Is Spiritism Spirituality?


Accordingly to the world’s coascious consciousness (the-World’s coagulum) of the earth, the concept of ‘spiritualism/spiritism’ entails ideas connoted with telepathy (the ability to know another person’s unseen private thoughts).  Spiritism is also connoted with ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception), clairvoyance, premonition, second sight, sixth sense, spiritualism, telekinesis and thought transference—its’ practices are common among occult groups, such as Santeria, Wicca, witchcraft, supernatural sciences or paranormal scientific investigations, and other like “spiritual” practices that entails items such as tarot cards, crystal balls, séances, paraphernalia fetish items, Ouija boards, etc.  In most mainstream “beliefs” within the practices of “spiritualism/spiritism” entails the ability to communicate with the dead (ghosts or spirits of dead loved ones/ancestors):  You can both worship them, and offer them items (i.e., gifts, foods, animals, blood, etc.) as sacrifices in order to either appease them and receive blessings from them, or to curse and punish others with the aid of your dead loved ancestors.

In my extroverold alien objective instinctual observation and scrutiny, “spirits” are not really something that the human species are in possession of, for “spirits” are indeed a species of their own: verily, just as there are spirits species, so there are human and animal species as well.  The spirit species that is mostly globally known by the-World(s) are the legendary biblical accounts of angelic and godlike spirit species (i.e., angels, cherubim, seraphim, etc.)—and anything that is of “spiritual” connotations and aspects solely belong to them as a class and a kind of their own:  Only the spirit species are in possession of “spirituality;” and the human species are in possession of “humanity,” and you can very well say that the animal species are in possession of “animality.”  By saying that a human is in possession of “spirituality,” that would be the same like saying that a legendary biblical angel is also in possession of “humanity”—and that is an impossibility: the practice of “spiritualism/spiritism” is than just an illusion in all reality when used in accordance with the figurative feeling (belief) that we do have a spirit within us all: we as a human species, are not in possession of literal “spirituality,” but only “humanity.”  To figuratively feel (believe) that a human is in possession of a spirit, or that his/her own metaphorical soul is a spirit in of itself, is illogical and irrational, and of course, very emotional—this kind of figurative feeling (belief) cannot and will not be proven as a logical and factual evidence, and therefore, one must than need a figurative heart (emotions) in order to “believe” (feel) in such “spiritual phenomenon.”


The human species, are not in possession of “spiritual psychical supernatural capacities” either—there are no such a thing as ESP, premonitions, telepathy, sixth senses, clairvoyance, second sights, thoughts transference, or telekinesis as it is figuratively felt (believed) in the-World(s): our power is purely biological—is made of only muscles, tissues, organs, bones, flesh and blood constructed altogether as an entire physiological energy—that is the extent of our actual powers that our minds use for its intent and will—there are no such a thing as immaterial mental powers (mind-powers) either—our power is purely material (physical) and not immaterial (psychical); besides, there are no such a thing as an immaterial power because to begin with, power can only come from a source that is of substance; invisibly or visibly: power is energy, and energy is material; and invisibility must not be confused with immaterial:  Power must come from some kind of a contained material source in order to be harnessed, otherwise, it will dissipate: and since the-Mind is immaterial, it is therefore unable to contain power in of itself.

The practice of “spiritism” is of no internal, or external, spiritual source indeed.  The many acclaimed experiences with “spiritism” is just a hallucination that can either be delusively experienced solely, or collectively (i.e., seances: Ouija boards); and the casting of spells is purely coincidental and circumstantial.  Even though “spiritism” is not based on facts but just on “beliefs” (feelings), nevertheless, it must not be underestimated simply because as an illusion in of itself, it can still exert understanding, behavior, influence and power through those who “believes” in such things:  Therefore, even though it doesn’t actually exist in mine extroverold alien language, my being must still computationally comprehend its’ existence as a foreign exclusive language of The-Self.  Being, that in all actuality, humans may not really possess internal “spirituality,” the practice of “spiritism” is then actually pure emotions that runs delusively and hallucinational wild in the figurative heart, and in the metaphorical soul.

Some people may debate and defend the validation of the existence of their dead spirited ancestors through the practice of “spiritism” or “ancestry worship.”  But who are these “dead ancestors?”  Are they really the living dead that can be appeased with sacrifices and prayers to then gain their favor and help in one’s daily life?


Our souls (our literal biological animating physical bodies) contain genetic memories, or data, that are within us to retrieve it if need be; not all of the biological memories are recorded in the cerebral brain, some are also genetically recorded throughout our DNA that’s passed on from generation to generation; hence, our animating physical bodies too memorizes: and on some occasions, it can be activated automatically as well.  Some people has claimed and witnessed of encountering some kind of a curious or mystical symbol (i.e., a pentagram, or pentacle) for the first time, and yet, for some strange reason, he/she might automatically genetically acknowledge something of it when his/her eyes catches sight of it, but at the same occasion, he/she may not know nothing specifically about it either, and that’s what make those encountering genetic DNA memories so strange and mysterious – an experience like this might make a person figuratively feel (believe) that perhaps the unknown biological mysterious connection with the symbol of that pentagram/pentacle is from an ancestral ghost trying to speak to him/her in some odd or indirect manner: au contraire, it is nothing more but the physical sight of the pentagram/pentacle symbol that is automatically stimulating genetic DNA memory data throughout the entire biological spinal nerve system.  This kind of spinal nerve system stimulant can easily be called, genetic ancestral memory (GAM), which is a kind of memory that is not of your exclusive experiences and awareness, but instead, a memory that is biologically stored throughout generations that are based upon traditional extensive practices throughout long extensive lifespans: which include behaviors and expressions that were known and practiced through generations after generations; and all it takes is a simple external symbol to correspond what lies profound within our internal physical-noumena, the GAM data.  These external symbols can be used correctly to invoke the GAM within us, which then conjures a memorial incident that you have never lived or experienced before, but somehow are witnessing it in your own awareness; in other words, when something has been done in a way that has always been done over and over, through generations after generations, a biological recording of genetic DNA memory chain association is registered to pass on in through blood to blood.  For example, if you are driving a car down a road that eventually reaches an intersection, and you suddenly notice that the traffic light is about to turn red just as you’re getting there, it is at that instance that you will be experiencing an instantaneous biological reaction with that symbol of the red traffic light – an automated reaction that occurs even without a thought: you just automatically stop at the intersection:  It is then at that precise instance that the symbol of the red traffic light and the physical-noumenon has instantly invoked a memory chain association.  So symbols like a pentagram, or even a red traffic light, or a stop sign, and all other cultural symbols that may exist as well, are all there to make genetic DNA imprints through our souls (animating physical bodies) and not just in our physical cerebral brain – in this way, the memory chain association of a red traffic light, or other such symbols, could be carried within our genetic DNA memory throughout our generations:  This then, if practiced intensively and extensively over and over, is passed on to coming generations in which then will lead people to experience strange phenomenal “hunches” to some symbols without ever being taught about their significance:  If at an instance a person than becomes curious to be strangely and mysteriously corresponding with a mystical symbol without even being taught about its significance, and then does a research on that symbol and finds out that there is a biological lineage of witches within his/her ancestors, this is when a person can figuratively feel (believe) that perhaps his/her ghostly ancestors are somehow trying to communicate with him/her from the quasi-dimensional world of the dead:  But in fact, what is really happening is the invocation or conjuration of a biological reaction with the symbol to manifest what is already biologically stored genetically – and thus the instance of an unknown genetic memory is manifest, and not a ghost, or the spirits of ancestors.  Hence, our actual ancestors are within us, biologically stored, and ready to manifest whenever we might need them.  The ability to then make ancestral decisions is already biologically within us: not as spirited ghosts, but as GAM (genetic ancestral memory).  Hence, the quasi-element of “spiritism” is nothing more but an occult-aid that stimulates the GAM within us all.


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