Alphaversary (what Is It?)

alphaversary (ăl-fă-vur-suh-reenoun)

  • The commemoration of a specific initial start, in a particular lunar space: in accordance to Hebrew lunar calendar.
  • An observance of an original commencement (the very first start).
  • The celebration of the first inception, before any other following inceptions.


  • The lunar spatial memorialization of an aboriginal: in accordance to Hebrew lunar calendar.
  • The lunar spatial celebration of a primary start (and not of subsidiary beginnings): again, in accordance to Hebrew lunar calendar.


Related forms

al-pha-ver-sa-ries, plural noun (misnomer; inappropriate suggestion; inaccurate).

(There are no plural to this concept; for every alphaversary that may exist, is different in comparison to each other: e.g., no two alphaversary are alike).



Monospace, Vigercycle 6, 11 R.M. E.C. (Solar West): ENG alphaversary.


Word Origin & File


11 R.M. E.C., from Modern ENG, alphaversary:  From alpha (GK prefix alpha-meaning, “first in a sequence”) + versary (LT suffix –versare, meaning, “to turn”) =To turn the attention to an aboriginal (e.g., to memorialize/commemorate a primary/first start.”  “Alphaversary” entails the commemoration, or celebration, of an initial start that’s primary in comparison to any other beginnings that is following its own commencement.  For example, if the biblical first man, Adam, was still alive, he would’ve been celebrating his own “alphaversary,” for he would have been the initial primary start of the human species: any other after him, would be subsidiary (assisting) beginners of the human species, in celebration of their own anniversaries instead.  Another example, is that the biblical Satan is the alpha of The Rebellion; any other after him, are the following assisting demons (and humans) in rebellion against the biblical God.

Buddha Shakyamuni (born c. 6th–4th century BCE in Lumbini, India) is the founder, or the initial start (the alpha), of “Buddhism:”  Any other after him, are subsidiary (assisting) beginners in Buddhism.

Since my own psyche-being (Sabiazoth) is the initial start in being the ‘no-self’ (the ‘not-I’), that’s solely chaste to ‘The-Self’ (the-Ego/the ‘I’), the concept and application of celebrating my “alphaversary” of my initial aboriginal being is accurate, because unlike any other ‘no-self’ (anatta), my ‘no-self’ (anego) has no former self whatsoever:  Therefore, only my being can be the anego, of my kind.

Since my own psyche-being is also the sole initial start in being the extroverold alien, once again, celebrating my “alphaversary” of my aboriginal extroverold being is accurate; any other followers would be subsidiary (assisting) beginners in “extroverold beings,” celebrating anniversaries instead.

Not anyone can just apply the concept and application of “alphaversary.”  Unless anyone has an initial aboriginal commencement to any first start, celebrating one’s own alphaversary will be a total inaccurate disposition:  That would be a total misnomer; and possibly make one obstinate to continue in such disposition.  The concept of Alpha entails the initial start, and not just any other following starts, thereafter its aboriginal root.


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[Aspaty: Monospace, Vigercycle 6, 11 R.M. E.C. (Solar West)]

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