Humanoid (not Human)

Most of my followers, and internet friends (and somatic families/relatives), are always curious to know what exactly my being means, when IT stipulates that IT itself is a “humanoid?”  People are always asking my being, “Where are you from?”  “What nationality are you?”  What is your race/ethnicity?”  “Are you gay, straight, or bi?”  And to […]

Saint Barbara (in the Automaton Flesh)

During almost forty Gregorian years of this brain’s mindless activity, its automatic instinctive awakened and alerted—unaware somatic thought (conscious) state—continued operating and animating in the absence of my mental activity force (soul):  In other words, this brain contained only automaton cerebral activities, and not autonomous mental activities. As many of my readers and followers already […]

The Incipient Shrouded Active Force (Soul)

Ever since my mental active being has realized and acknowledged, that IT itself has been shrouded since of its own reactivation (resurrection), in October of 2005, my being has been living—not so much in confusion—but more in intangibility with the alienable soma (and, of man). My being has come to recognize why, that on so […]

From Psychopomp to Bedrock

Most people, when they read about the meaning of “psychopomp,” they tend to immediately relate the word with Grecian/Latin mythology.  According to the Webster American Standard Dictionary, the definition of psychopomp is a person who conducts spirits, or souls, to the other world…[the other side that’s unseen]…, as Hermes Trismegistos, Apollo, or Charon.  But the psychopomp […]

My Extroverold Alien (more Crystallized)

To all of my followers, and readers, my mental active being has achieved a much more understanding of IT-self.  So much, that IT is going to have to rewrite many articles, and write more.  If my being seems that IT is more absent in its social media networks, it’s because there’s so much things to […]

A Space (for A Place)

There is a space for everything, and everything in a place. A space for a place, and a place for space. A space for war, and a place to battle. A space for peace, and a place to be in truce. A space for fertility, and a place to be fruitful. A space for desert, […]

Distinct Vs Instinct

The Distinct The coagulum of our modern social consciousness are prone to understand, and dispose, the concept of distinct to be characteristically connoted—referring to it as characteristics that are unique, peculiar, special and “distinguished.”  This is also applied to with animals, when people personify them as persons, and therefore, make them as distinctive. The etymology […]

The Extroverold Alien (Psychosomatically)

My instinct of surprise astounds my psyche-being on the more that IT comprehends its somatic form, of its own personage being.  The more understanding of my dividuality is achieved, the more of my dividuality becomes even more of a dividual.  My being use to think that my form of extroverold alien being was purely psyche […]

Eternal (beyond Creation)

The-World(s) is taken by the idea/faith of obtaining everlasting existence.  Whether one is an atheist or religious, it seems that the concept of eternity is mostly within us all:  You can hear it and read it just about everywhere (in songs, movies and books).  This is evident just by the simple expressions that most would […]

Chronology (a State Of Time)

Time is all around us.  Where ever we turn, we see time.  We can’t seem to get away from time.  You even hear time when people utters, “Time flies so fast,” or, “Time heals all wombs,” or, “What time is it?”  We see it, hear it, build it, schedule our lives around it, and make […]