A Remarkable Thing


The fact that you are alive, with animating life, is always a remarkable thing.  Anything other than that is only secondary.

In great dispute and anger, many will argue that there are other matters, than one’s own-self, that is much more of a priority than secondary; e.g., many may feel that their careers, money, friends or families are of major priority than one’s own-self.  Perhaps, there is a great deal of truth to such a debate, however, that would be a subjective and figurative refute that’s probably profoundly connoted with the figurative heart (emotions) itself.  Hence, in a figurative proceeding, a mother may feel that her child is of most priority, in whereas she is secondary.  However, in a literal measure, the mother is the chicken before the egg, i.e., in order for the child (the egg) to be begotten, the mother (the chicken) must exist first so that in all the classified solids and constituents, anything that is specifically of her, in both reality and cynreality, is of secondary proceedings.

Accordingly, The-Self (the-Ego/the “I”) has every humanity right to self-perceive him/her-self in relation to what he/she begets with, as and for:  So if a mother figuratively feels (believes) that her babies are of priority alignment in contrast to her own literal proceeding aligning status, she has every legitimate authority to determine what is paramount to her.

In all that you do and endeavor for in your own lifespan, along with others around you as well, you should not, in any transpiration of circumstance and/or coincidence, allegorically grade inanimate objects as priority above you:  In other words, if you want to put something regarded as paramount above your very own-self, you should make it possible to only apply such a descriptive disposition to someone, not to something, above you (e.g., your sons/daughters).  You should then avoid idolizing careers, money, jobs, properties and all personal belongings (e.g., a house, expensive stones, cars, etc.).

Above all, remember that literally, and even figuratively, you have had to come first so that the additional proceeding secondary life/lives, if any, can then be begotten of you.


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[Aspaty: Heptaspace, Deutercycle 18, 9 R.M. E.C. (Solar East)]

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