The Start (18plus)

The Start…

Usually meaning the beginning for most people.  But to the few, it actually means the end before one can actually start anything, or something.  And it doesn’t necessarily mean new either; it can also mean anew.  Some people can start something new/anew every single day, like starting over—but even though something, or someone, can start over and over again, what might really may be happening is that, that something/someone that’s starting over and over is really just dying over and over, but without a concise ending—avoiding the evident end to finally end.

Some outsets are collective (like an initiation to a social collective institute; such as, churches and clubs):  And some onsets are divided (sort of, unique) when referring to a beginning that’s termed as an alpha—an official start before anyone else starts to follow it, and continues such a start as a successor(s).  And some starts are necessary to survive, while other starts are just unnecessarily desired.

To some people, a start is only a one time deal (like a star); while others, a multitude of deals (like fireworks).  Some beginnings are of origins of likenesses, while a few are like alien—that there is no two estranged starts that are the same.

But one thing for sure, where ever there is a start, there is also its ending (and that ending is always imminent): because, a start is determined as a start because of its ending: and, an end is determined as an end because of its starting.  So whenever you consider how is it that you like to start, you should also consider how is it that you like to end:  Because no matter what, the end is inevitable.

So, will you start like a star—long and enduring, and immutable…Or, will you start like a multitude of transient fireworks—self-deceiving of avoiding the inevitable end?



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