Exorcism (a Psyche-Possession?)


Many people may be curious of the mysterious figurative feeling (belief) of internal demonic habitations, and thus many may rightfully ask if demons are really real, and therefore, are demonic possessions real as well?  Many debate that the only evil and malevolent creatures that exist are actually the humans them-selves—that “demons” may just a mental state-of-mind: some even say that the whole concept of demons may not be an external reality, that possibly there are no outside “evil” or “malevolent” angels (that eventually turned into demons) that are seeking out for the ruination of the human species—to them, it seems that mankind is doing a great self-destructive job all on there own.  Some believers may then dispute this possible fact and argue, “But if demons could be nothing more but a mental state-of-mind, then what explains for the behaviors and actual physical manifestations due to demonic possessions‘  ‘And what then explains the actual manifestations of exorcism?’”

Before my being can answer those questions, you should first keep in mind, that the-Mind, in of itself, will always try to make sense of what you come and encounter with, or what you’ve learned and experienced from.  The-Mind has the distinct capacity of automatically developing different mental regions (dimensions) within its’ own boundless “psyche-space;” and in each and every separate dimension, the-Mind creates for it its’ own automaton mental conscious that scans and monitors a specific compassed “psyche-dimension,” and each compassed “psyche-dimension” is disposed of self-expansion if need be: hence, a “psyche-space” is boundless that can enhouse countless of numerous – self-expansive – compassed “psyche-dimensions” if need be, determined from and by the-Mind itself.  This in turn helps the-Mind in of itself, separate from your own specified cognizant dimension, to become aware in many different separate levels of phrenic consciousnesses that you may, or may not, have access to them—indeed, we are not able to be aware of all of our other levels of mental consciousnesses, simply because we don’t necessarily always have direct access to them—if we did, then we, as a human species, would not mentally function on a reasonable sanity level if we were able to always be aware of every single thing.  In just like the material brain that has an automaton cerebral filter to help us function healthy as a material dimension, so does the immaterial mind has an automaton mental distillation to help us function sanely as an immaterial dimension.

On many occasions, when a person strongly figuratively feels (believes) in something that may not actually exist physically, the-Mind then has the capacity to actually self-actuate in response to that belief simply because, the-Mind, in of itself, is constantly automatically trying to make sense with itself in “relation” to what you may believe in, or not.  In some instances, depending the intensity and emphasis of what you may believe in, whether if it’s actual or a just a myth, your mind can and will develop different levels of consciousnesses, as described above, that can actuate independently from each other, without your awareness, or without direct mental access to them.  These levels of different mental consciousness, possessing in their specified compassed “psyche-dimensions,” are known as schizoconsciousness, that indeed enables the-Mind, to enable you, to hallucinate and delude your-self within your own dimensional mind, from and by the-Mind itself:  Without this mental distinct capacity to mentally divide and duplicate endlessly within its’ own boundless “psyche-space,” the-Mind, in of itself, cannot hallucinate and/or delude you with you-self:  The mental capacity to hallucinate is an indication that the-Mind is only trying to make sense with what you believe in; in this form of automaton mental disposition, the-Mind is not against you, but for you.  Some of these consciousnesses can be directly, or indirectly accessed; and some, never to be accessed at all:  But whether they can or cannot be accessed, in some instances, the accessibility can also be involuntarily.  As explained in the following:

1.   If a schizoconscious is accessed directly, that is an indication that your mind would be transsisting (going through) you, simultaneously, with your other conjured conscious (now connected/abridged):  This then enables the-Mind to temporarily allow both (your specified conscious, along with your other specified conjured schizoconscious) to communicate with each other while using inward mental capacities of visions and audio (i.e., seeing, hearing and conversing with an apparition, a ghost, a phantom, an extraterrestrial alien, an ancestor, a dead loved one, a deity, etc.).

2.   If a schizoconscious is accessed indirectly, this is an indication that your mind would be dissisting (going over) you, separately, to then pave the main way for your other conjured schizoconscious:  This then enables the-Mind to temporarily separate you from the-Mind itself (now unconnected/unabridged), making you, your very own specified conscious, unaware; thus, allowing the other conjured schizoconscious to fully possess your physical animating body. (i.e., spirit/demonic possession).

In relation, this explains why some people have said that when they’ve concentrated (transsised: gone through) hard enough to either speak to a dead loved one, or to a specified deity, that they were then able to converse with that spirit itself.  What they actually were conversing with was one of their own schizoconscious; a direct approach that would’ve only been initiated through intense mental meditation, in which then actuates the-Mind to transsis them with their schizoconsciousnesses.  But what happens to a schizoconscious when it actually actuates itself as the dominant conscious?  In instances as these, the-Mind has automatically dissised (crossed over) from you and on into the other conscious so that in fact, your “psyche-you” are then tossed aside (unaware) in order to make your animating physical body temporarily vacant:  In this unoccupied state, the schizoconscious will take possession of your physical containment, portraying itself as a demon that you’ve conjured up as because you of wanting to believe in it so much.  This kind of schizoconscious has been collecting all the necessary “demonic” information and knowledge that you unintentionally fed it with, without your total awareness to it—indirectly, you feed it with all the beliefs that’s accompanied with the knowledge of demonic possession:  In this instance, that schizoconscious itself has become a “demonic-conscious,” so that your actual “demon,” you so much wanting to believe in it, has actually developed gradually inside of one of its’ own specified “psyche-dimensions.”  Once the-Mind itself is dissised from you and on into this schizoconscious, that very conjured conscious will purport all the characteristics and personalities that comes with a “demonic possession,” and thus, having a great risk upon your animating physical body to be fully possessed without your awareness to it.  The schizoconscious can even altar the sound of your voice, and impact intense physical abnormal “demonic behaviors:”  It can even greatly intensify, with the help of your cerebral brain, your biological strength that may almost seem like it’s super-human (but it is due to extreme muscle spasms).  This schizoconscious temporarily becomes the dominant conscious that actually has over taken your physical body, but also has made you, totally unaware of its own possession—that is why, when the-Mind, through a process of “exorcism,” is aided to dissis in a reversed actuation, from the schizoconscious and back into your specified conscious, you won’t be able to recall what happened—this usually happens when a person wants a myth to be so much, so badly, real.  Hence the popular phrase, “I want to believe,” is also applied much in the same way when mentally conjuring up a schizoconscious that eventually will also purport itself as an “extraterrestrial alien.”

The figurative application, of a figurative heart, that’s in wanting to figuratively feel (believe) in something so intensely that is so profoundly emphasized, can be a dangerous thing in the total abstract of logic, reason and discretion.  Never, ever solely figure things out figuratively.


It is also known that in some instances, people are demonically possessed by multiple demons; but that’s because the-Mind has the capacity to form multiple “psyche-dimensions” in one singular “psyche-dimension”as well, and since each “psyche-dimension” is self-expansive, you can have a schizoconscious that’s enhoused with multiple schizoconsciousnesses within it itself:  And each in everyone of those schizoconsciousnesses can also have further multiple schizoconsciousnesses in each and every one of them, and so on.  In this kind of multiple consciousnesses, that’s in each and every other consciousnesses, that’s in one particular conscious, they can deceitfully first unanimously transsis with you in a friendly simultaneously manner, but only to then separately dissis you from the-Mind (to make you unaware), and thus, just like in a military fashion, over take your animating physical body—this is what gives the manifestation of multiple demonic possessions.  Each one, or in together, can gradually develop their own made up languages and speeches, thus sounding like something out of this-World, especially if they are portraying themselves as extraterrestrial aliens:  And each in every one of them could also simultaneously verbally converse with each other, within each in every one of the other, during a single possession:  They can even speak foreign languages that they may have, without your awareness, while internally being side by side you, learned depending the kind of people you communicated and worked around with, or lived within your neighborhood.  Without you taking notice, a schizoconscious can always be independently aware of your surroundings, and of you; and silently learn from your environments, and how you respond and reflect to and with them; side by side you, silently.  It is known that a schizoconscious can also, through your physical animating body, kill someone else, or your-self, without your awareness to such crimes.  Also, in some instances, people claimed and witnessed that the person who was possessed by a demon, the bed itself shook tremendously where the possessed person was lying on: but that’s because, in some occasions, the strength of the biological energy can be greatly intensified during a possession, so that when the “possessed person” shakes on the bed in a very strong violent behavior, the bed then shakes by the impact of the extreme muscle spasms of the possessed: however, if you are referring to several bed shaken and levitation instances in the Hollywood film, “The Exorcist,” those filmed incidents were only emphasized, or intensified, for dramatic entertainment purposes.

A schizoconscious is like your internal conjured mental Frankenstein, and depending what you feed it and build it with, in mental reciprocation, it is going to purport for you all that you make it as.  So if you make your mental Frankenstein (schizoconscious) as a monster, a monster it will become; and the more destructive you make it to be, the more of a potential it has to mentally actuate and dispose of itself against you.  You must not underestimate the influence of schizoconsciousness, especially when many are mentally conjured up to purport itself as the God, the Creator of all things; for in conjuring of them, many have built temples, and have killed, because of them.

Schizoconsciousness are not always actuated; they do slumber just like you slumber as well: in other words, they’re not always active and disposed of.  Most, and almost all of them, are basically inactive until you directly, or indirectly, stimulate them from their state of unaware mental inactivity; in other words, awoken.  But there are also automaton distinctive mental capacities that enable them to awake all on their very own, without you even being aware of it.  Also, keep in mind that a schizoconscious can gradually, depending upon what you feed it with, develop and possess an independent identity all on its own; in other words, become independently its’ own owner:  When something like this happens, you’re basically in a very serious whole lot of trouble, and a whole lot of work would have to be put into getting it out (terminating it), somehow, before it can ruin your life, and the livelihood of those dear/loved members of your family and friends.


Additionally, also keep in mind that spirit species (i.e., the legendary biblical accounts of angels, cherubim, seraphim, etc.) are made with different kinds of non biological elements that can and will be lethal, and fatal, if indeed they were to possess our physical containment—in an actual and real “spirit possession,” the person would not survive long through such possessions; eventually, he/she will die as the result of the possession itself.  Since spirit species, other than human species, are made with unknown lethal and fatal substances to any organic existences, a human being actually possessed by a spirit entity would cause dire unknown physical consequences as a result; in other words, the person may die from an unknown illness, even to some specialized doctors and scientists.  A real and actual “spirit possession” would not last long as the result of direct encounters with unknown pernicious substances of what the spirits are made up—the most it could last is one decade, at best:  Hence, if a bona-fied “spirit demon” (that is, angels from the messenger rank, and not of higher) actually possessed your physical containment, its’ purpose would not just be to inhabit it temporarily, but to exterminate it gradually—an actual “spirit possession” serves no other purpose but to make your soul to live a short life, and and to make it speedy in death itself.  So if a person is known to have been “demonically possessed” for all his/her life, as it has been witnessed by others who claimed it to be so, that then is an impossibility and utterly illogical—this would then instead be an actual internal “psyche-possession” of the schizoconscious that has been dissised against you from within the-Mind itself: this then explains the differences between an actual “demonic possession,” and an actual “psyche-possession.”  Hence, the ritual of “exorcism” does not, under any circumstances, actually dismiss, expel, or “drive out” a bona-fied “spirit possession” from a person’s own physical animating body, or from a person’s house—that is just a total illusion (an illusion, not in the sense that it doesn’t exist, but in the sense that it’s just not what it seems to be).  Instead, the whole concept of “exorcism” is a from of suggestion, just to basically aid the-Mind to dissis (cross over) against the schizoconscious and back on into your actual specified conscious (your “you-conscious”), or to undo the schizoconsciousness totally—this can take many Gregorian days, weeks, months, or even years for that matter.  Based on this objective logical observation, some strong believers in exorcism may still respond offensively perturbed, and thus argue, “Now wait a minute, sir…how do you then account for the physical manifestations of demonic possessions?’  ‘Are you going to say that that too is also a delusion, or a hallucination?'”  The answer to those questions would be a yes, and a no.

To answer both questions, first keep in mind that in the medical field, it is known in some unusual occasions, that when a person is very psychologically depressed, he/she could also become very physically ill as a result of it, even though, the depression itself is really a psychological problem and not a physiological one:  With that in mind, our physical immune system is programmed to counteract anything foreign (i.e., viruses, parasites, harmful bacterium, etc.) that comes into our souls (animating physical bodies) and make us sick; however, when a person’s depression puts a heavy toll and extreme pressure on his/her own biological animating machine, the immune system will detect that something is abnormal, so that when it starts to run its’ course throughout the body to search for foreign invaders, it won’t find it because it is not built to detect psychological dilemmas and problems: so instead, since there are no invaders when a person is profoundly depressed, what the immune system is going to do is then attack healthy cells so that it preforms on what it was called out for (it’s like opening up the flood gates with no stopping it)—this process is termed in the medical field as autoimmune disease—in whereas the psychological dimension itself actually causes the physical dimension to become ill from within in.  There are many psychological factors, and external physical ones as well, that can too cause autoimmune disease.  However, does something similar to autoimmune disease happens when a person is totally under a “psyche-possession?”  Again, yes, and no.


Unlike a person who is very psychologically depressed and actually becomes physically ill because of the depression itself, a person who instead is under a “psyche-possession” by his/her own schizoconscious, will seemingly appear to also be physically ill, like a quasi-sicken illness.  How so?  A “psyche-possession” can simultaneously cause all different kinds of intense physical impacts and stresses that can trigger the biological immune system to go haywire and out of control—in an instance like this one, the biological system then becomes, in what my being terms as, autoimmune deficiency, and not autoimmune disease: the physical impact and stress that a “psyche-possession” manifests is way much greater than a “psyche-depression.”  The “deficient” status in autoimmune deficiency is due to the extreme impact, stress and pressure that the physical animating body is put under, and because of that, the immune system in of itself becomes “deficient,” becoming way out of control, like a numerous wild fiery group killing spree, to search and destroy foreign invaders.  When the immune system is abnormally fired up in such a way, and it cannot find its foreign invaders; instead of attacking healthy cells, as is the case in autoimmune disease, the immune system itself will instead take most of its’ own immunization cells, and through an automated quasi-like transmutation process (disguises), produces them to “mimic” (replicate) diseases prior to defeated foreign invaders, obtained from the microscopic anatomical information stored in the DNA memory: however, the information abstracted from the DNA will be extremely over emphasized in replicating them:  In this way, the immunization cells are “mimicking” the illnesses that the immune system itself once defeated, and thus has become “deficient” in of itself.  So when a person is under the control of “psyche-possession,” the physical transient alterations can manifest as skin discolorations, boils; oozing rashes, scars and cracks; eyes discoloration, extreme fluctuations in body temperatures, a death like stench, a very foul breath, quasi-gangrene and a host of other mimicked illnesses.  So what appears to look extremely ill and sick, is nothing more but quasi-illness—mimicked illnesses as the result of autoimmune deficiency.  Keep in mind that autoimmune deficiency is only initiated with a “psyche-possession” (not a bona-fied “demonic possession”), or with any other known psychological, or ecological factor, that can put the same, or more, extreme impact, stress and pressure on a person’s animating physical body.  This then fully explains, according to numerous witnesses and believers, the “miracle healing” that quickly manifests when the suggestive process of “exorcism” was a success.  Some possessed victims, after a successful performance of exorcism, were even taken to hospitals to make sure that the formerly possessed person was physically okay; and according to some of those witnesses, including some doctors themselves, when those medical test results returned as utterly negative, with no single sign of any prior illnesses, the friends and families, along with some of those doctors, of the patient shouted in gladness, lauding their God to have miraculously healed the former possessed person.

In conclusion, some people may still ask, “Let’s say a person actually gets possessed by some form of a spirit, what can then result, if it were a god instead, to have possessed you then a lower ranked spirit, like an angel or a demon?”  The result would be devastating and death probably would occur instantaneously: in other words, if a “classified god” spirit specie (i.e., of cherubim, or seraphim class) would try to possess your own animating body, you probably would instantaneously blow up into tiny biological pieces in all outward directions: hence, being possessed by any kind of a “god ranked” spirit specie is impossible—a god is known to be in possession of great unknown amount of lethal powers, so for a god-spirit to even try to temporarily possess your animating body, its’ sole purpose would simply then be to kill you instantaneously.  Being that the legendary biblical Satan is known to be of the cherubim class (godly powered), to then believe that a person could be possessed by such a satanic deity, would be utterly illogical:  Therefore, when a person, who seemingly appears to be “demonically possessed,” utters that he/she is Satan himself, that would be a definite indication that the person is actually being under control by a “psyche-possession” instead: that, or the bona-fied possessing demon itself is lying.  No one, absolutely no one can be possessed by a “classified god,” unless that “classified god” is your own schizoconscious.

It is therefore, in the manner and understanding of my own extroverold alien language, that the concept of “exorcism” is actually a suggestive aid that can help the-Mind to reversely dissis (cross over) against its possessing schizoconscious and back on into its actual person (the you “yourself-conscious”)  The method of suggestive hypnotism can also be of help, and it probably would be best on a professional psychological approach: but if the person, who is under the control of a “psyche-possession,” is very religious, then the suggestive performance of “exorcism” would be the best approach instead.


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[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

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