Relationship (what Does It Mean?)


Many some people take the word “relationship” too lightly: they even use it without really knowing what it means. A relationship is a word that indicates that you, and your significant other, are psychologically “relating” in some way, manner or form. Hence, if you marry someone for only money, but you can’t seem to psychologically “relate” to him/her, and yet, the marriage still works for some reason or another, that’s not a “relationship,” that’s just a “companionship.” If you can’t seem to “psychologically relate” to someone else, and yet, you both are still together for years to come, that too is not a “relationship” because you both are not really “relating” psychologically. The word “relationship” is a derivation of the word “relate.”

Hence, you can be with someone for many years and yet not be in a “relationship.”  The term “relationship” can automatically and dynamically put a great mental actuation on forcing couples to psychologically relate with one another when they really don’t have to.

You can be with someone for the rest of your life in a “companionship” as opposed to a “relationship.”  You don’t have to psychologically “relate” if you don’t need to.  That’s an option that only you should determine that for your own being.  Just because collectively the-World imposes the idea that every couple is in a “relationship,” that doesn’t mean that such an idea is the case with you, and for everybody else either.

You don’t have to be in a “relationship” to be with someone else.  Anyone that suggests to differ is not being logical.  Not everyone can psychologically “relate” with one another even though they may be physically and sexually attracted with one another.  As soon as you remove the idea that every couple must be in a “relationship” from your mind, is as soon as you will be able to remove the automatic collective subliminal reality that only “relationships” work.

If the sex is great, and the money is sustainable, but you both can’t seem to psychologically “relate” for whatever reason it may be, that doesn’t mean that you both can’t be together: and it surely doesn’t mean that it can’t work either.

Chose the differences between “companionship” and “relationship.”  If you’re in a “companionship,” you don’t have to “relate” psychologically in order to remain together.

“Relating” psychologically would mean that you both might be “relating” with beliefs, faiths, morals, ethics, values, principles, politics, religions, psychological perspectives, etc.  Remaining in a “companionship,” without having a “relationship,” would mean that you can be with someone else without seeing eye to eye on values, principles, morals, ethics, faiths, beliefs, religions, perspectives, etc.:  It would mean that you both would have opposites psychological makeups, but can still remain together for other reasons than “relating” psychologically.


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