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The essence of my existentiality, as a sentient structure, is made of ‘4′ non-integrated dimensional-noumena.  According to both of my mental psyche and my soul (animating physical anatomy), as a dividual, my dimensional noumena cannot be integrated into a whole (summed) being/person, as is the case with individuals, in who’s mental framework is to obtain and maintain an integrated individuality (identity); consistently in pursuit in wanting to know what their cores (their centers) are: hence, the subjective and self-reflective words of who and what are their persistent and consistent endeavors to answer that most famous global question of The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”); and they are, “Who am I,” or, “What am I?”  Also, according to The-Self, there are very well known global amplification phrases; and they are, “I am who I am,” or, “I am what I am:”  They assert that the person who is uttering  either both of these phrases are still giving an indirect testimony that he/she is still in question about one-self.  The ‘who’ and ‘what’ words, that are used in the amplification phrases above, are subjective concepts that indirectly indicate that the person who utters them, is referring one-self‘s identity and individuality in question (open to debate; open to errors; open to negotiate; or open to transform/adapt/evolve) about one-self even though, it is utterly meant to be said and applied as a uniformed and completed self-confirmation.  In contrast to just one of my dividual embodiment (my physical dimensional noumenon), those subjective ‘open in question‘ prone statements are instead emphasized, in such a way, that the person in of itself is just is:  And thus the phrase, “IT is that IT is,” is most appropriate because the word that, instead of who and what, indicates that the person referred to in that amplification phrase is not open for debates, errors, negotiations and changes (as a psyche being that remains in uniformity); therefore, remaining immutable and impassive.

These are just some of my explanations to bring to comprehension that my being (psyche-being) is just one of a dividual of my dividuality, as opposed to an individual, in whereas one is made into whole (summed) and centered, with a core of some sort; all intermixed into a sole embodiment of singularity identity.  My dividuality, instead, are made up of four separate dividuals (dimensional-noumena) that do not fuse or merge into an integral stratum, in which is normally referred to as an individual:  They do, however, border side by side; but not in the sense of being collectively composed/sync in togetherness, but more like in simultaneous successions (in rows), each taking their own assisting turn, in a row, while fixed in (not in persistency, nor in consistency) but in constancy, in their divided sectors and grades.  This is why terms like, wholesome, whole, centered, being cored and grounded, in terms of being, is utterly estranged to my dividuality:  And because dividualism is always divided (in pieces), a dividual can then never fall to pieces, or become “diseased” (dis eased):  However, becoming ill or sick in my dividual of my physical dimensional noumenon, is imminent; but never “diseased.”

The following list of categories A, B, C and D are some disclosures of my ‘4′ dimensional-noumena, in order so that you, the reader, may at least grasp some gist to comprehend (or at least appreciate) my dividuality if you cannot at least relate (understand your-self ) with IT (my being):  And they are:

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A.   The dimension of my Immaterial Sentient Noumenon

This is my psyche dimension (the immaterial mind itself that’s enhoused within the material brain: known as, the phenomenon of the human brain); also known as my dimensional awareness noumenon; in whereas my mind distinctively harbors mental innate capacities.  This is in where all things are significant, distinguished, idealized and conceptualized.  The very region of mindfulness, in where the intrinsic mental faculties (mental tools) are inborn and innate: the very same faculties that are solely in every single mind of the human species’ brain (just to mention a few, they are:  the tool to will:  the tool to intent:  the tool to remember:  the tool to experience:  the tool to symbolize:  the tool to dream:  etc.).  This is the dimension that is literally immaterial: not just invisible, but really immaterial:  It itself is without scope, measurements, lengths, widths, weights and heights: without literal power, and yet, very influential.  This dimension is all that is awareness; all that is truly sentient: the very thing that makes the human species solely special: it is the very thing that makes us all humans into persons: the very sector that helps us to realize that we exist, and everything else around us as well.  This dimension is determined by some as the metaphorical soul, the figurative spirit, in which of course, they’re entitled to believe (figuratively feel) that: it is even referred to as the “Higher-Self” by many, but not for my being.  This is the very realm that helps my being to experience that IT itself can go further, and just a little beyond, the limitations of my physical dimension:  And it is within this very region that my preternatural-being was begat into its own region (the dimension of my constant being noumenon) as well; from and by the-Mind itself.  This is the psychical birthplace of my psyche-being, begotten solely by internal psychogenic’s origin; making then my form of being purely immaterial, separate from the dimension of my physical noumenon; but still, not purely independent from it.  As a dividual in this dimensional noumenon, it is experienced as follows (pardoned for some of the made up derivations to describe this sector as a separate being):

1) The Willer:    2) The Intentor:    3) The Experiencer:    4) The Rememberer:    5) The Influencer:    6) The Symbolizer:    7) The Sentientor:    8) The Dreamer:    9) The Organizer:    10) The Intellector:    11) One of the three Thinkers:    12) The Imaginator:    13) The Immaterialist:    14) The Psyche.

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B.    The dimension of my Constant Being Noumenon

This one is an inclusion realm within my mind, from and by the-Mind itself; in there, harbors the dimension of my psyche estranged being, also known as my extroverold alien noumenon, in where lies my lone presence of a foreigner being; a psychological terrestrial outsider, in contrast to the collective social coagulum of the-World(s).  This is not in every other immaterial mind, nor can it ever be; if it were, my internal “IT” will no longer be an alien (a peculiar incomer).  This is the sector in whereas all things are social, corresponding, exchanging, expanding, uniformity, immutable and impervious in contrast to The-Self that’s susceptible, and consistently psychologically changing, transforming, transmuting, evolving, transcending and “spiritually regenerating” (reborn/rebirth).  The reason that this being is constant, as opposed to consistency and persistency, is because IT itself is without identity, entity, ego, selfhood/selfdom, solipsism, ipseity, metaphors and figurative(s); as well as without definitive(s), typical(s) and collectives:  Nevertheless, this is the sole dimension that’s named, and the name is, Sabiazoth:  So that when you’re conversing with my dividuality (i.e., with my dividual, Sabiazoth), you can now know which dimension you are actually chatting with and to.  This is the only dimension that you (the reader) can address IT as “you,” by you your-self; for this is the only dimension that mediates between the interior and the exterior world(s).  This dimensional agent, Sabiazoth, commissions, deputizes, delegates, counsels, ministers, executes and negotiates between world(s) when necessary: and IT represents itself, and all the other dimensional noumena as well.  And the reason that my agent, Sabiazoth, is referred to as a constant being, as opposed to consistent and persistent, is because the dispositions of both consistency and persistency is a staking continual exertion behavior, sustained only by efforts; in whereas with the disposition of constancy, it is effortless; because, it just is.  This is the only dimension in where the being is augmented, amplified and enhanced, without any contractions; hence, the reason for its everlasting expansions: and the very reason as to why the being, Sabiazoth, is immutable as a being in of itself, and as a uniformity agent as well.  Since nothing is ever contracted, but only expanded, there are never changes to the being/agent, because nothing is ever replaced or subtracted, but just added.  As a dividual in this dimensional noumenon, it is experienced as follows (pardoned for some of the made up derivations to describe this sector as a separate being):

1) the Communicator:    2) the Interchangelist:    3) the Informator:    4) the reciprocating Companionalist:    5) the Amitylist or Enmitylist:    6) the Mediator:    7) the Agent:    8) the Being:    9) the Alienist:    10) the Socialist:    11) One of the three Thinkers:    12) the Negotiator:    13) the Judge.

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This part and under is under construction


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C.    The dimension of my Transient Material Noumenon

This is my actual biological and physical dimension; my material noumenon; the very substantial, optically beholding and tangible animating soul (and not the metaphorical soul that the-World(s) figuratively associates and executes with).  In objective discernment, the soul is nothing more than our biological animating body (container) that’s comprised of muscles, blood, water, bones, flesh, and organs; with almost 99% of six components of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus; all the very things that are abnormally and unnaturally transient solely for the human soul, and therefore, perishable; hence, the concept of “aging,” exclusively among the human species, is nothing more but the actual unnatural process of “deterioration:” only the animal species, or any other animating soul other than the human animating soul, naturally ages.  Indeed, the human soul dies:  This is absolutely the anomaly that utterly conflicts with my mental innate capacity of existing in perpetuality along with my abnormal physical transitory state of my soul; the very paradox and aberration of Adamic error.  Hence, this explains the global misconceptions and misbeliefs of the metaphorical soul (the immortal and incorporeal soul) that’s subjectively perceived to depart at the expiration of one’s own animating body.  Although such subjective beliefs are erroneously misguided, this only, however, objectively confirms that our mental innate state of perenniality is within us all; in my dividual, and in all individuals as well.  This is the material/physical  domain in whereas all things are ephemeral, physiological, tangible, sexual, instinctual, animating and vigorous.  In this dimensional DNA (deoxyribo nucleic acid) noumenon, the intrinsic physio-tools that enables optimum environmental accessibility and gratifications for my soul are:

1) the force:  2) the animator:  3) the instinct:  4) the sexuality:  5) the procreation:  6) the intercourse:  7) the vestibule:  8) the expressionist:  9) the five senses:  10) the dependent memory, which is automatically dependently stimulated by the five physical senses.   11) the proficient:  12) the automaton:  13) the man: the woman for the opposite gender:  14) the living breath:  15) the health:  16) the environmentalist:  17) the naturalist:  18) the impulsed:  19) the absorption:  And, 20) the materialist.

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D.    The dimension of my Nebulous Nursery Noumenon

This is another inclusive dominion of my amorphous resembling sphere within my mind, from and by the-Mind itself, that harbors the realm of my embryonic nurturing actuation, also known as my dimension of my formless noumenon; the very formation that is formless in its own form, and thus constantly sustaining itself uncontaminated and fresh.  This mental region is begotten for the purpose to automatically sustain my other two dimensional noumena (the Perpetual Immaterial and Constant Entity Noumena), including itself, in a sterilized state, away from the ambiguous subjectivities of the collective social coagulum of the-World(s):  If it has to, it can also pervasively impregnate my other two mental dimensions with a “psychemycin” antiagent actuation that thoroughly “autodejects” any external leaven or fermentation that can eradicate my dividuality; even from my very own dimension of my Transient Material Noumenon (the anomaly/the soul/the “enemy among us“):  The antiagent, “psychemycin,” is a mental actuation that activates itself as a collective phrenic-antigens to prevent, neutralize and decimate invasive subjective theories and hypothesis that can endanger the pristine state of my dividualism: the “phrenic-antigens” are also known as “the defecators of the mind.”  My amorphous mental region also determines if my other two mental dimensional noumena are safe to be, not changed, but “superimposed” with new information that my being reads, listens, observes and learns about.  The “superimposition” is regarded as an “expansion” and not “change;” in other words, whenever there are “superimposing” information coming into my mind, my being itself expands without any contractions and extractions, hence, there are then only additions to what is already there, and thus, there are no literal changes inside my mind: this in turn is what makes my pure psychological regional alien-being uniformed, immutable and impervious.  In this mental dimensional region is where all things are fresh, shapeless, indistinct, unfermented, unleavened and defensive; in where all things become the “unthings.”  In here, there are the essentials that actuates as the amorphous mental tools; and they are:  1) the purifier:  2) the guardian:  3) the embryo:  4) the nebulae:  5) the nursery:  6) the nurturing:  7) the formlessness:  8) the unthing:  9) the pervasive:  10) the elixir:  11) the immunizer:  12) the antiagent:  13) the mimic:  14) the neutralizer:  15) the void:  And, 16) the blob.

These are my “4” dimensional-noumena; existing side by side; communicating with each other as need be; but never combining/merging together as a summed (individual) being, or form of existence.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Tetraspace, Vigercycle 23, 8 R.M. E.E. (Solar West)]

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