Failure (a Failing Word)


The concept of the word failure is such a harsh impression for anybody who’s in possession of the mental disposition of The-Self (the-Ego/the “I“).  To make use of this apprehension is a sure thing that many will eventually take it to a point of no return.  For those who do spring back from “failure,” it’s a task that’s almost unbearable, and can take years of psychological therapy.  As a matter of the fact, the core derivation of the word failure is to, “ceased to exist, or function; to come to an end,” that is, on a permanent basis: something that you can’t come back from (e.g., heart failure).  It was only in the 1200 Century that the core derivation of the word was then further augmented with the meaning of, “to be unsuccessful in accomplishing a purpose:” and from there and on, the world evolved to simplistic meanings like, cheat, elude, defective, to err and to deceive/trick.  Nonetheless, in spite of the simplistic evolutionary process of the word failure, when people figuratively applies (feels) the word itself, the ego kicks in and makes the sense of the “I” (The-Self) to deeply self-reflect with it; that in turn can make people take it to a profound figurative state of mind (they take it to heart): and most take it in a very invalidating disposition of the-Mind.  For most, the result could even become a literal end depending upon the gravity of his/her so-called “failure.”  Such a concept is even more harsh than the concept of defeat Itself: can you imagine that?

The best way to free one-self from the mental concept of failure, once and for all, is to only make it an application when it’s necessary (e.g., with or without survivors, a plane that crashes has “failed:” the plane can never come back from that state, so the word here is applied appropriately because it indicates something that ends permanently).  Another appropriate example for the concept of failure is applied to someone who’s an extremist, that finally goes out on a suicidal bomb assignment, taking other lives as well with the terrorist him-/her-self: that is an excellent indication of “failure.”

The concept of failure should not even be self-applied, nor to any other individual as well; unless, one of our organs literally ends in functioning, that then is a whole different story, but that doesn’t still reflect the person who him-/her-self is within.  It should only be applied to objects, even to the objects within the biological animating physical bodies (e.g., kidney failure).  It should never, however, ever be applied to a person; nor to any personal efforts that reflects whom the person is.  With such a harsh use of a concept, a person’s ego can symbolically become psychologically immobile; maybe even to a point of becoming a destitute derelict; or maybe even taking one’s own life away.  An effort to remove any personal application of the word would be wisdom in of itself in its own mental and physical disposition.  One should mentally re-actuate the-Mind with the idea that The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”) can never fail even if his/her separate body parts should.  The-Self is always self-evolving psychologically, and therefore, can make any person to overcome a temporary obstacle.  That’s right, replace the self-application of “failure” with the self-application of “worthiness” because in spite of it all, in whatever you try to accomplish in life, while you’re getting there, you’re still achieving experiences and skills before you can possibly get there; so, in a way, you’re still succeeding before you even get to where you want/need to be at.  No person, who’s mentally disposed of The-Self, should ever apply any concept that can only invalidate a person as a whole.  Even if a person’s planned effort to succeed in a project should not succeed, that is not a permanent end, that is simply just an “unsuccessful obstacle,” and not a “failure:”  In this way, a person is not personally affected with the obstacle itself:  In such a light as this, one can then have the option to use the learned and acquired skills to continue on the same plan until success is obtained, or to do something different with the skills acquired to succeed in.

The rule of the thumb is that “failure” is purely and solely objective; never subjective.  As long as life is within you, you as a subjective person, can always rise above any objective failure that comes before you, but never a part of you.


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