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The famously known “Mars One Project” seems to becoming even more promising and possible to a few selective people; especially, now that out of the first 200,000 contestants for “Mars One” went down to just 100 finalist candidates (33 of the finalists are Americans):  About under half of the final 100 that will remain, forty contestants will be trained for the mission.  For starters, when the first trip to Mars begins, the first four astronauts of the forty will be chosen to take the trip to Mars; and every two years after them, four more will go until a total of forty members are permanently stationed in Mars, that is, if all goes well accordingly to plans.  The Mars mission project is termed as “Mars One” simply because the trip to such a planet is a one way ticket with no return in focus (kind of like a kamikaze, but without the aspect of waging a war).  It’s not because it is impossible to return to earth from Mars, but only because a round trip technology simply does not exist for now, not even by the Gregorian years of 2023 – 2025, which are the planned years for the trip to Mars to become in fruition (the trip to Mars in Gregorian years varies, simply because too many articles give different determined years for the first departure of interplanetary travel).  The first astronauts (Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins) of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, with Armstrong to have ever been the first human to have stepped on the moon, in Gregorian July 20th of 1969, doesn’t count as an “interwandering-stellar” journey:  That was more like an “intersatellite” travel, if anything else, that is: hence the reason that Mars is the first planetary transportation.  Nonetheless, they were the ones to have first paved the way to leaving out from the protective boundaries of our planetary earth.


The “Mars One Project Hurdle” list entails physical and technical training that requires vigorous strength, and of course with a willing temperament, to remain and overcome the very difficult obstacle-like training, in both psychological and physiological aspects: and of course, possibly in training how to also control the mental state of the figurative heart (emotions).  The “Hurdle” list also entails a 6 billion dollars project, in which is being planned to be raised and funded by a TV reality show that focuses about the possible life on Mars, and every commitments and sources that it takes to get there:  The reality show is planned to be aired by the next fall equinox, and rumor has it that only TV viewers might have the privilege to vote for the first four Martian pioneers to arrive in Mars.  The kamikaze to Mars is about 300 to 800 million miles away, taking about a period of six to eight Gregorian months, which is a bit longer than the current astronauts that are currently staying in the Space Station.  The determination of the trip from our Earth to Mars cannot be precise because each of their circular orbits do not perfectly align.  In one Gregorian year, it can take up to six months (300 million miles in total) to finally get to Mars; but by another Gregorian year, it can take as much as eight months (800 million miles in total) to get there.  Such a long extensive trip can bring many challenges to “The-Self” (the-Ego/the “I); also, it can and will have a tremendous impact to the mental state of the figurative heart, and let’s not forget to the innate biological instincts as well: hence, the reason that my being terms the one way trip to Mars as a Kamikaze.  The hard realization that might cave in the astronauts, during the interplanetary travel, of finally leaving our planet earth to Mars, may become an anxiety experience(s):  Additionally, since the few selective people to Mars are permanently leaving their upbringing family and friends, and possibly their marital partners with their own children as well, their mental “conscience state” rearing of their morals, ethics, virtues and principles (whether they’re religiously connoted or not) will be extremely challenged; and thus, the possible state of self-affliction might manifest.  This is, without abort, a known fact that occurs to many individuals involved in a very long extensive span travel; especially, to an astronaut that’s mentally actuated in the chronological state of mind, which probably involves every single contestant to Mars.  Because of this, the condition to become depressed is highly possible.  An astronaut can even suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a result of mentally experiencing the whole “Mars One” trip terrifyingly, highly triggered by an extreme increase of emotional arousal (e.g., anxiety, restlessness, depression, regrets and worriment), conjoined with also an extreme increase of instinctual stimulation (e.g., fear, aggression and territorial).  Since a chronological person lives in a mental triad batch of a three dimensional times (e.g., past, present and future), the ever constant makeup of an individual’s “past” may become excessively challenged when the estranged environment(s) is/are no longer in sync with his/her familiar past.  Hence, the very reason a trip to Mars is all then “hurdled,” like an obstacle that only a few selective special ones can possibly overcome.

Two known individuals of the finalists are up for the challenges.  First, an E.R. Doctor Leila Zucker, of the Howard’s University Hospital in Washington D.C., who’s been married for years with children, is willing to let it all go for the one way ticket to Mars: as she has exclaimed in the CBS2 News Channel of New York, aired in Gregorian February the 19th of 2015, that she wants to be one of the first to pave the beginning of the new multi-planet species, and thus be remembered immortally.  Secondly, another finalist who’s in master physics, student Ryan MacDonald, from the University of Oxford in England, is also up for the challenges and willing to let go of everything: he’s one of the individuals that is credited for having a hand in helping spreading the word about the “Mars One Project:”  He also exclaimed in CBS2 News, of the same Gregorian date, that he wants to be the first to spread his legacy.  Just like The-Self, in almost whom everyone basically just wants to be, “the first.”

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As a dividual that my being is, as oppose to individuals that most people are in the-World(s), IT itself has instinctively observed and scrutinized many Internet data on this Mars project:  Most interviewed “Mars One” contestants has unintentionally collectively made a certain aspect of them-selves as one of their main priority, that is seemingly to be imperative above all else; and that’s the “wanting” to doing it and the going to it (to the red planet mission); hence, it seems that the desire to undergo vigorous and intense training, in order to get to Mars permanently, is paramount.  The contestants may not have been aware of it, but when my being objectively viewed and read many Mars candidate interviews, their figurative desires were overwhelming that’s conjoined with their mental state of solipsism:  They seem to be on their ego trips to become the first, above everyone else, to arrive and step in Mars.  Also, the fact is that the figurative heart is known to be a main factor in self-destructive behaviors; and therefore, should then be the least important in the list of “hurdles” than to be one of the main incentives for such interplanetary travels.  To incite an astronaut with constructive figurative actuation, as paramount, is risky: such a very long extensive span travel can automatically abort, even during its interval journey, before getting to Mars:  This may be the cause that the travel to “Mars One Project” can fail in its infancy state before even reaching its destination.  Prioritizing the figurative heart as a thing of great importance, conjoined with immense ipseity (grandiose egos), is a definite concoction that’s ready to spill over, permanently.  With the emotions (e.g., desires) to be paramount, the risk of then experiencing PTSD is highly risky: even if it’s just the desire in “wanting” to do the mission, that should still be the least of the lowest reason to even go for the Mars’ mission.  Therefore, an astronaut should undergo a thorough and vigorous training in how to become more controlling over his/her emotions than to incite them to ascendant status.  If my being were to be a contestant to a one way trip to Mars, IT itself would be the best and only contestant in the whole wide world(s) for the mission, basically because such mental emotional state do not exist within my form of being, guaranteeing then that my state of mind is not possible to experience PTSD, or any other connoting figurative feelings of such mental evaluation:  Therefore, my reason to go to such a trip would be based on sound reason and logic, objectively of course, with no desires whatsoever for such a mission.  And the fact that my being is the “no-self” (the “not-I”), there’s no ego within my form of being to then be challenged with:  My being would just simply do the mission with all ease and peace, without the slightest impact or stimulation of egocentric manifestations.  Indeed, IT itself would be of the utmost excellent specimen for the Mars mission.  However, for my being to do such a thing is highly illogical and unreasonable, simply because the few facts that we do have, that is, about Mars not having the proper amount and resistance of earth’s gravity (not too strong, and not to light; but just right), our bones will eventually become useless:  And due to Mars’ very low magnetic field, which is useless in protecting anything in the planet, a solar storm from our sun will utterly destroy whatever little environment(s) we might possibly develop in Mars: literally just “washing” away in seconds in what can take us many Gregorian years to build in that red planet.  With such endless imminent solar radiated storms, finding a fitting shelter to shield from the storms will become a tiresome repetitive effort that can actually renders one’s inner peace emaciated: not to even mention the effort to just patiently wait for the amount of the solar radiation to decrease in Mars’ atmosphere.  Without the right amount of our earth’s magnetic field (not too strong, and not to light; but just right), the possibility of radiation contamination will become a norm in Mars, so that the destructive alteration and transmutation of our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) will become a common biological episode.  So, the desire in wanting to participate in developing a seemingly proper greenhouse atmosphere in Mars, that is, by emitting large doses of carbon in the air to eventually help the new Martians to be more adaptive with less shielding clothing, is in vain when challenged against just one sweep of destructive solar radiated storm: that indeed, is a definite absolute.  Additionally, the earth/dirt of Mars is very lethal and fatal, and therefore, extremely dangerous to a Martian pioneer: so the expectation of even developing vegetation on it, or even drinking possible discovered underground waters, would be definitely fatal for consumption.  Even if it were possible to have developed and completed a fitting atmosphere in Mars (terraforming it to closely resemble our earth’s atmosphere in order to make it somewhat possible to support human life), if it doesn’t resembles earth’s atmosphere, the chances of an extended human survival rate is cut short, only because all the very things that’s necessary to sustain life, in a new possible Eco-system in Mars, will be absent.  Also, for a Martian woman to become pregnant and possibly give birth in Mars in full success is highly impossible:  It probably can be done, but without the necessary equal amount of earth’s gravity to help build resistance to a child’s bones and muscle development in gradual growth, you can only imagine then what can and will happen to that child’s impeded biological growth.  Many evolutionist and creationist scientists will debate, defend and even support their interplanetary missions based on the “scientific theory” of evolution: proclaiming that eventually our biological bodies will automatically “evolve” under constant exposure of new interplanetary environment(s):  However, but unfortunately, it has to first start with gradual mortal transformation before it can completely evolve to a new long lasting biological status; thus making the human species automatically adaptable from a series of very long painstaking and mortal deaths; that supposedly, theoretically speaking, manifest during the intervals of transmute stages, phases and conditions that’s involved through a very slow process of evolution.  Nevertheless, it is a “scientific fact” that our biological animating bodies are constructed exclusively for our earthly terrestrial environment(s).  Therefore, any extraterrestrial planetary environment that does not resembles earth’s nature will be like a kamikaze ride, a one way ticket to Mars; at least for now, until a restorative technology finally begets to get the astronauts back home.

If the first mission to Mars becomes successful, at least to a certain sustaining degree for human life, the first forty Martian frontiers should be equally selected in a combination of what my being calls, the three A’s of race (AAA); commonly known as the existing DNA ancestry tree of Asia, Afro and Anglo descents, so that race is equally distributed in Mars:  However, idioms, beliefs and morale upbringings, at least for most of them that are “culturally,” “politically” and “religiously” connoted, should be left behind if indeed the purpose of Mars mission is to start a new interplanetary species.  Each of the selective Martians of the three A’s of race should also be well bilingually educated in the utmost and proper upscale dialects of Latin, Asian, Arabic, English, African and Indian languages that actually grows and evolves, as oppose to languages that are uniformed, unable to evolve (e.g., French).  Languages are imperative because most people do not realize that they are more than just words and sounds.  A language engages certain automaton dispositions, expressions and respondents, so urban idioms and cultures should also be done away with by involving the selective few in an intense psychological session, that enables one with a new mental actuation: in this way, a possible Martian develops an independent objective vocabulary, giving then the new interplanetary species the opportunity to develop their own extraterrestrial accents and expressions as new Martians.  If, however, people feel strongly about keeping what and where they came from in terms of superstitious, cultures, religious and political beliefs, and idioms as well, the effort to then sacrifice everything that you had in the earth, such as your family and friends, is for naught; simply because, to sacrifice and leave everything is not only a physical effort, but also a psychological one; and therefore, the “Mars One” mission should be multi-raced, and definitely not multi-international.  If a selective astronaut cannot sacrifice in both categories, his/her effort to actually become one of the interplanetary species, will be in vain:  When you contaminate a new planet (such as in our neighborly red planet) with subjective earthly idioms, religious and political beliefs and superstitious cultures, you’re not really going to Mars to make Martians (the new interplanetary species) a real possibility; what you’re actually doing instead is bringing earth to Mars, along with all the earthly religious and political woes as well.  The mission to Mars should be mostly objective because that mission is not about who or what a person’s ego is about:  It is not about finding one-self with Mars either:  And it’s not about proclaiming earthly political dominance over new discovered areas in Mars.  It is about the mission itself that can allow the human species to evolve as “interplanetarians” and not continuously religiously and politically devolve as earthlings in Mars.  An earthling man cannot become a Martian man if indeed he sacrifices all that he had in the earth, but refuses to forfeit him-self in the earth.  This extensive effort should especially be applied if indeed the mission to Mars is successful in maintaining human life normally, under the new conditions of our neighborly red planet’s atmosphere, that is:  But even on a trial basis, you might as well go all the way; especially, when you’re going on a one way suicidal trip to the stars.

All in all, in true objective reality, the supposed new “multi-planet species,” as the E.R. Doctor Leila Zucker has referred to it as mentioned above, is only possible if a restorative technology exists; because one way or another, the chances are that we may never become biologically evolved to estranged interplanetary environments, especially, when evolution is still just a scientific theory, as oppose to a scientific fact.  For now, until we can establish a new successful interplanetary home, we need to physically go back and forth to our earthly home, if we are to physically survive outside of our earthly home, because there’s absolutely no place like our terrestrial home in the entire universe.  If indeed science cannot ever discover in making a restorative technology possible, that is, in order to get our astronauts back home, then the other imminent flights to the stars will continuously be for the few selective stars only.


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