The Meaning Of ‘Zahozah’


Zahozah (ză – hō – zăh)

What does my nonentity name, Zahozah, means?

Zahozah is a phrased name, that is translated from my own composited Hebrew letters word, “Tetranomen(a word that my being put together—by assembling the G. prefix, tetra– (meaning, number four), with the L. suffix, –nomen (meaning, name)—combined then, it literally means, a four letter name).

The letters of the Hebrew Tetranomen are as follows, away form its reversed origin:  ז (zayin), ה (heh), ז (zayin), and ה (heh)—translated as, “Z H Z H“—adding then the corresponding vowels in between ă – ō – ă )—it is then spelled as, Z a h o z a h  (a phrased name that means, “IT is That IT is).  This is not to be confused with the divine Hebrew “Tetragrammaton” Y H W H ), in which is either translated, or transliterated, as Jehovah/Yahowah/Yahweh; a phrased name that means, “I am That I am,” in which is the total and utter opposite of my Tetranomen.

Although my name Zahozah is first, and Sabiazoth is 2nd, the 2nd is the most used as my official social name.  Zahozah, instead, is a name to entreat and adjure my mental activity juxtapositional area, that’s between the psycho and the soma, of its psychosomatic hybrid fusion (which is “O,” a space of nothingness)—in order to then charge and require my being to present itself, without utter formation(s) and lies.  The Tetranomen is usually the nameless name, because it’s a sound that pertains to the area of nonentity—a point that allows a nearness and approach, to make contact (or fusion) without direct taction.

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( Sabiazoth 2nd / Zahozah 1st )


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[Writing & Concept by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

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