Angels (are They Born, or Are They Created?)


Accordingly to the coascious (collective) consciousness (coagulum) of the earth’s world, the concept of the word “angel” entails the idea of an “attendant of the biblical God, YAHOWAH [ה ו ה י]:” it also entails a celestial being, divine messenger, guardian, heavenly being, holy being, spirit, spiritual being, a sprite or a supernatural being.  Angels are supposed to be the lowest of the lowest spirit species—they are known to be superhuman beings; perhaps, a bit mightier and powerful than the species of man and woman.  They are the aliens of the heavens above, in whose origin is not that of the earth, but that of the heavens.  Angels are sometimes referred to as “guardian angels,” or a guardian spirit that supposed to protect, defend, help and bless a person that an angel is supposed to be guarding.  It is also illogically “believed” (felt) that even humans become spirit angels after their deaths, suggesting then that perhaps the origin of man and woman may after all be the origin of the spirit species of angelic races.  An angel is also “believed” (felt) that such a being is purely holy, and all that it is divinely good, for whatever a “good” may be that is.  Some people may even suggest that some men and women are also capable of having angelic qualities, even to the point of being in possession of super-human/super-natural abilities:  The-World also has a notion that some angels can also be like little children, as if spirits are born like humans, and growing up infancy to adulthood.  But can such a thing really be so, that angels too are like humans, being born and growing up to adults:  And are there actual “guardian angels” that everyone is assigned with at birth?  And can a human actually originate from spirit specie before he/she became an incarnate of human species?

According to the etymology of the word “angel,” it entails a “messenger who announces” the biblical God’s will and intentions; it also entails a “messenger (of Jehovah).”  But nowhere does my being see that the root may entail angels as “guardians” even though it is globally “believed” (felt) that “angels” are “guardian angels.”  My being did however found on the Internet that such “guardian spirits” are not actually of biblical origin, but much more from non-biblical pagan false gods, or in some occult practices and traditions as when a child is born, that child is then assigned with a “guardian spirit” from a magus, or a sorcerer of some sort:  As generations came and went, the “belief” (feeling) of “guardian spirits” was soon adopted in the Christian faith, hence, “guardian angels” has begotten.  Perhaps the term “guardian angels” can make a-person “feel” protective in some possible harsh and dangerous environments—maybe some-people are not apt to do things within their own independent might; maybe some people may “feel” overwhelmed by the-World’s dilemmas that he/she would be much more comfortable in “believing” (feeling) that he/she is being constantly over-watched by a “guardian angel/spirit.”  The matter of the fact is that God [ה ו ה י] is forever watchful, and that God [ה ו ה י] is everywhere with Its’ holy spirit (active force): so we might not need assigned angels as guardians because after all, we already have something much greater keeping an eye on all sorts of things and people.


There is a “belief” (feeling), by many, that after they die, they will become as angels in heaven with the biblical God [ה ו ה י] in their midst—that they will see God [ה ו ה י] with their new angelic eyes:  Some many people even “believe” (feel) that at first they were spirits in origin before they were “reborn” (incarnate) as a human being, in order to then live out the course of a human life and learn a lesson that needs to be learned before they should return back to their natural angelic form:  Some even “believe” (feel) that one is in possession of a spiritual aspect, that somehow our soul, or mind, is metaphorically a spirit of some sort that can separate at death, as a disembodied consciousness, with a mist form that departs into heaven after our physical death.  But can such a thing really exist: is it a fact?  Can it be so, according to many illogical “beliefs” (feelings), that we as humans can be made of by two species in one, the human species (i.e., man, woman, child, old man and woman) and the spirit species (i.e., angels, cherubim and seraphim)?  Of course not, for we are either created as a spirit species, or as a human species; we cannot be both in one because for one thing, spirit species are made of lethal radiated animating invisible substances, that can simply destroy us from long exposure, and probably melt our human soul (animating visible physical body) gradually, making it fatally ill—they must be made of a higher standard of radiation, and all sorts of other lethal substances/energies:  We, as a human species, are biologically constructed, which is a much weaker vessel than those that spirit species are in possession of, which they are spiritually constructed—so combining both spirit and human species together as in one is an impossibility, and totally illogical.

Many “believe” (feel) that angels can be sexually connoted with female or male genitalia; some have even suggested them to differ in ages, such as a young angel as opposed to an old angle: some have even gone to the extent and suggested that there are differences between angelic children and angelic adults in heaven.  To at least computationally comprehend such “beliefs” (feelings) from standing on the outside looking in, one must first acknowledge and comprehend how do angels come to be; in other words, are they born from an angelic womb just as a man or a woman is born out of a human womb?  Do angels begin as children, and gradually grow up to adults and remain as such forever?  How are angels born?  The matter of the fact is that being born out of a womb, and growing from childhood to adulthood are privileges that is an exclusive trait of the human species.  Angels are not born, and there is no such a thing as a female or male angel: instead, angels are created to become and not be born to become—so they don’t “grow” with their souls (animating invisible substantial bodies) the way that the human species do with their biological soul (animating visible substantial bodies); rather, they might somehow just learn with experiences accumulated in their angelic minds.


Angels are neither male or she-male; nor are they either young or old, nor are they a child or an adult: they just are; and just like that, they just come to be for they are not born as we are, they are created as they are, straight either from the biblical God [ה ו ה י] Itself, or from Its’ other god-like creative creatures (Cherubim and Seraphim) to help It (God [ה ו ה י]) continue the creation of the angelic race of the spirit species.  Angels also are not Afro, Asian or Anglo because in spite of our differences in skin color and physical appearances, unlike the angles, we as a human species are all one kind of specie—except the “race” of man and woman,who are the only two actual “racial” differences when it comes to the human species:  When it comes to the spirit species, however, there are differential “races” (i.e., the differences between that of angels, cherubim and seraphim) as well—so the class and power in the spirit species is what only determines them to be different in “race” levels and issues, but the differences in “gender” of the human species is the  only thing that determines the differences in “race” issues; you can than forget about colors and appearances because every man is the same “race” no matter what color and his appearances are: and every woman is the same “race” no matter what color and her appearances are—the actual “race” differences in the human species is the opposite “sex:”  You have the woman race and the man race within the human-species:  And you have the angel race, cherubim race and the seraphim race within the spirit-species—these are the only issues that determines the differences in “races” within a specific specie even though we all do come from the human species, or spirit species if you’re angelic.  Like in the spirit species, the “race” of angels is a weaker vessel than the vessels of cherubim and seraphim: and like in the human species, the “race” of female is a weaker vessel than the vessels of man.  Nothing else, absolutely nothing else determines the differences in “races” within the same human species, and or spirit species: if your origin is spirituality.  And the only thing that determines each and every one of us different from either of the human species, or the spirit species, is our minds because our minds is what experiences and witnesses all things differently—our minds are immaterial and invisible:  Our minds are not bound by the biological soul and its cerebral brain: that is what makes us so different no matter what sex race we are from of the human species.

All in all, spirits are spirits, and humans are humans: two different kinds of separate independent kinds—two separate different species that really has nothing to do with each other.  We, as a human species, are not spirits; nor do we possess any kind of spirituality whatsoever:  And the angels, as the spirit species that they are, are not humans, nor do they possess any kind of humanity whatsoever:  A person who professes to be in possession of some aspect of spirituality would be the same as if an angle would profess to be in possession of some form of humanity:  A human is a human, and a spirit is a spirit—a man is a man, and an angel is an angel: both cannot be combined into one form of being, nor can they be merged; that would be an impossibility and irrational unless you would illogically “believe” (feel) that both are one in the same.  If you actually “believe” (feel) that man was first created of spirit species origin before he/she became incarnate of human species in one, than that kind of knowledge can only be grasped within the language of The-Self itself—an exclusive language of The-Self that is.  Hence, even though there is no such a thing as humans in possessions of spirits that departs from them after their deaths, my being must at least comprehend its existences as something perhaps exclusive to The-Self, at least emotionally.  If there is only one thing that the spirit species and the human species shares as in common, that would be the-Mind, simply because in both species, the-Mind, and only the-Mind,is immaterial for both visible substantial human species, and invisible substantial spirit species.  Throughout the entire universe, the only thing that is both immaterial and invisible is the-Mind—nothing else, absolutely nothing else is both immaterial and invisible: many things are invisible, but nothing else is immaterial like the-Mind is.

Additionally, for a person to testify that he/she has a spiritual aspect within him-/herself is like an angel saying that it itself has a humanity aspect within itself:  The fact is that as human species, a man or a woman will never ever know exactly what is like to be an angel inside its mind: the same goes for spirit species, no matter what they may try, angels will never know what is like to be a man or a woman inside of his/her mind even though if an angel can temporarily take the form or shape as a man, or as a woman:  Imitating a man or a woman, or a human for that matter, is never the same as being an actual man or woman, or a human for that matter.  The only human(s) that could’ve at least psychically (psychologically) understand what is like to somewhat be an angel would be the first person(s) by the name of the biblical legendary name(s), Adam, and Eve as well; because, Adam was created straight out of God’s [ה ו ה י] hands out from the dust, and so was Eve out of a man’s rib:  Adam was not born out of a woman’s womb, and neither was Eve:  Adam instead was created into being just like the angels, and Eve as well—Adam, and Eve, did not know what is like to be a child to than become an adult:  You should understand that to be an adult inside and out, your mind must first know and experience what is like to be a child—if your mind has never experienced what is like to be a child, and then to adolescent, you can then never know what is like to become an adult.  Hence, being first a child, to then become an adolescent, to then become a full grown adult, is an experience that is exclusive to the human species, and not to the spirit species.


In the lifespans and spaces of Noah, it was known that way before the global deluge, many angels came to the earth and changed into the form of man to become sexually involved with the daughters (women) of man—they came and played it safe and took many daughters of man as their wives, they were not ignorantly promiscuous—they knew what they were doing.  When they laid with their wives, their wives became pregnant, a great achievement that these angels achieved to be capable of impregnating the daughters of man successfully, especially when it was their first try to transform into something that looks, feels, smells, talks, eats, drinks, hears, walks and sees like men do; however, at first the infants of the transformed angels appeared to be normal as like the rest of the infants of natural man, but as they grew, they became mightier, stronger and taller that they appeared as giants before man and woman—that’s because they were half human (half-man) and half spirit (half-angel)—they were known as the Nephilim (the giants/the great ones/the super-humans).  So you see, even when the angles transformed into a likely look and feel of man, in order to then lay with their wives so that their wives became pregnant and gave them children that gradually grew into giants, even then, you could not merge human with spirit in order to give birth to natural human infants; instead, their wives gave birth to a new set of species, and because they were both humans and spirits, it would then be appropriate to call that new species, “Humirits”—the merging of humans and spirits, as being a natural thing, since their creations, will never happen no matter how much you may irrationally “believe” (feel) that maybe it can be:  It can’t be because in order to play it safe and not kill the daughters of man instantaneously, the angels had to take the form of man to protect the lesser species—if they (the angels) would have appeared as their true-heavily-radioactive-forms, anyone seeing them could not have lived to tell about them afterwards:  If you are one of those people who dares to confirm and say that you are half man (human) and half angel (spirit), you would then have to be a “Humirit,” in other words, a giant (a Nephil)—if it’s evident that you’re than not a “Nephil,” you can than forget about being in possession of a spirit:  You are either a spirit, or a human; one or the other: you cannot and will not be both because one of them cancels out the other into obliteration, and that would normally be the greater, mightier and powerful species (the spirited angels) canceling out the lesser and weaker species (the biological humans).  An actual spirit is made of powerful energies, such as immense radiation, among other things as well—a spirit is not just a misty animating body flowing about in the air, or in the universe—a spirit is also an actual soul (animating invisible physical body) that is detrimental to our health if they were to reveal their true nature and form before us.  Hence, in the biblical beginning of man’s creation was never first an angel to begin with; and humans will never be in possession of something that he/she calls, “spirituality;” that is just an illusion.  Spirits are spirits, and humans are humans:  Angels are angels, and man is man—it is one or the other unless you are a “Humirit,” if you are, than prove it, and become a giant.  According to the legendary biblical God [ה ו ה י], those transformed angels that took some daughters (women) of man as their wives were put into darkness, never to take the likeness of man again and impregnate another woman.  So you see, you cannot be a “Nephil” even if you illogically claim to be because the angels (spirits) do not have the permission to take the forms of a human likeness again unless it is by the biblical God [ה ו ה י] who may give such permissions, but only to give specific instructions for some specific purpose or use, and it probably isn’t to impregnate a woman, again.  Now that you know that angels (spirits) true forms can annihilate you almost instantly if they were to show their true forms before you, would you than now try to ask one to appear before you as their actual natural forms?  Perhaps not:  If you say that you can see an actual spirit, my being can guarantee you that you won’t live afterwards to tell about it if it were so: hence, there is no such a thing as a ghost—if you see one, that’s probably your “schizoconscious” that’s in its’ own dimensional region of your mind, causing images and audio affects to cause you to see it and hear it inside of your mind when the-Mind transsis (going through) with one conscious on to another, simultaneously.  It is clear than that angels are spirit species—a class of its own kind separate from that of the human species.  Hence, you are either a human, or a spirit: you can’t and will not be both no matter how much you may “metaphorically believe” (feel) that you do have a spirit containment within your human containment.

[Genesis 6: 1 – 4]


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

[Aspati/Space: Heptaspace, Docercycle 2, 7 R.M. E.C. (Solar South)]

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