Charting Perfection


Perfection is/are determined by the status of its conditions (e.g., are the measurements, temperatures and pressures balanced and equaled; and most of all, are they all suitable, as a whole, to function appropriately, as well as accurately?).  Therefore, perfection is purely and solely conditional.  Anything that is then unconditional, is imperfect (e.g., human-infallibility; absoluteness; limitlessness; immeasurableness; transcendence; etc.).

Nevertheless, whether subjectively interpreted, or objectively translated, one can still find perfections within imperfections:  That, however, are matters of effective fundamental opinions; or, affected incidental experiences.

Blue Swirls 01

The tabulation of perfection is solely contingent, or the canon itself cannot, and will not, remain as perfection.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

[Writing & Concept by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

[Aspaty/Space: Tetraspace, Holocycle 10, 10 R.M. E.C. (Solar North)]

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