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This page of my website is for just miscellaneous writing—just to write what first comes to my psyche mind, from my automatic instinctive thoughts.  In order to get to these files, you won’t find any on this page: you’ll have to instead click on this page’s (Sabiwright) drop menu, from the menus above.

You can always leave comments to my “Sabiwright” posts.  And if you like, you can always request that some of your own writing “wrights” material be posted as well; and credits to your work will be noted.

All writing “wrights” posts are free of prejudice and discrimination—utterly diversified and inclusive—there are no exclusives unless exclusives are included as inclusive, and therefore, open to debates.

This is also a no conviction zone (all except for:  Child pornography of any supportive materialization, concept and ideologyany infant, toddler, child, teenage and adolescent nudity, in and of, any condoning references and manifestationsany sexual intercourse pictures of any nature, but not, referring to sole writing materialssuch as novels, playwrights, poems, etc.any self/live pornographic picture and videoany approval nature of bestialityany assisting relief of antiracial enmity, of any kind; unless, it is referred to as history and educating social resource(s); and, as a better understanding that’s not reinforced, but peacefully condemned and protestedany encouraging methods and suggestion of terrorism, of all formsany uphold in rebellious and apartheid groupies that’s politically and religiously antagonisticand any aiding and blessing in human and animal mutilation, and abuse).

All walks of legal adult genders (e.g., cisgender; transgender; agender) and sexual preferences (e.g., heterosexual; homosexual; bisexual) are welcome!  So nudity of full or partial natureof actual, drawing, caricature and comic natureand of homo-/hetero-/bi-sexual nature, is and are expectedbut the nature of pornographic advertisement and advocative is not permitted.  So if you’re 18 years of age, and under, you’re not permitted to view and become part of this pageSabiwright.  Parental supervision is advisable for you viewing and reading parents, and concerned families and adults.

Thank you, and enjoy; or be gratified.  Peace be with you all.

Verily yours, Sabiazoth.


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