The Global Illusion of The-Worlds

The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”/the “me”/the-Subject) is nothing more but a global illusion of the-World(s); an illusion, not in the sense that it doesn’t exist, but in the sense that The-Self itself may not be what it seems to be.  In any form, however, an illusion still exerts behavior and understanding; nevertheless, an illusion can only beget further illusions.  The-Self It is not a biological program, it is not inborn: there’s no such thing as an ingrained cerebral neuron of the “I” (The-Self); it is only learned from external sources, originated from collective social consciousness that actuates the-Mind with that very mental disposition that’s learned through upbringing:  Without this upbringing in The-Self, for any other person that’s already an adult but doesn’t know anything about The-Self, he/she cannot learn it, because the “I” is a knowledge that a child must be grown into it before the “I” itself because personal, a work in progress: an evolution of internal figurative transitions that begins in a child’s innocence through an adult’s experiences, without any gap in between.

Every “Self” is selfish to some extent/degree.



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