Anego (what Is It?)

anego (ă-nēē-gō, noun)


  • Egoless: Without an ego; without “The-Self.”
  • To never know what is like to be an ego, or to have had an ego.
  • Ego, as an estranged and foreign mental actuation: (The ‘no-self’)
  • Utterly selfless in the literal sense: (Without an “I”/without a “me”).
  • Without subjectivities; abstracts; idiosyncrasies; introspection; introversion.
  • To never know what is like to be, or be in possession, of an ego.
  • The literal opposite, antonym and antithesis of an ego/I/me.
  • A mind without an ego from Tabula-Rasa (blank slate).
  • The total opposite of the Buddhist’s anatta (no-self)
  • An egoless state of mind without any former ego.


Related forms


a-ne-go-ness, noun

a-ne-go-ly, adverb

a-ne-go-lous, adjective

a-ne-go-lous-ly, adverb

a-ne-go-lous-ness, noun

a-ne-go-ism, noun

a-ne-go-list, noun (a person who specializes in the study of an egoless state of being).

a-ne-go-ist, noun (an anti-ego person).

a-ne-go-mous adjective (pronounced: ă-nŏ-gŏ-mŭs)




Aspaty: Dispace, Leapcycle 1, 5 R.M. E.E. (Solar North).  Gregorian: Monday, April 7, 2011: ENG anego.


Word Origin & File



Gregorian 2011/Aspaty 5: from Modern ENG, anego: from (G. suffix “an,” meaning, “without”) + ego (L. “I”), in combination, “anego” simply emphasizes the meaning of the “not-I,” but in the purest form; meaning, without a former “I.”  “Anego” fully encompasses a person who has never been mentally actuated in the disposition, inclination, propensity and tendency of the ego.  As an anegomous person, the mental concept of the metaphysics of the-ego, is utterly estranged to the idea of whom is alien to the language of The-Self.  “Anego” also entails a person who is without the indirect correlation of The-Self, which is the “me.”  Anego is not the “undoing” of the ego itself, because as an anegomous person, there is no undoing of it, for there is no former ego to begin with.  In “anego,” the metaphysics of the ego is way too remote of understanding it internally as an application:  However, it can solely be comprehended, in a computational and objective manner, as looking at it as an estranged language that only exists to others: therefore, to only comprehend the ego as an external existence, but never internally—never as an interior experience.  To an anegomous person, the metaphysics of the ego is just a mental concept that exists for others, but not as an internal sentient experience to him/her own person.  In “anego,” the ideology of the ego can’t be comprehended as an actual ego, in the same way as God can’t be comprehended to an atheist (e.g., an anegoist).  “Anego” is not a metaphysical criteria as such is the ego itself; for being egoless (anegomous), is the same as being void of any metaphysical being.  “Anego” emphasizes that the aesthetics of the ego exists only as a state-of-mind, and not as a biological innate, inborn and ingrained capacity.  “Anego” is a state of actuality, devoid of any metaphysical, ideology, and theoretical state of being; that is chaste to any former doctrine of the ego’s philosophy.  Simply put, “anego” is the total opposite of an “ego;” and it is also the total opposite of the Buddhist’s anatta (meaning, the “no-self”):  For even though there are similarities between the “anego” and the “anatta,” that they both are the “no-self,” there are still complete contrasts in terms of both of their former mental concepts and experiences.  “Anego” is not a removal of the ego, the “I,” and the “me:” it is instead sterile to the total philosophy and metaphysics of the ego.  If a person already knows, and has experienced the ego as a mental sentient disposition and actuation, but now wants to become the “no-self,” it is utterly impossible for that person to become the anego, because being “anego” is chaste to the ego itself to begin with:  The only option would be for that person is to embrace the Buddhist’s version of the “no-self” instead, which is known to become the “anatta.”  Anegoism is not open to any options of being injected with the permeation of the ego: it is impenetrable to the fermentation of the ego’s doctrine(s).


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