Imperfection Is Perfection

Most people, with the mental disposition of The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”), are always in search of their idealistic “perfect” intimate companion.  For most people, their ideal perfect mate would be someone who’s mostly a reflection of the very one who’s in search of that perfect other:  In other words, when The-Self is wishing for someone who’s characteristically […]

A Remarkable Thing

The fact that you are alive, with animating life, is always a remarkable thing.  Anything other than that is only secondary. In great dispute and anger, many will argue that there are other matters, than one’s own-self, that is much more of a priority than secondary; e.g., many may feel that their careers, money, friends […]

Be Patient With Patience

One must come to acknowledge that with patience, is not how long it takes you to get from point “A” to point “B,” but it’s how much patience can you deal with patience itself.  Patience knows no subjective and/or objective time; hence, anyone or anybody that puts a time-table on patience has ceased from patience […]

Here’s to a Peaceful and Gratifying “Anew” Earth Space!

The aspaty is: Tetraspace, Deutercycle 1, 9 R.M. E.C. (Solar East).  According to my Metrivider (my space calculating device), the recycled spaces of our earth begins anew around our solar star (sun).  So if my Metrivider was like a time calculating device instead, it would’ve then been a New Year Day for my being.  So […]

The Moth to the Light

To be “open-minded” does not mean to be indiscriminate with all things that a person comes into contact with; it is not a sign of weakness either.  A person must ascertain a certain degree of “one-sided” distinction without being totally available, suitable and vacant with every subjective and objective criteria that one encounters with.  To […]

Who or What are You?

A question to “The-Self” itself: If you were once what you were then, and now you are what you are now than from what you were before, but now soon you will be what you will be than what you are now, how then can you be at all? * [Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Alonso] [Writing & […]

Reason (according To Freud)

“…We are justified…in giving free rein to our explanations so long as we retain the coolness of our judgment [reasoning] and do not mistake the scaffolding [exterior] for the building [interior]…”  (Freud, 1900, p.536; quoted in Spence, 1994, p.79; as quoted in Wurmser, 1977, p.473) * [Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Alonso] [Writing & Concept, Created […]