Ask Sabiazoth-Shalom

In this page, you can ask my being any question(s) that you’re instinctively curious about, or metaphorically feel about:  In reference to the figurative heart (emotions), if you speak its’ language, you can then ask whatever your heart desires; for even though my being does not possess the mental patterns of the figurative heart, IT still knows that it does exist for many.

The term, “Sabiazoth-Shalom,” for my name means, Sabiazoth Is Peace (i.e., my being is constantly (effortlessly) peace, instead of consistently (effortfully) be in peace); hence, in this unchanging form of my name, all that you ask will always be considered, discerned and appreciated with peace: but above all, in objectivity—never with subjectivity.

Ask away and IT will return to you with a response.

Peace be with you,


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