Imperfection Is Perfection


Most people, with the mental disposition of The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”), are always in search of their idealistic “perfect” intimate companion.  For most people, their ideal perfect mate would be someone who’s mostly a reflection of the very one who’s in search of that perfect other:  In other words, when The-Self is wishing for someone who’s characteristically detailed in advance, those predetermined details usually are nothing more than the self-reflection of The-Self itself that’s in wanting; and therefore, as a result, he/she that is self-reflecting with him/her-self unto the other potential intimate companion, will not be able to give the other individual the opportunity to be truthfully known, in all actuality.  In an intimate relationship/companionship that’s predetermined by self-perceptions will only result in splitting figurative painful senses (e.g., for those who are in possession of the figurative heart, emotions, one will love the other while the other who is loved is only loving him/her-self instead of reciprocating the love given because, the one who thinks he/she is reciprocating is only returning that love to a reflection of his/her own-self, and not to the actual person who is giving genuine love to him/her):  A predetermined intimate relationship/companionship, by one party, will solely result in nothing more but a pseudo-affair, in which nothing but figurative pains will manifest to hurt each party psychologically, and others around them as well (e.g., families; friends; etc.):  And a predetermined intimate relationship/companionship, by two parties instead, will solely result in a far more worse condition because neither can see each other for whom they really are.  It is far more better to be open minded and welcome the estranged and unfamiliar character traits, than to be closed minded by self-reflecting predetermine character traits unto someone else.


Perfection is idealistic, in whereas, imperfection is realistic.

Perfection is self-reflecting, in whereas, imperfection is reflecting.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

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