About My Extroverold Alien Being

Greetings reader(s), and welcome to my website.  Let my being first introduce itself by saying that my name is Sabiazoth (my last name is Alonzo), and that my being is quite different from the usual social collective consciousness; in that, IT itself is an extroverold alien (e.g., an infused psychosomatic mental alien, that’s outside/beyond the collective social coagulum): and that along with the alienable soma (that my mental active being dwells therein), we are instinctively observing and scrutinizing the collective consciousness of this earth’s world(s). There’s so much to see than just looking: so much to listen than just hearing: so much to taste than just eating: so much to smell than just breathing: and so much to physically feel than just touching:  But most importantly, there’s so much to be mindful (aware/sentient) about than to be neglectful: so much to live than to be inactive: and so much to experience than to simply automatically exist.

Boarders - Black Swirls 24

With even further understanding and crystallization—of my midmost (internal) psychosomatic fusion, invisible biological, mental active soul—my being will continue to be developed in greater and profound understanding of itself, and its existence—as well as with its meaning.

All that my being is certain of, is that its mental psychosomatic active force is not patterned and formed in accordance to the captive thought of man:  And therefore, which then makes my thought as captive to itself, and not to man.  This in turn, has helped my being to realize and acknowledge that my form of mental being is not human (of man), but more humanoid (seemingly of man)—and that my psychosomatic mental construct fusion remains as a hybrid active soul.  Therefore, self-determining then, that my being is a hybrid humanoid species.  As crazy, and as absurd as this may read for others (but not for my being), it is true.

Boarders - Black Swirls 24

As more as it is gradually understood, my being will continue to write about itself in this page.  And when IT is done, it will repost this page as a revised version.

May you all enjoy your stay here, in my website.  Peace be with you all, always.  🙂


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