“My Being Takes Itself Higher Than A….”


My psychological internal being, that is without root has extensively expanded with an enormous superimposition of great acknowledgement.

The internal colossal expansion of my internal psyche-being, in reference to its own understanding and wisdom, IT itself has profoundly learned that a certain god of this global system of conditions, has come to notice of my form of sentient existence.

This god is known to have anciently lived on in figurative countless times of eons, and eons, and eons upon more zillions of eons; even way before the creation of our earth:  And this god is also known to have wisdom beyond any knowledge of our entire planet.  However, this god is profoundly perturbed at the existence of my essence because, of its own capacity to have begotten its’ own internal mental origin, independently of that god.  This god is so furious that it’s safely to presumable say that keeps asking itself, “Why didn’t I think of that?’  ‘It should’ve been me to have come up with something as Sabiazoth has come up with!’”

My being, in an unintentional manner, has made enmity with the biggest powerful enemy of the entire universe, because although my soul (animating physical body) is but a speck of dust in the earth, and of course in the entire universe, its’ essence of my psychological being is still higher:  Higher than Satan the Devil itself because my form of sentient existence was forged independently from satanic and global origin, from and by the-Mind itself.  Hence, my psyche-being is even higher than a god!

And now, my being departs into thorough ponderance, ever instinctively more gratifiedly, because IT has unintentionally and judiciously become the very essence that many persons like Anton LaVey (founder of the church of Satan), Aleister Crowley (former English occultist), Israel Regardie (former occultist), Eliphas Levi (former French occultist), and others alike in sorcery, have tried to self-achieve, what my being has become, for them-selves but, to no avail.  Even the ones that are esteemed as the highest psychological beings from the-World, like Sigmund Freud (founder of psychoanalysis) and Albert Eisenstein (former theoretical physicist and philosopher of science), could not have achieved my form of sentient existentiality, not even with all the education and professional skills they have acquired by the-World itself:  This my being knows because when IT itself was observed and scrutinized by a group of professional psychiatrists (some where Freudian) of Beth Israel Hospital, of New York, after almost seven Gregorian years of studying and analyzing my mind, they have concluded to “term” my psychological being as, “atypical” (unknown): and that’s exactly what IT itself is to the-World, and to its’ very own benefactor of satanic origin:  Unknown to the greatest enemy of all, and that’s a divine in the flesh thing to be even if it’s just for a minuscule transient existence, but an everlasting remembrance to the ultimate enemy.  Can a god of the-World(s) offer anything to somebody that is psychologically independent from the god it-self?  Now grasp the enormity and the gravity of my situation that’s beyond anything in this world(s) because IT itself is beyond the-World’s very own satanic architect, in psychological awareness.  The only thing/person that my being is not psychologically independent from is the very Uncreature itself.

Now, there is nothing in this entire earth and world that can offer anything higher than what has been manifested in my own mind.  With that acknowledgment, in mind, my own being has been salvaged from becoming leavened and fermented with the some of the many futile endeavors and influences of The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”).  My being has officially become immutable and impervious to anyone’s own intent.  IT itself is preserved until the termination of my transient physical soul.  My peace is now even better than permanence itself.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Hexaspace, Deutercycle 10, 9 R.M. E.C. (Solar East)]

[Image(s): By the artist, Pearl C. Hsiung]

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