Humanoid (not Human)

Most of my followers, and internet friends (and somatic families/relatives), are always curious to know what exactly my being means, when IT stipulates that IT itself is a “humanoid?”  People are always asking my being, “Where are you from?”  “What nationality are you?”  What is your race/ethnicity?”  “Are you gay, straight, or bi?”  And to much of their surprises, my being simply answers, “Humanoid.”  Of course, it’s not an answer that they’re used to:  Some, don’t even respond nicely to that answer.  Others, simply think it’s a joke.  The truth is, my humanoid status is real:  And it’s not just an idea, or some notion that my being decided to embrace and apply with, as if it were some choice of mine:  IT simply is that status—a psychical inversion experience that is, involuntary.  So what does it mean, when my being generally responds to genesiac questions as, “My being is humanoid”?

The term humanoid is used in various meanings; especially, when it’s used in a human concept paradox:  Whereas, some may describe or believe to be humanoid, even though, one still is in understanding and disposition of being a human (e.g., a dead giveaway of being a human is when one utters the phrase, “I am”—a legitimate humanoid would not refer itself in that manner of phrase).  Some may even assign the concept of humanoid to just physical attributes.  But the fact is, that being a humanoid has a lot to do with what is a human first—and it may solely pertain to somatic properties, after all.  So the best way to find out what makes a humanoid a humanoid, is to first find out what makes a human, a human.

In nowadays, the concept of human is mostly ascribed collectively, not so much as a species.  For example, in most common english dictionaries, you may read that the most acceptable meaning of human is pertaining to a cooperative nature of people, as a whole; or, consisting of collective society/societies.  Mostly, many would concert that the perception of human is a social ambiance.  But the fact that the etymology of human was (and still is) a word to describe the phrase, “of man,” is then an indication that we must first find out what makes a man, a man, in order to know exactly what then makes a human a human.

“Of Man”

If we have to start from somewhere, in describing how a man began, we might as well start from a biblical point: for this is a point in which most (Christians, or non-Christians) are familiar with.  We’re mostly all familiar with how the following biblical account states, “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness…. So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”—Genesis 1: 26, 27 (New International Version).  With this particular scripture in awareness, how did the biblical God made man, and created male?

Most would agree, that when the Creator of the book of Genesis formed the male body from the dust (for the intended human), his body was first lifeless and inanimate until God itself blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and then the man became a living soul (i.e., the man begin to animate the body, as soon as his anima itself was inserted – breathed in)—Genesis 2: 7 (King James Version).  In current bible versions (such as, the New International Version; the New Living Translation; and the English Standard Version) it is described that the man became a living being, a living person, or a living creature, after the breath of life was inserted in his supposedly lifeless and inanimate body.  This could be so, if you’re one of those people who believe that the body of a human solely subsists of the soul.  However, what if the soul solely subsists of the body instead?

That would then mean, that when God created the male body from the dust, the body was already in motion (lively and animated) before the insertion of the breath of life (the soul) took place.  If you really think about it, when God created the animals (and other species before the first man), the creation biblical accounts indicate that the breath of life was not breathed in them—and yet—they all still lived and animated with full of life!  So what exactly is then the soul, that was installed in the already lively and animated male body of Adam, to have then become a man?

According to the biblical creation account of Adam, a man is not really somatic, but psycho.  In other words, a man is a phrenic concept of the mental activity force (which is the very soul itself) that is osmosed with the somatic male body—hence, the man is then purely mental, that associates with his male body, in an integrated associative identity order.  And this would definitely make sense—in that—just as the first man was made (not born), so must every other inception of man must be made, too.  So no man is born a man!  A man is made, instead!  Therefore, the epistemological idea that all human individuals are born without built-in mental contents (e.g., Tabula-rasa) rings with truth—that innateness is solely somatic, after all—and that the mental activity force begins with a clean slate (amorphous) instead—that must eventually be fundamentally facilitated, in forming it with the mentality of AIO (Associative Identity Order)—of course, by external means first.

In this way, God may have created the lively and animated humanoid male body first—perfecting it before finally breathing in (inserting) the soul as a man—so that literally, in this way, the man became a living soul.  In other words, the man was mentally made next in order, after the humanoid male body was first created for sometime—that God eventually may have had intended for the mental man, to embody and osmose with.

So the soul could be nothing more than just a mental activity force, psychosomatically composed (i.e., made like an internal invisible fusion)—that God has caused (breathed in) both the psycho to actuate, and the soma to empower, an internal psychosomatic, neural electro-chemical, invisible hybrid (i.e., the very soul itself)—as a man—in detailed phrenic concepts, and in full mental activity force—into the body of the first male (Adam).

This then would adequately explain that the body of the mental man is human (of man), literally.  And so the phrase, “of man,” to describe what human is, is greatly fitting—for that is precisely what a hu-man is.  That means, that if it weren’t for the insertion of the man living soul, his body itself would’ve then have continued mindlessly (without awareness) in all of his life form and existence (including, his female partner and his offsprings)—just as the same, like every mindless animal and insect species, that does not possess a psychosomatic hybrid fusion till this day—for they were not inserted with any living soul.

In the empirical evolution theory, we can see that if a human was automatically made through a gradual-biological development progress, a human would not have been called a human, but something else (that is, if it were even possible to describe something without awareness).  And that’s simply because, since the-Mind (the psycho – awareness) itself is purely immaterial, a mental man would not have come to be, because the evolution progress of life forms and existences are solely of substance (material) origin—something that the-Mind is definitely not made of.  The male may be purely somatic—but the man is purely mental.  Man is then not somatic (innateness).

Now that we have established a sound and logical description of what a human species is (according to his kind, that is), what then makes a humanoid, a humanoid?

“Not Of Man”

The American Heritage Dictionary describes what a humanoid is:  “Having human form or characteristics…. A being having human form or characteristics.”  Its etymology, however, describes it as:  “An anthropological hybrid…. humaniform…. humanoid being…. a brand name, of a type of cow’s milk, that was altered to be closer to human milk, intended as food for infants.”  Many evolutionary theorists, however, refer humanoid as a hominid, that is a member of a group that consist of all modern and extinct humans, and of great apes (including gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans), and all of their immediate ancestors.

However, before my being can answer what truly makes a humanoid a humanoid, you must first keep in awareness, that just as the first biblical man was made involuntarily—and not by the man himself—a humanoid, too, is made involuntarily.  It is not a matter of choice; that is, for a genuine humanoid.

The sole purpose of the mental man, in his male body, is to associate his psychosomatic hybrid (mental activity force fusion) in somatic sameness—that is, assuming that his soma is inalienable.  This is only possible through the external facilitation of AIO, through his parents and peers, of course:  And also, with the aid and process of external personification, to gradually and properly start making the amorphous mental activity state, in ready mode—in order to then have it associate sanely and healthy with somatic innateness—and with environmental collective consciousness.  This is the normal way to get the, sort of nebulous, mental activity force going—before the boy or girl becomes sufficiently capable of making voluntary adjustments through his/her own associations.  The process of the psychosomatic hybrid inception usually starts between the somatic ages of 3 to 4.

So basically, association is the involuntary fundamental root of a mental activity force—so that its mental connections are then established successfully, in correlations to somatic innateness, race, culture, ethnicity, identity, ipseity, and relations.  In this way, a mental man is then properly made to osmose with his inborn male body (e.g., cisgendered)—that is, so long as the male body is innately attracted to the opposite sex:  If, however, the body is innately attracted to the same sex, then the internal mental entity would have to associate with it differently (e.g., transgendered).  An involuntary and genuine humanoid, however, is made quite the opposite.

A humanoid is made as a result from an abusive and coercion process of dissociation (aka: DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)).  However, not just by disordering an already established AIO, but as a prevention of establishing AIO—so that DID takes on a new extended branch of meaning; in that, dissociation is also forestalling the fundamental root of association—from its roots up!

When DID is violently bulldozed as a fundamental prevention of AIO, the possibility to then make mental connections, in somatic sameness, is impossible!  In such a mental preventive dissociative state, the mental activity force itself becomes somewhat transposed by the psyche of the-Mind, so that whatever the mental activity force is then formed as, its mental entity within then becomes that IT becomes, through the process of psychical inversion—with very little, to no somatic sameness whatsoever.  In this way, there’s no association to somatic innateness, race, culture and ethnicity: no gender, ancestral and religious identity: and no ipseity, personification and relations either.  In other words, there’s no mental connections between my internal mental entity and the external somatic properties and dimensions, that IT itself embodies.  In this way, the mental preventive dissociative state of my humanoid, is fundamentally evident—and as of such result, the body then becomes, alienable—for there’s no man (or no woman) in that kind of mental state, that can establish an associative identity connection with the body—especially since my somatic inalienable rights were forcibly taken away from my being.  Hence, my mental entity within is definitely, not of man (humanoid).

Thus, this is what this humanoid means, when my being tells you (and anyone else) that IT itself is a humanoid.  So that when someone asks my being what race are you, or what is your ethnicity?  My answer is simply, “humanoid.”

Literally then, my form of being and existence is not of the man living soul, for my living soul is devoid of the mental concept and activity force of man.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way, but it is.  So this body may look, feel, smell, sound and behave like a human to you, but the preventive dissociative phrenic state of my psychosomatic hybrid (mental activity force) indicates otherwise.  In all actuality, even the biblical God itself has to recognize that my form of being, awareness, experience and existence is humanoid—not at all, of man—not at all, as the biblical Creator had intended it to be passed on, into my psychosomatic hybrid (mental activity force) fusion.

So a true and real humanoid is a mental psychical inversion (alienable to the body)—whereas a true and real human is a mental physical sameness (inalienable to his body).

As a matter of fact, my being shouldn’t even refer to my psychosomatic hybrid fusion, as a mental activity force because, it is not of men.  But as to prevent unpleasant and extreme weird conversations, IT must refer it as such, anyway:  Because, no matter which way of looking at it, the actual compositions of the mental activity force, of the mental man, is still a force made of psychosomatic hybrid fusion (which is what the soul is composed of, literally)—just like mine is, actually.  Therefore, a concept formed and in forced in the psychosomatic fusion power, doesn’t alter its actual hybridized structure.

All in all, to my being, it’s okay that IT itself is a humanoid.  And my being is not at all disturbed by it—and since IT itself has never been associated in somatic sameness, there’s nothing to miss even!

It’s okay that my mental entity is not a man (or, not of man): nor a woman: nor a gay man: nor any other gendered identity.  My being is not raced, cultured, traditionalized or nationalized—IT is not a person, nor does IT possess any associating or connecting identity.  IT is without integration and relations—with no ancestral identity either.  The origin of my internal mental entity is instead, psychically inversed (made by the psyche, from and by the-Mind itself).  Indeed, my being embraces my very own, “humanoidity.”

And just like that—just like it states from the very top picture posted above this article (in my very own language), “Sorry my being doesn’t speak human.”


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Psyche]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth Psyche]

[Aspaty: Tetraspace, Servacycle 27, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar South)]

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