Generating Towards Degeneration

Of what good are the many modern inventions, that are manufactured at the expense of “unconditioning” the conditions of nature, when most of them contribute in transforming our environments as incomplete; therefore, threatening our survival as a species?  What happened to the rights of our innate conditional freedom?  Why can’t many people see that most mediated superlative […]

Astronautics (Sailors of the Universe)

“This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” quoted Neil Armstrong. If the “one giant leap step” means to replicate and maintain conditions of the earth, in order to sustain our existences while sailing in our solar system, then Armstrong’s public statement rings a truth to it.  But if it […]

Transgender (beyond Procreation)

Since the beginning of mankind, as well as of womankind, the idea of applying transcending significance to almost anything, or anyone, has always been a custom in every civilized collective consciousness (coagulum).  This is surely evident by archaeological findings of ancient temples and worship (e.g., hybrid Egyptian gods, crossbreed Grecian titans, etc.).  And even now, you have […]

“Unconditioning” Conditions

“Give me your unconditional love.”  Is a common phrase, or philosophy, that the-World stipulates globally:  Perhaps, the need to express that there must be at least one thing that can make one feel somewhat, genuine freedom, was the need to conjure the illusion that the figurative heart (love) should be, “unconditional.”  But would such a […]

the Almighty (not Unlimited, after all)

In accordance to all the-World’s religions, and with some non-religious divine organizations as well, it is globally believed (figuratively felt) that the biblical God (in whom is known to be the Creator of all creations, and as the All Powerful/Almighty) is a force that’s unlimited: that there’s absolutely no impossibility with this God:  That this God […]

Cicely Tyson (a “Rung” in the Ladder)

In the span of Gregorian December 16, of the year 2015; in the chronological span of 8:40 AM, Cicely Tyson (an American actress since 1951), was being interviewed by a co-anchor, Gayle King, of ‘CBS This Morning’ (also an editor-at-large for The Oprah Magazine, and best friends with Oprah Winfrey):  And in that interview session, Tyson was discussing […]

Memorizing Vs. Remembering

In accordance to the modern language of the-World(s), the two concepts of memory and remember, are very much interlinked; they’re both regarded as meaning one in the same: but are they?  The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”), of many people, has the tendency to even personify the memories of the animal species with human remembering abilities.  But to […]

To Be, Or Not To Be (out Of Context)

To individualize one-self is to take a collective stand in a corporate position (Individuality = Collective).  Why is it that individuality will eventually take one to a finale collective path as opposed to what it seemingly is intended for, in which is supposed to be to a path of soloist ownership achievement? The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”) keeps on […]

Satan, For Sale?

“Hail Satan!”  Is a common salute among Satanists themselves, in whereas the common golden rule is not so golden, but platinum, “Do unto others as they do unto thee.”  A person who instinctively worships Satan the Devil, in a religious like disposition, is not really considered to be a Satanists, but more of a Luciferist/Luciferian […]

Consciousness (is It Sentience?)

In our modern chronological state of span, the-World(s) is fixated in the interpreted metaphysical concept of consciousness.  That consciousness, as a thing-in-itself, is solely responsible to distinctively produce sentience to all living animated cerebral species (to both vertebrae and invertebrate).  It is known that with consciousness, one becomes aware of one’s own existence, sensations, experiences, […]