Satan, For Sale?


“Hail Satan!”  Is a common salute among Satanists themselves, in whereas the common golden rule is not so golden, but platinum, “Do unto others as they do unto thee.”  A person who instinctively worships Satan the Devil, in a religious like disposition, is not really considered to be a Satanists, but more of a Luciferist/Luciferian of Luciferianism, and not at all Satanism.  But the founder of the Church of Satan (Anton LaVey; 1930 – 1997), has changed the differences, and has integrated both Satanism and Luciferianism as within the realm of Humanism:  This was very evident when Satanism became connoted with its members and subscribers being narcotic free, and protecting all forms of creatures to have their rights to their natural instinctive expressions, that is of course without oppressing their very form of natural structure.  Unlike many other religions and theocratic philosophies and sciences, Satanists are known to respect and exalt life and nature itself.  Children and animals are most considered to be the purest expression of life forces because of their innocence: they’re so great, pure and profound that they’re held as sacred precious manifestations before their eyes.  As they (Satanists) collectively initiate and utter with strong convictions, they said that it is very “un-Satanic” to take any creature’s life away against their very own will, automatically or intentionally.

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As mentioned above, the founder of the first Church of Satan (AKA, the Black House), and of the modern life way of Satanism, in whom was Anton LaVey, was an American author, carnival and circus performer, as well as a musician and occultist.  LaVey authored several books, including the most famous one, or infamous for some, entitled, “The Satanic Bible,” in whereas some of its contents touched basis on love and hate, satanic sex, indulgences that are not really compulsions, and making a choice on human sacrifices – metaphorically to literally; and also, the fulfillment of the ego through life and death, about all vampires that don’t literally suck blood, and about the God that can save you may be your own-self.  Thereafter, he also authored ‘The Satanic Rituals,’ ‘The Satanic Witch,’ ‘The Devil’s Notebook;’ and lastly, ‘Satan Speaks!’

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Anton LaVey founded his first Black House, giving it a quasi-name, the “Church of Satan,” whereas it use to be located at 6114 California Street, San Francisco, California, in the USA.  In there, LaVey used the Black House as the headquarters for his “Church of Satan,” from 1966 until his death in 1997.  He conducted numerous devilish ceremonies at that very house, and openly too; but some of his most popular ones were his Satanic seminars and rituals:  One in particular, however, was his infamous most notorious ritual ever performed, in which was the Satanic Baptism of his daughter, Zeena Schreck in 1967; in which he publicly finalized the baptism with his uttering words, “Hail Zeena!’  ‘Hail Satan!'”  After that, he and the guests, along with his daughter and her mother, continued to celebrate the Satanic Baptism with one of their satanic nude female member, acting as the ‘Satanic Altar.’  The peers were flabbergasted!  Nevertheless, Satanic public ceremonies were continuously performed at that Black House until 1972; in whereas LaVey eventually lost ownership of the house in 1991:  That indeed was legally determined by a court settlement, resulting from his separation of his co-founder, sorceress and high priestess, Diane Hegarty, and mother of his satanic baptized daughter.  Although he lost possession as ownership, he legally was still allowed to reside in the Black House until his mortal death.  Anton LaVey died in October 29, of 1997, in Saint Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco.  His mortal death was succumbed to pulmonary edema (failure of the left ventricle of his heart, that was suppose to adequately remove his blood from his pulmonary circulation).  Although his loved ones regretfully took him to that particular medical center, they had no choice for it was the closest to have given him immediate emergency medical treatment, but to no avail:  Nevertheless, after his unfortunate death, an occulted Satanic Funeral was held in the town of Colma, California, with only several discreet invited attendees; in which after that, an immediate cremated service was performed for LaVey’s remained corpse.

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Anton LaVey is and was remembered by a waxed statue in honor of him, in the famous Fong’s Real Estate Wax Museum, in Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, of California, in the USA: but such waxed museum establishment was conclusively closed in August 15th, of 2013, in which the Wax Museum had a long 50 years run, and is now opened as the Madame Tussauds San Francisco wax attraction, that was successfully scheduled to have opened in the summer of 2014: rumor has it that the waxed statue of LaVey is now displayed in the San Francisco Dungeon area, described as a thrill-filled journey through the dark parts of San Francisco’s past.  LaVey’s remembered name is now honored as, “Doctor Anton Szandor LaVey:” and until now, he still has followers that honor his spirit and his satanic freedom expressions movement as Satanism.  Nevertheless, shortly after his death and cremation, the Black House that was no longer his, but where he still lived until his death, his successor members of the “Church of Satan” have unsuccessfully attempted to raise funds to repurchase the Black House that his co-founder, Diane Hegarty, could not have financially save it for them-selves any longer, for only LaVey really had the funds to maintain it even though he was legally no longer the owner of that house:  Eventually, the Black House was finally demolished in October 17, of 2001 that was first constructed in the Gregorian year of 1905, almost to have existed for a hundred years.  And now instead, a duplex stands in its space and place that was once considered to be a Satanic sacred ground.

Although the modern movement of Satanism did not die along with the Californian demolished Black House and the death of their founder, LaVey, Satanism still faintly lives and lingers in the hearts of many few current followers, and now more like figuratively and metaphorically exists online as The Satanic Temple (TST), in the Internet; and its link is at the following: The Satanic Temple (TST), in which happens to be more popular than the online site of the “Official” Church of Satan, at which is at the following link: Church of Satan (Officially).

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Now the Satanism movement is gradually emaciating with decreased disheartened members and subscribers, and with less interested curious potential new affiliates; nevertheless, the existing remaining members and subscribers are obstinately exclaiming that the Satanism movement is actually growing instead.  But the facts remain that atheism, agnosticism and humanism is on the rise, at a very fast pace.  The era of paganism, and of course of religion as well, is coming to an indefinite end, for just as people doubt the existence of the theocratic God, many too then also doubt the existence of Satan the Devil.  And even though current Satanists are trying to still integrate humanism as one with Satanism, the very integrating efforts are still for naught.  Currently, the nearly nine-foot bronzed statue of a goat-headed god (i.e., the Goat of Mendes; The Baphomet) is actually for sale, and it’s looking for a home to be harbored in.  Is anyone interested in purchasing the satanic god?  Would you purchase this diabolical god and give it a home?  Come on, look at that devilish face; don’t you want to adopt it?

The Satanic Temple” Internet organization would like to know if anyone would be interested in purchasing the Baphomet monument that weighs at least about a ton as a “sculptural masterpiece.”  It was originally constructed to sit along the side of the Ten Commandments monument at the grounds of Oklahoma’s State Capital.  The reason for this urgent adoption is due to a ruling of the Oklahoma’s Supreme Court, that ruled that the Ten Commandments monument must be immediately removed.  It is then reasonably surmised by TST that if such a monument is removed, well then so the Satanic Temple’s Baphomet too must then be removed; and therefore, it needs to seriously be adopted to a new home, and fast too.  The ruling can be read at the following link: Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments statue must be removed, state Supreme Court says.

According to The Satanic Temple spokesman, Doug Mesner (AKA, Lucien Greaves), TST agrees with the court’s ruling.  He mentioned, “The entire point of our effort was to offer a monument that would complement and contrast the 10 Commandments, reaffirming that we live in a nation that respects plurality, a nation that refuses to allow a single viewpoint to co-opt the power and authority of government institutions.”  Mesner then wrote in an email. “Given the Court’s ruling, TST no longer has any interest in pursuing placement of the Baphomet monument on Oklahoma’s Capitol grounds.”

The Satanic Temple first proposed its monument in the year of 2013, just a year after the privately-funded Ten Commandments statue was erected on the Oklahoma’s Capitol grounds, of course with the approval of the state legislature.  At that time, TST’s Baphomet monument promised a seemingly “public-friendly design” for its intentions that such a statue could become “an object of play for young children.”

The finished statue is now set to debut later this month at an “unveiling” party in Michigan.  TST will go ahead with the unveiling party, whether the statue has a possibility to find a new home or not.  “The unveiling, we feel, should now also be a celebration of victory in Oklahoma,” Mesner uttered.  And now, as for where the Baphomet might end up next, Mesner exclaimed that “Arkansas is looking rather appealing.”  Earlier, in this year of 2015, the Arkansas legislature approved a privately-funded monument of the Ten Commandments for its state’s capitol grounds.  Menser further then exclaimed, “There are plenty of areas in the United States crying out for a counter-balance to existing graven tributes to archaic Abrahamic barbarism.”

Monuments, like the one in Oklahoma, and the one proposed for Arkansas, can legally be very complicated.  In Gregorian 2005, the U.S. Supreme Court determined that a Ten Commandments monument, at the Texas state capitol, was constitutional, writing that, “A reasonable observer, mindful of history, purpose, and context, would not conclude that this passive monument conveyed the message that the State endorsed religion.”  However, in Oklahoma, the state’s high court rejected the altercation that the monument served a historical purpose.  The state constitution prohibits the use of public lands or funds to support a specific religion.  “The Ten Commandments are obviously religious in nature and are an integral part of the Jewish and Christian faiths,” the court’s decision read.  And it continues, “Because the monument at issue operates for the use, benefit or support of a sect or system of religion, it violates Article 2, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution and is enjoined and shall be removed.”  Indeed, the constitution must be protected and preserved, or no law is then sacred.

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As it is globally known, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.  How true is this when it is applicable to the two polarity of monuments mentioned above, that must now be removed.  We are at the turning point of a new space, a span of atheism, agnosticism and humanism, that is without religious and superstitious oppression.  And now with the new U.S.A. constitution of marriage equality and all, the superstitious God of religion that once ruled from the heavens above, has now resorted to a class citizen, remaining now within indoors for those who still believe and live in accordance to religious superstitions.  The God(s) of religions are no longer domineering the land(s) with scary tactics and machinations.  Her (religions; of both theocratic and satanic) waters are now running low and dry, and she no longer has global fearful manipulative influences among the people of the land.  Just as the theocratic God(s) of religions is dying, so is the satanic god:  Just as one must go, so is the other.  We have reached a space of godless span.  And it seems that the diabolical god, Satan the Devil, is not interested at all in saving its sanctuaries and worshipers.  Their houses (TST, and the Official online Church of Satan), and other concrete like satanic organizations, will soon become abandoned and utterly terminated, indeed, just like the Californian Black House (AKA, the first “Church of Satan”) that too was abandoned and demolished.  And now, Satan is not neither there, or neither here, to save them at all.  Where then is Satan?  Where then is their unhallowed god to come and save the day; to save the demise of their satanic way of life and worship?  In whom can they (the Satanists) confine in saving their freedom of satanic expressions?  First impressions are always the last impressions; and in accordance to historical facts on the rise and demise of the Californian Black House, the gods are then no exception to this rule as well.

This article is enkindled by Abby Ohlheiser’s article that’s based on the Satanic god for sale, who is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post.  Thank you, Abby.  🙂


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