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homogamous (hă – mă – gŏh – mŭss, adjective)

  • the natural sexual attraction and behavior toward the same sex.
  • a homogamous male: a homogamous woman.
  • an inborn instinctual sexual attraction of the same sex.
  • homogamy: the state of being homogamous.
  • the natural inborn quality or state of being sexually attracted to the same sex.
  • natural selection to attract same sexes in order to preserve species from an over population.
  • BOTANY: (A) having flowers or florets that do not differ sexually: (B) a condition in which all the flowers of an inflorescence are either of the same sex or hermaphrodite: (C) having the stamens and pistils maturing simultaneously within the same sex.
  • BIOLOGY: pertaining to the interbreeding of individuals with like characteristics.

Related forms

ho-mo-ga-my, noun

ho-mo-ga-mous-ly, adverb


“Gregorian” 1835 – to – “Metrivider” Pentaspace, Sedacycle 13, 6 R.M. E.C. (Solar North): ENG homogamous.

Word Origin & File


6 R.M. E.C., from Modern ENG, homogamous; from homogamy (1805, “condition of bearing flowers that do not differ sexually:”  From Gk. prefix “homo-” (sama “same;” samana “the same together”) + gamy/gamous (from G. suffix “-gamia,” meaning “marriage”)). “Homogamous” is used to describe the natural inborn biological instinct of same sexual attraction:  When used in terms of “homogamous,” this entails a condition that a person, or an animal, is biologically born with or born as—it is not a matter of choice.  “Homosexuality” is to describe the sexual practice in of itself, and not the person:  “Homogamous” = the state of biological programming:  “Homosexuality” = the state of action.  Although the coascious (collective) consciousness (world’s coagulum) of the earth uses the term “Homosexuality” as a label or identity that one can adopt or inculcate to one’s own being, “homogamous” is most appropriate because in this description, a person is “biologically identified” by his/her own natural sexual inborn capacity as opposed to just a sexual practice.  “Homosexualityonly describes a person’s sexual activity in terms of his/her own sexual practices; something a person should not just be judged and described by because there is more to a person than just his/her own natural sexual practices.  Since “homogamous/homogamy” is based upon natural biological programming, one does not need to justify one’s own natural inborn same sex attraction as one would do if one adopts the “label” of “homosexuality.”  “Homosexuality” is a choice, a practice anyone can do if one is simply just curious; however, in “homogamy” one is born as such—it is not a choice although one can “chose” not to live in harmony with one’s own natural biological same sex attraction for whatever reason it may be.  If evolution existed, “homogamy/homogamous” would then be explained as a natural selection of same sex attraction in order to preserve species from an overwhelming and out of control population.  It is most appropriate for a male or female to be described as a “homogamous man,” and or “homogamous woman.”  “Homogamy” also describes the state condition of two same sex intimate partners flourishing psychically and physically when together in either cohabitation or marriage.  Many animals too are homogamous (i.e., elephants, monkeys, apes, penguins, etc.) in order to preserve their own species from an over population catastrophe.  A “homogamous-man” is naturally inborn as opposed to a “homosexual-man,” which is based upon a choice sexual behavior as opposed to non-choice natural biological sexual instincts.  Even though a person is born as a homogamous man/woman, if he/she “chooses” not to behave in harmony with his/her own biological inborn same sex attraction, his/her state of biologically being homogamous does not simply go away: this is an abnormal and illogical behavior on his/her own part, one must always than “fight” until one expires—it will not go away.  Just as there is a “homogamous-man,” so is there a “heterogamous-man” as well.  It must be understood that just because a man or woman is practicing homosexuality, that doesn’t mean that he/she is naturally homogamous.  A person who claims/testifies that he/she has utterly changed from being gay to straight only means that to begin with, he/she was not really naturally homogamous—the natural state of biological sexual instinctual orientation cannot be changed unless you force your mind to forever go against your natural instincts of living in harmony with your physical-state-of-homogamy until death.  In conclusion, “Homosexuality” is just the same sexual practice, naturally or curiously:  “Gay” is a choice that one embraces when one is of age to “identify” one-self with same-sex agenda as a-way-of-life“Homogamous” is a natural biological program that naturally stimulates same-sex attraction.  “Homogamous/Homogamy” serves a purpose: the purpose to preserve the “human species” from becoming over-populated; hence, the sexual practice of “homosexuality” preserves as well; it too serves a purpose: the purpose to preserve.

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[NOTE: with some many people, on some many occasions, same sexual attraction is not necessarily homogamously.  Because of the mental actuation of the idea of “The-Self”, some people tend to confuse/misunderstand the sexual act of homosexuality as some kind of an identity, or label.  Some people are just purely instinctively curious about the whole same sexual encounter thing, that when they try it and wind up “liking” it, they might continue it to the point of embracing the “label choice” of a gay lifestyle even though biologically, they may not necessarily be homogamous; likewise, some people can possess the natural inborn biological homogamous makeup without applying the “label choice” of a gay lifestyle.  On some other occasions, some people may have been victims of early childhood sexual abuse by either their parents, or by someone else they trusted of the opposite or same sex person; this kind of abuse experience can confuse the victim and act out on the “metaphorical heart” (emotions) instead of naturally acting out on a natural biological sexual attraction: there are so many reasons for so many different sexual behaviors and activities.  A person can apply, by choice only, the mental concept of a gay lifestyle, and even associate the sexual physical practice of homosexuality as an identity of some sort on a mental basis, without any congruence to the biological makeup.  No one is born with an identity, or even with a label; these kind of things are embraced only by intent of choice, and not born with it: to embrace or apply an identity (i.e., gay) is a matter of choice.  A person can only be born homogamously, and the act of homosexuality is just a sexual act; it doesn’t necessarily mean anything but just the act itself.  That is why some “gay conversion therapy programs” that exists do work very well when changing some “gay persons” into “straight persons;” it cannot, however, work on a person who is naturally and biologically born homogamously: it only works on people who, with intent of choice, embraced the label and identity of a “gay lifestyle” without being born homogamously.  This is the only clear explanation that can help a person understand why not all “gay persons” can change when involved in these “gay conversion therapy programs.”  A “gay person” is not necessarily a “homogamous man/woman;” and a “homogamous man/woman” is not necessarily a “gay person.”  You can change a “gay person,” but you cannot, and will not, change a “homogamous man/woman.”  To try to biologically enforce and coerce an “inborn homogamous man/woman” to change into an “inborn heterogamous man/woman” is impossible, and can then cause a person to live a life of extreme confusion and depression, and maybe even make him/her commit suicide.  You cannot alter what is biologically inborn (programmed): it just is: you can only alter what is embraced and applied by intent of choice.  “Gay” is only a choice, embraced and applied as an identity, or a label of some sort; “one” is not born “gay” at all: “homogamy,” on the other hand, is inborn (biologically engineered, generated, ingrained, innate and instinctive).  “Homogamy” is not to be confused with self-identification; or to be labeled with: it is not a choice that “one” can apply with as an identity, or a label that “one” can reflect with by choice: it just is.]

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[This word was constructed during the objective Gregorian year, 1835: the meaning of the word was superimposed/expanded in Pentaspace, Sedacycle 13, 6 R.M. E.C. (Solar North):  By: Sabiazoth Alonso]

[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

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