Enhouse (what Is It?)

enhouse (ĕn – hows, noun)


  • a structure, vessel, building, or soul (animating physical body) that encases all elements to function unanimously for functional purposes as a whole.
  • persons encased in/into a house.
  • the immaterial mind encased in/into the material
  • a main-board, or system-board, encased in/into a computer’s tower.
  • a group of bees encased in/into a beehive, or bee farm.
  • an encompassed vessel that solely encases elements that work unanimously.


Related forms


en-housed, adjective

en-housing, noun

en-houses, adverb




Aspaty:  Trispace, Holocycle 13. 5 R.M. E.C. (Solar North)

Gregorian:  Jan. 18, 2011

ENG:  enhouse.


Word Origin & File



Aspaty, 5:  Gregorian, 2011:  From Modern ENG, enhouse; from en (L. prefix en-, meaning, in or into) + house (provide space for: co-op):  Hence, to be unanimously encased in/into a vessel space for co-op functions (i.e., the immaterial mind is enhoused/co-op in the material brain to solely unanimously function the animating physical bodies, with purpose and meaning, of the human species).  Although the-Mind is enhoused in the-Brain, the-Mind in of itself separates itself from the-Brain, simply by using its own mental distinct capacities of will and intent; in this way, existing as two entities, they must co-op together to keep our human animating bodies function appropriately, of course with awareness (lit., “two or more elements, or persons, who reside/exist in a vessel that can unanimously function the very vessel itself”).  Another example for “enhousing” can be used in reference to a bee-farm, simply because the bees have to work unanimously to keep the bee farm producing honey, and thus the farm is functional (so the term to say that bees are enhoused in bee farms is appropriate).  One more example to use “enhouse” would be in reference to the human species in residing in the earth, because we have to work unanimously to keep our planet functioning appropriately, with purpose and meaning (so the term to say that humans are enhoused in the planet earth is appropriate).


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[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Hexaspace, Carpercycle 2, 9 R.M. E.C. (Solar East)]

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