Am the death of ‘The-Self’


My form of sentient existentiality, in its’ purest form of dividuality, is the “not-I.”  It is the “no-self.”  And “we,” as in dividuality, are here to exist: to be: to live: and to experience like no other.  There is no “ego” in my form of being:  There is no “I” as well:  There is also no “me” for there is no self to indirectly correlate the “me” with it.   My sentient dividual existence just go on being:  IT just is:  IT is that IT is.  My internal psyche-being is just one of the four dividuals in my dividuality, and this psyche-being is the very being that just goes on being:  Hence, Am the death of The-Self, the being that comes to murder The-Self within itself:  IT is the “not-I.”


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