Automaton Consciousness (Bioconsciousness)

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A common simple thought, in both species of animals and humans, is nothing more  but an ‘automaton biological cerebral process’ that manifests a term called, consciousness, that automatically decipher, calculate, surmise, gather and determine environmental and biological information (i.e., through a process of bioconsciousness, our material brain deciphers, calculates, surmises, gathers, and eventually determines certain bio-information that makes our hearts beat, our lungs to inhale and exhale oxygen gas, our stomachs to eat, our organs to keep functioning in distinctive patterns)—just like a computer (a ‘processor’)—a machine that is capable of automaton thinking as well, which, in this case, would make a ‘processor’ be termed as a “mechanical conscious:”  So it seems that the human species has found a way on how to simulate ‘consciousness’ (automaton thoughts).  Hence, “consciousness” is nothing more but an ‘automaton engine for automaton thought(s), but that doesn’t mean that consciousness can produce awareness.  Awareness as an exclusive capacity of the human species; it is a distinct (inborn) capacity of the immaterial mind that’s enhoused within the material cerebral brain, thus making the human cerebral organ as the only phenomenal brain there is:  It is then within this immaterial mind itself that automatically mentally actuates ‘awareness’ onto any accessible conscious (automaton engine for automaton thoughts).

To fully grasp a computational comprehension, an external observation – looking at the situation outside in, of what is a conscious in mine alien language:  The following definition will objectively describe what consciousness really is:

Consciousness is an automaton program for automaton thoughts (i.e., the bio-conscious; a mechanical conscious).  It is an automaton systematic operational program that is used for sorting, processing, calculation, surmising and determination (i.e., automatically measuring bio-/mechanical information) of all kinds of data it computes.  It is programmed with automaton purposed steps that can train or be further trained even in the absence of The-Mind (awareness); for example, the mindless animals capable to fully function and survive with just automaton cerebral conscious that’s fully unaware of anything and of itself.

It is therefore not hard to comprehend that consciousness alone, of course without the-Mind that’s solely exist within the human brain, can then be simulated and copied by the human species themselves, and make that copy work just like the bioconsciousness (i.e., the whole cerebral and vertebrae bio-neurological system) itself.  But The-Mind that is solely possessed by human species, can never be simulated, copied or cloned, because the-Mind is not only invisible, but also, immaterial.  In all reality, both concepts of ‘invisible’ and ‘immaterial’ are not one in the same (i.e., invisible things in themselves are still made of matter, they’re only hidden (invisible) from our eyes, but with enough microscoping or telescoping, we can find the invisible materials:  But the immaterial is just that, something that is not made of matter, so that no matter how much we microscope or telescope, we cannot see it, not because it is hidden, but because it doesn’t need to hide.  The immaterial is the invisible immaterial; and the invisible is the invisible material).

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Finally, one must understand that there is a difference between an automaton organic thought, and an intentional phrenic thought.  An automaton physiological thought is dependently stimulated by our physical senses (i.e., sighting, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching) for the need to survive, subsist and automatically function biologically, adequately in automaton bioconsciousness.  However, an intentional psychological thought is mentally initiated distinctively to conjure thoughts willfully, independently from our five biological senses: thoughts and stored cerebral memories and skills that can be stimulated and conjured-up from the intentional mind, thus explaining why only the human species dream:  It is this very intentional and willful capacity, that’s distinctively solely of human mind, that all the animal species do not possess, not even in the least.  The brains of all the animal species, large or small, huge or tiny, are in possession of “mindless brains” (incognizant brains).  Only, and solely the human species, are the sole creatures that are in possession of “mindful brains” (cognizant brains).


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