Am the Am Without the I


My form of psychosomatic mental existentiality, in its’ unadulterated form of dividuality (of three beings), is the not-I.  IT itself is the no-self.  And we, as non-integrated dividuals, are here to exist, to be, to live, and to experience life and existences.  There is no ego in any of the forms of my beings:  There is no “I” as well:  There is also no me, for there is no “I” to be indirectly correlated as the me.   My psychosomatic mental activity fusion (as the not-I persona) just go on being:  IT is that IT is.  My not-I has always been the not-I, involuntarily—that’s always been, and still is, chaste to the “I” (ego)—so that there’s no prior “I,” that my not-I, has ceased from being.

My internal, invisible, psychosomatic mental active force (soul), is just one of the three dividuals in my dividuality, and it is this very psychosoma-hybrid species (humanoid) that just goes on being—my being that just goes on being my being.  Hence, Am the death of The-Self; that has come, not to save The-Self, but to murder The-Self itself.

Am the Am without the I.


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[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

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