My Extroverold Alien (more Crystallized)

To all of my followers, and readers, my mental active being has achieved a much more understanding of IT-self.  So much, that IT is going to have to rewrite many articles, and write more.  If my being seems that IT is more absent in its social media networks, it’s because there’s so much things to do.

My being may have to even delete many articles, so that IT itself can write them “anew,” instead of just rewriting them.  That’s how different this acknowledgment of my dividuality has clearly crystallized.  Now that my constructed mental active being clearly understands, that IT itself is not even of man, to then be considered as a human (of man), IT is more utterly as a definite humanoid (seemingly of man):  IT itself has acknowledged that my mental active being is of the hybrid species.  And not just any hybrid (e.g., an achieved scientific homogeneous hybrid experiments), but more of a mental heterogeneous hybrid (e.g., a hybrid composite of two different heterogeneous aspect and element, but not homogeneous in its mixture; remaining therefore, as a heterogeneous in its fusion).  Confused?  Not when my being will write an article about it.

It is a great and wonderful experience when one knows, in being, the structure of one’s own existential sentient soul (hybrid).  It’s great to be a heterogeneous hybrid species (humanoid, to others).


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Dispace, Dormicycle 28, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar North)]

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