The Extroverold Alien (Psychosomatically)

My instinct of surprise astounds my psyche-being on the more that IT comprehends its somatic form, of its own personage being.  The more understanding of my dividuality is achieved, the more of my dividuality becomes even more of a dividual.  My being use to think that my form of extroverold alien being was purely psyche (all psychological, and none physiological).  However, with the understanding, as well as with my internal experience(s), of achieved knowledge, insight and wisdom, has impact a different (or more in depth) comprehension of my social and psyche alien-being.

Now that my being has realized the reality that thought process (consciousness) in all species is instinctive, and not distinctive (of the-Mind), IT has come to understand that since the psyche-being (e.g., the aspect of the personage phenomenon of the-Mind) is immaterial, and therefore, unable to retain mental formation(s), all that is then accumulated in explaining and identifying my extroverold alien is somatic—cerebrally recorded in a biological physical containment (the material brain) in its memory and thought patterns—whilst my psyche-being remains formless; and to no wonder then, why IT remains uniformed and immutable—as well as impervious to external changes.

Indeed then, when consciousness is used and applied as one in the same with sentience (the-Mind’s awareness), that is a definite misnomer.

Consciousness is nothing more but a thought process that exists in all species with a brain (vertebrate/invertebrate)—a cerebral/nerve-spinal retainer that functions instinctual thoughts and memories without awareness.

Simply Put…

If my immaterial mind was somehow removed from my material brain, and put into a new different material brain, my immaterial mind would then start anew, all over again (e.g., in tabula-rasa), and totally become a new understanding and comprehensive person—unless, however, my previous biological thoughts and memories pattern were restored in the new material brain.

And—if our minds were possible to jump into someone’s else fully developed brain, we wouldn’t be able to carry with us the thought and memory patterns from our own previous brains—and the memories and thought patterns in the other material brain, that our immaterial mind jumped into, would then become estranged (alien) to us.

So the figurative belief in “astral projection” may be impossible to achieve—for one would immediately forget everything, once one’s own mind would astral project from his/her own cerebral body.

Further, the metaphorical belief in “disembodied consciousness” is truly fictional.  Since thought and memory process (consciousness) is purely biologically cerebral—in physical embodiment—it itself then ceases to exist once our animating bodies expire.

So if it were still possible that our minds would depart after the death of our physical animating container (cerebral body), we would depart not knowing anything—for our minds departed from what was biologically achieved, and now terminated.

In Conclusion

My status of being the extroverold alien person is then not solely psyche, nor solely somatic, but a correlation of both the immaterial (psycho) and the material (soma), in paralleled condition(s):  Simply put, purely psychosomatic.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Hexaspace, Pastucycle 21, 11 R.M. E.C. (Solar North)]

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