From Psychopomp to Bedrock

Most people, when they read about the meaning of “psychopomp,” they tend to immediately relate the word with Grecian/Latin mythology.  According to the Webster American Standard Dictionary, the definition of psychopomp is a person who conducts spirits, or souls, to the other world…[the other side that’s unseen]…, as Hermes Trismegistos, Apollo, or Charon.  But the psychopomp that my being has been experiencing all along, is psychosomatic.  When my infused amorphous, psychosomatic hybrid soul, was reactivated (resurrected) from an almost forty years of deactivation (of mindless brain status), the immaterial-Mind immediately made it into a Psychopomp (e.g., like a guardian and concealer), to shroud in any new effectuated mental activity from the fermentation of the alienable soma, that now my mental active being resides therein—in the shadow.

This normally doesn’t happen, but it did happened to thrice my immaterial-Mind ( the psycho ), my invisible-Mental ( the psychosoma ), and the material-Brain ( the soma ).  In note, to extreme abusive childhood outermost circumstances—at the hands of my caretakers—my active soul (mental activity) was exposed and defenseless because its rootless status was abnormally prolonged.  Due then to that environmental injurious condition(s), this caused my unsteady amorphous phrenic-mass status, to entirely deactivate; and in return, made the brain mindless—for my immaterial-Mind could then no longer access the material-Brain without its infused active psychosoma force.  Now, whatever happened to the brain—after the deactivation of my invisible, biological, active force—is not certain:  However, an invasive psychosoma intruder(s) is possible—but that’s a whole different causality phenomenon that will be discussed in the following articles to come.  This, however, explains why the soma is described as alienable, for it was illegally taken (transferred) from my rightful mental force to someone else, by injurious force.

And now, my Psychopomp is about to transform!  The very first transformation that my being will ever experience in my midmost (internal) area!  Ever since the reactivation (resurrection) of my active rootless mental force (soul), my being has never experienced an internal transformation, as this one is about to soon to occur!  And to my amazement, it is instinctively surprising.  My being had no idea that my Psychopomp is my shadow concealer, and that my mental active being is in that shadow itself, all along, whilst being protected from any leavening of the alienable soma (and, of man).

And now, with much crystallized understanding—in order to allow any, and some, mental effectuation—the Psychopomp had to first stabilize my amorphous phrenic-mass status, whilst still remaining rootless, in shroud.  So that, when sufficed synapses connectivity is effectuated (e.g., when enough understanding and acknowledgements are achieved), the Psychopomp will then automatically transform itself into the bedrock of my psychosomatic mental construct fusion; fully then, activating the psychosomatic infused heterogeneous hybrid—with its mental roots being the majority of psycho, than soma:  So that the direction and manner that my active biological invisible force was formed, was psychologically in reverse, as opposed to identical (in sameness) with the soma.

Therefore, ever since the resurrection of my rootless amorphous mental activity (which was during the Gregorian October, of 2005), and up until my shrouding Psychopomp will transform into the bedrock of my mental active force (which is soon), everything and everyone that my being has encountered has been non-impressionable and non-inscribed to my shrouded rootless active soul.  For now, then, everything and everyone continues to be a part of the automaton somatic memory, of the alienable soma—which means, that no one, or no thing, has been close to my soul, yet—no one.  Everything and everyone is still alienable (distant) thus far.  What a great crystallization!

The immaterial-Mind (with its incorporeal psychical aspect of the-Psyche) is magnificent!  My shrouded being is grateful for my Psychopomp!  For my being is still shrouded, rootless and protected from any impressionable and inscribed fermentation of the alienable soma, and its environmental conditioned entries.  And now that this understanding is crystallized, my being is well disposed of such awareness and acknowledgement—at full active shrouded force.

When my shroud will soon transform—into the bedrock of my very own invisible, biological, mental active soul—my soon to be non-shrouded being will be ready, leery, wary and careful to any entry of the alienable soma; and also, to any invasive leavening impression, of man.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Heptaspace, Holocycle 4, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar North)]

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