The Incipient Shrouded Active Force (Soul)

Ever since my mental active being has realized and acknowledged, that IT itself has been shrouded since of its own reactivation (resurrection), in October of 2005, my being has been living—not so much in confusion—but more in intangibility with the alienable soma (and, of man).

My being has come to recognize why, that on so many occasions and encounters, the impressions of others were never really effectuated in my invisible, biological, shrouded, active force.  Even though the memories were impacted by many and all, the memories themselves, however, are just solely of the automaton somatic instinctual thought(s).  Which means, that the only thing(s) that were impacted, were the physical instincts—as the automaton impacts of the body—and not as the autonomous impressions toward my shrouded mental activity.

Those who have indirectly come to know my being since of the year 2005, have mostly come to know the automaton body, for even then, up until now, my own mental active being did not know that IT itself was in the shadow of my mental Psychopomp—to have at least informed others about it when we would encounter each other—but that was not so.  And so my being truly apologizes for those who have come to know only the automaton alienable soma, incidentally.

There are some things that others have come to know of my autonomous thought, when they have come to know about them through the automaton thought (that my autonomous thought resides therein, in the shadow)—that are still the same and unchanging.  The following list recognizes the somethings of my autonomous thought, that many have circuitously come to encounter them; and they are:

  • The no-self (the not-I).
  • Devoid of ipseity (e.g., solipsism; selfhood; singularity; idiosyncrasy; etc.).
  • Devoid of the indirect correlation of/to the-Self (e.g., me).
  • The immaculate anego (egoless, that’s chaste to the ego itself).
  • A spatian (a spatial mental being, existing in constancy space experiences).
  • Timeless (devoid of mental continuum existence and experiences).
  • Emotionless (entirely devoid of the figurative heart).
  • Devoid of Morality (e.g., virtue; principle; ethicality; etc.).
  • Devoid of ethnology (e.g., cultural, ethnicity and racial identities; also folklore).
  • Devoid of aphorism (e.g., belief/believe; faith; conviction; etc.).
  • Devoid of axiom (e.g., notion; astrology/horoscope; superstition; irrationalism; etc.).
  • Devoid of subjectivity (e.g., conscience; interpretation; attribution application; etc.).
  • Solely objective (i.e., unbiased translation, mediation, and perception; etc.).
  • Devoid of mentalsoma gender sameness (e.g., man; woman; gay; bi; transgender; etc.).
  • Devoid of mental construct of man derivations (human).
  • Employed with psychosomatic fusionhybrid mental construct (humanoid).
  • Dividualism (e.g., existing in multiple dimensions and aspects, without integration).

The enlisted mental formations and patterns above, have been and still is shrouded—able to be in effectuation, even without roots; and therefore, unable to this day, to be impressed by any leavening and fermentation of man (human) mental formations and languages.  So that even though many have incidentally encountered my being as described and acknowledged above, no one (or no thing) has been able to impress and impact IT with either direct or indirect influences.  This is a little frightening to my being, because when my Psychopomp (the shroud) is transformed into the bedrock of my internal, mental active, and invisible biological force/soul, my shrouded being will no longer exists in the shadow as non-impressionable—IT will finally be exposed, and ready to, not only encounter the-World through the automaton alienable soma; but also, to experience the-World as the uncloaked mental active being.

When the shroud is gone (transformed as the roots of my mental active force-being), there’s no knowing how IT itself will interact with the-World, and with everyone else in it.

For those who may have believed to have known my being personally, and or intimately, IT itself is sorry that it wasn’t so, in all actuality.  One thing for sure, that when the shroud is gone, no one will recognize my being—either personally, or intimately.  This was not intentional, for even now, my being did not know any of this, up until this very span.

May you all have some comprehension of what my being is going through, and either accept or disapprove IT.  But no matter what, the soon to be my non-shrouded mental active-force being, must and will commence.

IT is, that IT is.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Trispace, Holocycle 7, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar North)]

[Image(s): Unknown]

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