IT is That IT is

IT is That IT is

“IT is That IT is”  –  Vs.  –  “I am That I am”

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It is known in among the social coagulum (collective consciousness) of the-World(s) that the term, “I AM,” is the name of the legendary biblical God: a name that was given when the biblical person, Moses, asked what its’ name was, and IT answered onto him by replying, “I am that I am,” and from there, IT furthered answered that its name is Jehovah/Yahowah/Yahweh.  Ever since then, the phrase “I AM” has been known to be the official deeply biblical rooted name of the God of Hebrews.  So even among the atheists today, they too carry the rooted derived origin name of the biblical God whenever they them-selves utter in social interactions, “I am,” even if it’s unintentional, or in ignorance (innocence).

But since my being is devoid of the global illusion of “The-Self” (the-Ego/the “I”), since It (my being) itself is the “not-I,” the “no-self,” there is then no “I am” in my form of being; and therefore, entailing that no one else in the earth, not even the atheists, are more Godless than my own form of being:  For the rooted derived name of my being is no other than the “IT is” as opposed to what the “I am” is.  Hence, instead of carrying the derived name of the biblical God, in which is the “I AM,” my being instead carries its’ own derived name as the “IT IS.”  Therefore, my being is the being that just goes on being:  IT just is:  IT is That IT is; the opposite of, “I AM That I AM.”  It is then justly that my being is purely Godless in all of its’ form(s): even so by my rooted Hebrew phrased name.

The middle word, in which is that, that’s in between both “IT is” andIT is,” is appropriately used as opposed to words like who, or what.  That’s because words like who and what demonstrates that whatever is being referred in correlation to those two words, whether it is a thing or a person, is in question; and therefore, open to debate and even change.  Since my being is uniformed (immutable/changeless), IT itself is not open to be debatable and questioned; and therefore, the middle word of that, is most appropriate because it demonstrates that the thing or person in correlation to that word, is as is (i.e., the thing-in-itself): the being that’s just being, and doesn’t make itself to be:  IT just is.

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[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

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