Cynreality (what Is It?)


cynreality (sin – ree – ă – li – tee, noun)


  • the state of two realities integrated into one space.
  • the coexistence of the idio-reality and the ecto-reality.
  • a synchronization of the meta-reality and the sub-reality, conjoining into a space to bring about the capacity of manifesting (creating) ideas into substances.
  • the acknowledgement that reality is really a two dimensional construct.
  • the “idio” (or the “meta”) and the “ecto” (or the “sub”) synchronized in a space.
  • the state of two, or more, actual truths existing in one space.
  • an amalgamated reality.


Other related forms:


cyn-re-al (existing, or occurring, in a coalesced fact), adjective

cyn-re-al-ly (truly two dimensional/two sides, or more), adverb

cyn-re-al-ness (a two sides, or more, to a truth), noun




in cynreality: in two-sided, or more, facts or truths; cyntually; cyntuality:

“he’s monogamous in countenance, but in cynreality, he’s both a cheater and a faker about his own identity.”




cynrealities, noun (this plural usage is redundant for a word that is without singular form).




Gregorian: Aug. 26, 2014

(Aspaty: Tetraspace, Deutercycle 1, 9 R.M. E.C.):

ENG cynreality.


Word Origin & File



2014 (0009 R.M. E.C.), from Modern ENG, cynreality. The ‘cyn-’ prefix is a variant spelling of the G. prefix ‘syn-’ (to bring together) + reality (from Medieval L. ‘realitas,’ meaning, facts, or truths): combined, the word is then spelled, ‘cynreality,’ which means, fixed integrated facts, or, real simultaneous existences.  The word ‘cynreality’ mostly entails of two opposite realities conjoined into one space, thus enabling us to manifest our inventive ideas into tangible substances.  The two most common opposite realities are the idio-reality (an internal personal, or distinctive and private mental reality), and the ecto-reality (an external concrete reality).  The idio-reality (aka: meta-reality) is a state-of-mind that can only subsist in the existence of human awareness; in whereas the ecto-reality (aka: sub-reality) is a concrete reality that does and can exist in the total absence of human awareness.  Now that both idealistic and substantial realities are acknowledged, we can then discern and appreciate that a “reality” is always constructed as two-dimensional, conjoining two actual realities to provide them in any range of a “vestibule” within a space; and therefore, to then “permit” the human species to “access” a capacity of begetting their ideas into a “something” (i.e., a chair is known to be a part of an ecto-reality that coexists with the idio-reality, which in the first place caused to become the chair itself:  Likewise, a clock is a manifested substance that coexists with the intangible idea of time):  Hence, the concept of the word ‘cynreality,’ in all cyntuality, is an idea coexisting in substance.


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