, as long as reason and sanity is sustained.  But there are those who claim to be solely “open-minded” when in fact they really are solely “open-hearted;” and in this mental figurative state, a person can then only be subjective in all that one is just hearing (not listening) and just looking (not seeing) at something, or someone, that should be deserving of being objectively observed and analyzed.  The figurative heart is one with The-Self (the-Subject); therefore, to solely so-call inspect anything, or anyone, with an “open-heart” is to solely figure things out with the figurative heart; in other words, to figure things out in connection and in reflection of The-Self (the-Subject) so that the thing/person that is figured out is only a “subjective summation” that’s been reflected with one’s own “self.”  A true selfless person is beyond than just being “self-effacing:”  To be genuinely “selfless,” one must ultimately cease from The-Self itself with everything and everybody, except, when it is applied to the golden rule (i.e., “…Do unto others as you would want them to do onto you [your-self]…”).  In this actual selflessness state-of-mind, one can then solely be intellectually and objectively “open-minded.”  An open mind is only objective, and an open heart is only subjective; you can, however, perhaps combine both objective and subjective practices in one single application, but on most cases, this will not be successful for either one of them will automatically cancel out the other:  That which is objective cannot be subjective; and that which is subjective cannot be objective: with both combined, it does not guarantee clarity but mostly confusion.  When one solely figure things out with the figurative heart instead of reasoning things out with the mind, one can then become figuratively obstinate by disengaging one-self with where life saving matters really count if one’s ears are not tickled with it, and therefore, instead associate (self-reflect) one-self with pseudo-truths:  And just like a moth, one becomes fatally consumed in the obstinate fire of self-pretentiousness.

One can only “figure” things out with something that’s “figurative” (i.e., the figurative heart – emotions), and all things that are figurative are subjective that’s always in connection and in reflection with the “Subject” (The-Self) itself.  The figurative heart is then a reflection of The-Self itself, at least the worldly kind:  Therefore, to solely “figure” out another person is to mostly see your-self in connection with that other person so that when that other person is finally “figured” out, its’ summated-conclusion is then but a reflection of one’s own-self, more so than the other person in connection (reflected) with.  Therefore, instead of trying to “figure” out a person, try to instead first cease your-self from The-Self itself, and then see the person without any subjective connections with one’s own-self.

To be utterly “selfless,” The-Self must first cease itself from The-Self itself, even to the extent of being ceased from “self-effaced.”


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