Be Patient With Patience


One must come to acknowledge that with patience, is not how long it takes you to get from point “A” to point “B,” but it’s how much patience can you deal with patience itself.  Patience knows no subjective and/or objective time; hence, anyone or anybody that puts a time-table on patience has ceased from patience from the very beginning.  To be patient, is to be free from all compassed subjectivities (e.g., time, cynreality), and be instead within boundless objectivity (e.g., space, reality).

However, many who claimed that they’re patient enough, even without timing them-selves with it, either could not hold on to it any longer, or just simply got tired and bored enough not to be patient anymore.  But who says you have to give up just because you’ve been sufficiently patient, but to no avail?

Even when patience only seemingly be running thin, endurance, however, can temporarily come in to the rescue.  Although the collective social coagulum refers to both concepts of peace and endurance as one in the same, they’re really different from each other.  Patience can be dealt with for a very boundless extensive length of space, even if it might take waiting for almost your entire lifespan; but for the minds that are actuated in the language and understanding of The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”), patience can be experienced as compassed, simply because The-Self has the gradual upbringing formation of mental time disposition, and because of that learned mental state-of-time, that is the cause of circumscribing the disposed behavior of patience.  Endurance, however, is the opposite of boundlessness; it is “scoped” instead, and therefore, it can be applied with to deal with something, never with someone, in a transitory state until that in which you’re patient for, can still be waited for, as you desire it with your whole figurative heart.  A person should never be applied as a transitional object within a scoped transitory expansion, but instead, be coupled with you during your transitory stage to help subsists patience:  Unless, your patience includes waiting for someone else, in that case, your transitory stage should be in a single state of lifespan before if/when you should/could obtain the person that you’re waiting for, for as long as you can (i.e., if the person you’re waiting for has gotten intimately involved with someone else while you’ve waited, the logical thing to do is wait no longer and go on with your own life).  When it comes to waiting for someone else, usually your patience would be more like a “hope,” simply because you really can’t singularly achieve a person; it goes both ways:  In an instance like this, patience and hope could be very confused as both meaning one in the same: there’s a thin line between hope and patience, just like there is one between love and hate:  A thin line that can make you use up your entire lifespan in waiting for someone else that really can’t be with you; and therefore, cause you to live a vain long-suffering life, unfruitful to your symbolic or literal very end of you, whenever that is.  For as much as you can with all sense of logic and reason, even with your figurative heart if you must, avoid making residency in this thin line of space, you should.

Patience is not all about specifically waiting for something in what you either figuratively “want” (desire) of, or instinctively “need” (compelled) to:  Coupled with endurance/stamina, It’s about being and/or doing what you transitionally can in persistence as an individual, or in constancy as a dividual, while you’re patient enough to wait for the actual goal (if you’re in possession of The-Self), or the actual manifest (if you’re the no-self), to result in cynreality.  All that mankind figuratively desires for, or instinctively need of, can only be evident when both the idio-reality (conceptual “peculiar” reality) and the ecto-reality (external concrete reality) coexist in substance, in cynreality because besides the reality that was here first, before us, it is in cynreality that desires are solely manifest in.  Hence, you can be successfully patient if you can also endure what you should, through your transitional space, before you get to where you “need” to be at, or “want” to be at.  Patience is boundless: but endurance/stamina is compassed.

As an individual, and not as a dividual, if more boundless patience is required for you to wait in and with patience, in your meantime, use then your endurance with your transitory compass to help you get to where you “want” to be with, as or in; or “need” to be at.

As a dividual, and not as an individual, if the boundless patience results without any manifestations, within your own scoped stage, use then your stamina with your transitory compass to help you get to where you “need” to be at.

To be patient is one thing, and to endure transitionally before you get to what you’re being patient for, is another.  Patience and endurance, that is for The-Self, goes hand in hand, as a couple.  But in all that you do, you should not, under any circumstantial occurrences and or events, merge patience and endurance as one in the same; for if you do, your sense of patience will become quasi.  To be patient is not to stop living while you wait for what your patient for, but to endure in living in your transitory stage before you get to what you’re being patient to and for.  Hence, while you’re being patient with your patience, in your meantime, be also patient with your endurance.


Be patient with patience.

Be also patient with your transitory endurance.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Hexaspace, Deutercycle 17, 9 R.M. E.C. (Solar East)]

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