Idiology (what Is It?)


idiology (ē – dee – ŏ – lŏ – jee, noun)


  • The science of individuality/individualism.
  • The study of the mental disposition of The-Self.
  • The branch of egoism; of selfdom; of oneness.
  • The behavioral science of a composited person (an entirety entity).
  • The mental disposition of being compounded of many divided aspects.
  • The knowledge of the ego, of The-Self and of individualism.
  • The “oneness science” as a “whole person.”
  • One with all, and all with one: One in all, and all in one.
  • The behavioral science of actuating as a puzzled, paradoxical, complexed and perplexed state-of-mind person.
  • The behavioral science of The-Self actuating as a supposition concept (trial; hypotheses; theory; thesis) in application and understanding.
  • The science of psychologically evolving and changing in The-Self.
  • The behavioral science of The-Self possessing inner differential ages, intervals and genders (e.g., the inner child: or, the woman within a man’s body).


Related forms


i-di-ŏ-lŏ-gic, adjective

i-di-ŏ-lŏ-gi-cal, adjective

i-di-ŏ-lŏ-gi-cal-ly, adverb

i-di-ŏ-lŏ-gies, plural noun

i-di-ŏ-lŏ-gist, noun (an expert in idiology, who studies the anatomy of individuality).

i-di-ō-ma-ni-a, noun (a madness for individuality: narcissist; egocentric; etc.).

i-di-ō-phy-sis, noun (mentally disposed of multiple self-states: alter-egos; bipolarity; identity crisis; etc.).

i-di-ō-sys, noun (individuality, as being complexed, doubtful, puzzled and broken form of existence).

i-di-ō-a-sys, noun (individuality, as being whole, integrated, complete and entire form of existence).




Aspaty: Heptaspace, Holocycle 24, 5 R.M. E.E. (Solar North)

Gregorian: Jan. 29, 2011

ENG idiology.


Word Origin & File



Aspaty 5:  Gregorian 2011.  From Modern ENG, idiology: from idio (G. prefix idio- meaning, “individual, The-Self, the ego; of one’s own”) + logy (G. suffix –logy, or –ology meaning, “science or study of”).  Combined, the word entails the concept of, “Science of Individuality:” or the “study of The-Self” (the ego and individualism).  Idiology is the science of a compounded, or a composited, state-of-mind kind of person who feels like a whole (“summed-up”) entire entity.  Concepts, such as wholeness, summation, completeness, entirety, aggregation, totality, undivided, solidarity, assemblage, ensemble, integration, individuality, wholesomeness, collectiveness, conglomeration and oneness, applied as a behavior and understanding, is an indication that his/her mind is formed in the disposition of idiology.  The branch of idiology is also the study of individuality that’s behaviorally connoted with complexities, difficulties, confusions; complications; confoundedness; disconcertedness; obscurities; perplexities; uncertainties; and doubtfulness as an “oneness entity;” hence, the science of idiology is purely idiosyncrasy.  Although there is much pleasure and satisfaction from being an individual, there is also displeasure and dissatisfaction as well—they’re known as the pros and the cons of idiology.

As indicated in the above “related forms” category, the several following derivations of the Greek prefix “idio-” are, idiosys (a complexed and perplexed form of individual), in which there are no pros, just cons:  In the derived term of idioasys (a complete and integrated form of individual), there are no cons, just pros:  The derived term of idiomania (a narcissist and egocentric form of individual) is mostly just cons, not pros:  The derived term of idiophysis (a multi self-state form of individual) entails a person who consistently changes in between self-states (e.g., alter-ego; bipolar; identity crisis; etc.), in which can either be a con, or a pro—when the changes are too frequent, this usually entails an identity crisis behavior (e.g., outlandish trend and behavior; barbaric looks; excessiveness in tattoos; usage of multiple oversized jewelries at once; almost revealing clothing that revolts the social global norm and denotes rebelliousness; and excessive possessions of exotic items/animals that are dangerously fatal—these are excessive behaviors that cries out for differences and uniqueness by which possessing an identity that rebels against the constricting social standards.  All in all, idiophysis entails behaviors and mannerism of rebelliousness towards the collective social norm of the-World(s).


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