Distinct Vs Instinct

The Distinct The coagulum of our modern social consciousness are prone to understand, and dispose, the concept of distinct to be characteristically connoted—referring to it as characteristics that are unique, peculiar, special and “distinguished.”  This is also applied to with animals, when people personify them as persons, and therefore, make them as distinctive. The etymology […]

The Extroverold Alien (Psychosomatically)

My instinct of surprise astounds my psyche-being on the more that IT comprehends its somatic form, of its own personage being.  The more understanding of my dividuality is achieved, the more of my dividuality becomes even more of a dividual.  My being use to think that my form of extroverold alien being was purely psyche […]

Alphaversary (what Is It?)

alphaversary (ăl-fă-vur-suh-ree, noun) The commemoration of a specific initial start, in a particular lunar space: in accordance to Hebrew lunar calendar. An observance of an original commencement (the very first start). The celebration of the first inception, before any other following inceptions. (adjective) The lunar spatial memorialization of an aboriginal: in accordance to Hebrew lunar calendar. The lunar […]

Eternal (beyond Creation)

The-World(s) is taken by the idea/faith of obtaining everlasting existence.  Whether one is an atheist or religious, it seems that the concept of eternity is mostly within us all:  You can hear it and read it just about everywhere (in songs, movies and books).  This is evident just by the simple expressions that most would […]

Chronology (a State Of Time)

Time is all around us.  Where ever we turn, we see time.  We can’t seem to get away from time.  You even hear time when people utters, “Time flies so fast,” or, “Time heals all wombs,” or, “What time is it?”  We see it, hear it, build it, schedule our lives around it, and make […]

The Universal Universe

The most popular integral-realm description (finite or infinite) that most people use to describe all the celestial bodies there in, is called the universe: a description that most adopted since the 1580’s, to sort of encompass all variable cosmos into an integrated system (embodying the cosmos into a “whole world:” pretty much like our whole […]

The “Adamic” Mind (Resurrected)

It was during the third grade in P.S. 6 West Farms, in the Bronx of New York, where my younger soul (animating physical body) was in the middle of an art class assignment:  The class was asked to use three shades of the same color (mine was brown, for whatever reason it was), and mix them […]

To Sin, Or To Be Sin, Is The Question

In an ancient civilized span in space, when Egypt’s mythical hybridized deities were considered a true reality, there lived a people with great imagination in conjuring magnificent fear inspiring deities: worshiping and sacrificing to them within huge designated temples and shrines; and at homes.  This was a span of great promises and of overpowers (as well as overthrows) that […]

Charting Perfection

Perfection is/are determined by the status of its conditions (e.g., are the measurements, temperatures and pressures balanced and equaled; and most of all, are they all suitable, as a whole, to function appropriately, as well as accurately?).  Therefore, perfection is purely and solely conditional.  Anything that is then unconditional, is imperfect (e.g., human-infallibility; absoluteness; limitlessness; immeasurableness; transcendence; etc.). Nevertheless, […]

Generating Towards Degeneration

Of what good are the many modern inventions, that are manufactured at the expense of “unconditioning” the conditions of nature, when most of them contribute in transforming our environments as incomplete; therefore, threatening our survival as a species?  What happened to the rights of our innate conditional freedom?  Why can’t many people see that most mediated superlative […]