Enself (what Is It?)


enself (ĕn – self, noun)


  • To actuate a mental disposition of The-Self.
  • To mentally inculcate the understanding and behavior of The-Self.
  • The collective consciousness of The-Self gradually cultivated and through an upbringing
  • To teach about the language and mannerism of The-Self to a child, from childhood through
  • A mind actuated with the disposition of individualism.
  • A mind inculcated with the ideology of an ego.
  • A mind formed with a sense of “centerable axis.”
  • A tabula-rasa mind that’s freshly inculcated, from upbringing, with a sense of an innermost internal axis, in whereas a self-composer lodges therein, and internally directs the different aspects into an “entire” summed entity (individual package).
  • To form the mind with a sense of existing as a person that’s integrated as a “whole” of many fractional parts (an individual).


Related forms


en-selfed, adjective

en-selfing, noun

un-self, noun (to undo the sense of The-Self: to murder The-Self)

un-selfed, adjective

un-selfing, noun

ĕndo-self, noun (a psyche-self, independent from external impacts)

no-self, noun (without The-Self; devoid of individuality)




Aspaty: Heptaspace, Holocycle 24, 5 R.M. E.E. (Solar North)

Gregorian: Jan. 29, 2011

ENG: enself.


Word Origin & File:



Aspaty 5:  Gregorian 2011.  From Modern ENG, enself.  From en (L. prefix en-, meaning, “in,” or, “into;” or, “to make into”) + self (O.E., meaning, “The ego underlying all subjective experiences”).  To take the mind of an infant and actuate it, or inculcate it, with the global collective consciousness of The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”) as he/she gradually learns it from his/her upbringing environment(s).  The language of The-Self can only be taught from infancy, in a gradual upbringing setting, in whereas the infant witnesses the understanding and behavior from his/her parents: this in turn will allow the mind of the child to, not just learn it, but to experience what is like to have and become an entity of The-Self.  Usually, this kind of mental inculcation may start with just a simple celebration of one or several few birthdays (the anniversary of The-Self), in which by first introducing a “birthday,” the child learns and experiences what is like to have an anniversary to him/her-self—thus, The-Self is officially initiated inside the child’s mind, to then never rid of it.  The very first self-acknowledged birthday, by the child, is an official indoctrination by the parents to successfully mentally form their child’s mind with the sense of The-Selfthe world will never rid of the global language of The-Self for as long as birthdays still exists.  To rid of birthdays would only be just a small start: there are other factors that are also responsible in mentally actuating a mind into The-Self.  The unself entails that a person was a-self to begin with, and undid The-Self itself; thus, enabling him/her to symbolically murder The-Self from within: nevertheless, the unself cannot be referred to as one in the same with the noself.  The noself specifically entails that a person never been mentally actuated with the sense of The-Self; therefore, there’s nothing to undo to make him/her to become the unself; thus, enabling him/her to literally be the death to The-Self.  However, both the unself and the noself can be referred to as an “IT,” as being the thing-in-itself.  The endoself (The-Self within) entails a person who’s found a way to become a pure psychological self (a psyche-self), independent from external sources (e.g., an individual that’s not determined as an individual by external iconography and objects of the-World).


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