Conscious 2 (what Is It?)

conscious 2 (kon – she’us, noun)   Biological somatic automaton thought, that is purely and solely instinctive. Absolute conditional automaton thought(s), depending on specific kind-species. Conscious (able to automatically instinctively thought-out, without awareness). A misnomer, when conscious 1 is applied as one in the same with the immaterial mind. An instinctual awakened and alerted thought, without awareness (e.g., animal […]

Alphaversary (what Is It?)

alphaversary (ăl-fă-vur-suh-ree, noun) The commemoration of a specific initial start, in a particular lunar space: in accordance to Hebrew lunar calendar. An observance of an original commencement (the very first start). The celebration of the first inception, before any other following inceptions. (adjective) The lunar spatial memorialization of an aboriginal: in accordance to Hebrew lunar calendar. The lunar […]

Tetranomen (what Is It?)

  Tetranomen (tě – tră – nō – měn, noun)   (of the not-I) the Hebrew letters that sound out nothingness, consisting four Hebraic consonants: Z H Z H. A four letter Hebrew name that is translated as, Zahozah. A Hebrew name solely originating from psychical inversion (not of somatic sameness). the four Hebrew letters that sound […]

Anego (what Is It?)

anego (ă-nēē-gō, noun)   Egoless: Without an ego; without “The-Self.” To never know what is like to be an ego, or to have had an ego. Ego, as an estranged and foreign mental actuation: (The ‘no-self’) Utterly selfless in the literal sense: (Without an “I”/without a “me”). Without subjectivities; abstracts; idiosyncrasies; introspection; introversion. To never […]

Enhouse (what Is It?)

enhouse (ĕn – hows, noun)   a structure, vessel, building, or soul (animating physical body) that encases all elements to function unanimously for functional purposes as a whole. persons encased in/into a house. the immaterial mind encased in/into the material a main-board, or system-board, encased in/into a computer’s tower. a group of bees encased in/into […]

Idiology (what Is It?)

idiology (ē – dee – ŏ – lŏ – jee, noun)   The science of individuality/individualism. The study of the mental disposition of The-Self. The branch of egoism; of selfdom; of oneness. The behavioral science of a composited person (an entirety entity). The mental disposition of being compounded of many divided aspects. The knowledge of the ego, […]

Enself (what Is It?)

enself (ĕn – self, noun)   To actuate a mental disposition of The-Self. To mentally inculcate the understanding and behavior of The-Self. The collective consciousness of The-Self gradually cultivated and through an upbringing To teach about the language and mannerism of The-Self to a child, from childhood through A mind actuated with the disposition of […]

Cynreality (what Is It?)

cynreality (sin – ree – ă – li – tee, noun)   the state of two realities integrated into one space. the coexistence of the idio-reality and the ecto-reality. a synchronization of the meta-reality and the sub-reality, conjoining into a space to bring about the capacity of manifesting (creating) ideas into substances. the acknowledgement that reality is really […]

Homogamous (what Is It?)

homogamous (hă – mă – gŏh – mŭss, adjective) the natural sexual attraction and behavior toward the same sex. a homogamous male: a homogamous woman. an inborn instinctual sexual attraction of the same sex. homogamy: the state of being homogamous. the natural inborn quality or state of being sexually attracted to the same sex. natural selection to […]

‘The-Uncreature’ (the Uncreated)

Uncreature, the (Ŭn – crēē – chŭr, noun) An unearthly being that exists without first being created. An unearthly being, or a person, that was never created. A being, or a person, who is not of any origins of any kind. A living mindful energy that is not of creation origin. A celestial living person […]