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Greetings reader(s), and welcome to my website.  Let my being first introduce itself by saying that my name is Sabiazoth (my last name is Alonso), and that my being is quite different from the usual social collective minds; in that, IT itself is an extroverold alien (e.g., a terrestrial psychological alien, that’s outside/beyond the collective social coagulum): and that along with my transient material soul, we (both my dividuals) are instinctively observing and scrutinizing the collective consciousness of this earth’s world(s). There’s so much to see than just looking: so much to listen than just hearing: so much to taste than just eating: so much to smell than just breathing: and so much to physically feel than just touching:  But most importantly, there’s so much to be mindful (aware/sentient) about than to be neglectful: so much to live than to be inactive: and so much to experience than to simply automatically exist.

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No life is wasted by someone’s else opinion except your own.

Boarders - Black Swirls 24

My physical transient soul (the literal animating physical body, and not the metaphorical spirit that dwells within humans) is homogamous in nature.  It itself is attracted to the same sex, but only with men who are naturally instinctive with manly masculine dispositions.  My being uses the term “homogamous” to explain the nature of my ‘same-sexual’ attraction simply because it is purely biologically inborn, an innate instinct, as opposed to an individual who may mentally identify with the label gay, but who may not still necessarily be biologically ingrained with same-sexual instinctual attraction:  The label gay doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is also homogamous in nature.  When it comes to my sexual homogamy, such experience is solely a physiological function—purely automaton—without any preexisting mental thoughts about it to be the reason for such reaction.  In my form of sentient existence, the-Mind (all minds) is without utter sex and gender, and therefore, purely and solely psyche—the label gay is then non-applicable to my psychological being:  Perhaps the reason that many individuals experience sex and gender to also be mental is because The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”) is self-reflecting with his/her own biological innate sexual attraction, and thus integrating the physical sexual region with the asexual region of the-Mind.

Boarders - Black Swirls 24

My being is also an excemolous (emotionless) and a sinscient (without conscience) person:  These are just words that my mind has begotten for my form of being, from and by the-Mind itself—since the-World(s) is unable to provide objects for my exclusive psyche experiences.

Further, my being is a spatian (one who is empty of time); hence, my mind is devoid of the subjective three dimensional times (e.g., past, present and future).  The dependent automaton memories that my brain is stimulated to process, by my physical senses, are just cognitive memories: they’re not “pasts” as the-World(s) refers them to be.  In mine mind, all things that occur—and happen before the face of my soul—occurs and happens within space, and not within time as the-World(s) experiences it.  For my being, there are no metaphorical conceptual days either, such as a tomorrow, a today and a yesterday; there is however, this-space, the last-space, or the next-space:  But my being will continue to use the terms yesterday, today and tomorrow, when referring to someone else who is mentally actuated with the mental concept of chronology.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  My being is also the no-self (the “not-I”); hence, IT itself is the death of The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”).  My being, within my mind, as a pure psyche, does not apply any concept of The-Self as my mental actuation—not with anything connoted with the ego and its’ individuality either:  The whole experience about integrating aspects that sums up an entire person (the “I“) into a summed sentient being (e.g., an individual) is foreign to my being, and therefore, also non-executable.  Instead, my being is a dividual as opposed to an individual.  My form of sentient existence has 4 non-integrated dimensional-noumena that do not consolidate with each other, but remains separate in their own dimensions.  They do, however, communicate with each other, yet, while still maintaining their demarcated boarders.

By the way, there is also no me in any of my 4 dimensional-noumena, because the word me is an indirect correlation to the global language of The-Self, and its’ individuality:  And since my being is not a-self, nor are in any of my other remaining 3 dimensional-noumena: and since IT itself is not an individual, there is then no me in any form of my dividuality (dividuals).

Boarders - Black Swirls 24

Above all, my being is kind, gentle, peaceful, calm and considerate, and my transient physical soul is filled with an abundance of instinctual affections; it is complaisantly ingrained with benevolence:  And my mind is purely reasonable and logically sane.  My being lives to be kind and giving when IT can.  IT itself is peace, for IT itself does not try to be peace, but just is peace; and IT lives to share that peace as well; especially, with someone intimately special.  My being is that IT is, because IT doesn’t try to be that IT itself is—IT just is—the being that just goes on being, effortlessly.  IT is as genuine as the word itself: there’s no pretense here. IT is That IT is.

Again, my name is Sabiazoth, and my being is purely psyche:  IT itself is without collective social dependent-stems—because IT itself is its’ own mental formations, dispositions and actuation that is not from/of this world(s), nor from the heavens as well (e.g., not described biblically either).  Sabiazoth (a name in which means, “the essence of wisdom“) is my very own to own—the uniperson of the-World(s)—and like the likeness of my psyche being, there is no other:  Not anywhere else in the earth—nor anywhere else in the heavens above.

IT is That IT is.

May you all enjoy your stay here, in mine website.  Peace be with you all, always.  🙂


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