Cicely Tyson (a “Rung” in the Ladder)


In the span of Gregorian December 16, of the year 2015; in the chronological span of 8:40 AM, Cicely Tyson (an American actress since 1951), was being interviewed by a co-anchor, Gayle King, of ‘CBS This Morning’ (also an editor-at-large for The Oprah Magazine, and best friends with Oprah Winfrey):  And in that interview session, Tyson was discussing about looking back at her life in her acting career.  She gave some very insightful suggestions by sharing some of her lifespan dispositions and applications.  One of them was a very simple approach, and which she said, You know, I say no to everything firstI say no to everything because I always want to make sure that when I say yes, I know what I’m getting myself into:  Simple, but very effective.  In stressing how age never held her will back, she said, Age is a number, okay?  We have the greatest gift that we could possibly ever have And it’s this temple, okay?  Tyson said, laughing.  And if you take care of it, it will serve you well.  I’ve never been a person who drank, who smoke, who did drugs.  Never.  Because I love life.‘”  So it seems that by keeping things simple, Tyson has prolonged her life healthy and well due to keeping her-self in a straightforward and transparent manner.  However, to my surprise, as a spatial and extroverold being that my being is, IT found it kind of odd as to how Tyson made references in the inequality toward race and gender:  She said:

I’m going to my ladder.  White man, white woman, black man, black woman on the rungs.  And we’re holding on to the last rung.  And those – fists, she said, while clenching her hands in strong quivering gesture, are being trampled on by all those three above, and still we [black women] hold on.  That’s our strength.  That’s the reason we survive — because we will not let go of that rung.‘”

Boarders - Black Swirls 11

Perhaps, at one span of lifespans, such a ladder was necessary, to give many the courage to go on with their challenging lives in spite of obvious hatred and segregation.  But now, we live in a different span in our lives: in whereas we have the very first black 44th U.S. President (Barack Obama) who’s serving two terms; and prestige women achieving great statuses and positions.  We even have a political outstanding woman (Hilary Clinton) who wants to run for President, and maybe even become the very first Madame President.  In the language of chronology, time has changed: and what has come to past, has past; and what is to come, will come.

‘Tis time, then, to let go of that “rung” that Tyson made reference to.  Because, that “rung” that once served as a transient clutch for survival, will now serve as a handicap to those who continues to hold on to it with a fist.  It was once a reminder to fight and survive against hatred, injustices and prejudices: but time has since changed, and to keep on holding the “rung” with a fist will serve only to preserve that very hatred it once fought against: a reminder of what was, and is no longer.


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