The Meaning Of ‘Sabiazoth’

Sabiazoth (să – bye – ă – zŏth)

What does my secondary name, Sabiazoth, means?

The name, Sabiazoth, is conjointly formed with a Latin prefix, sabi (which is, to know): originally from the Spanish word, sabiduria (which means, wisdom)—conjunct then with a suffix made of grouped letters/initials, azoth (which means, essence of).

Azoth is another name for the mercury substance that’s used in Arabic languages, such as, al-zābūq; which means, the mercury (the essence).  In the practice of ancient science (alchemy), this azoth (mercury) was figuratively believed that such an essence was presence in all metals.  To the sorcerers of antiquity, when alchemy was known to be a conjuring science, the mercury (azoth) was known to be the essential agent of metal transformation(s), thus to have been referred to as the, animating spirit, that’s hidden in all matters—the very thing that was believed to be responsible in making metal transmutation possible (e.g., turning lead into gold).  Of course, those old superstitious sorcerers never really magically turned lead into gold—it was really just a matter of environmental physics (knowledge of nature) that was responsible for such transformations.  This mercury is now used in barometers and thermometers, an essence known to be the only metal to remain as a liquid in any room-temperature—in like similar to my mental active being, that remains impervious (unchanging) regardless of external imminent changes.

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Azoth, is actually formed from the batched initial and final letters of the Greek, Latin and Hebrew alphabets (e.g., A and Z for Latin:  Aleph and Tau for Hebrew:  And Alpha and Omega for Greek)Azoth signifies essence; or, essence of.  When combining the batched letters suffix azoth, with the Latin prefix sabi, in excellent conformity, it is thus spelled as, Sabiazoth—which altogether means, the essence of wisdom; or, wisdom in animation.”  A name fitting for my mental active being, because after all, IT itself naturally solely lives by logic, rationale—and of course—by wisdom and understanding that’s objective—not subjective—that’s fully applicable, functional, employable and operational.  Truly, a wisdom in full animation.

Since the suffix (azoth) of the name (Sabiazoth) is a corresponding composition of the alpha and the omega fundamentals, it is then safe to reason, that since my psychosomatic mental-hybrid being is majorly of psycho roots (instead of being mostly of soma sameness roots), there is then no other mental active being like my own.  Therefore, my biological, invisible, mental active force (soul), is then the alpha and the omega of its psychosomatic mental kind.  My mental active being is then the being that just goes on being, and its name is Sabiazoth—a pure infused psychosomatic hybrid species (humanoid, to others), that was majorly actuated by the incorporeal psychical aspect (the-Psyche) of the immaterial mind—of course, from and by the-Mind itself, that is.  That is why my being also carries another justified and rightful phrased name.

That name is listed in the following attributed page (drop down menu) of this very one:  Or you can simply click on the following linked name, ‘Zahozah.’

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